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2022 Ford Escape Production Update Drops 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

The ongoing microchip shortage continues to impact The Blue Oval’s manufacturing operations across the board, with seemingly no vehicle spared by the parts shortage. However, some vehicles have regained features that were previously dropped from their respective lineups. As Ford Authority recently reported, the 2022 Ford Expedition added second row climate control and second row heated seats back into its production mix last month, a sign that the shortage may be easing. However, the 2022 Ford Escape has not fared as well, as sources explained that the compact crossover is dropping one feature from its lineup.

According to sources familiar with the matter, 2022 Ford Escape production has added a mandatory 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot removal option across all models. Essentially, this means that examples built after a certain date will no longer offer the feature, which previously came standard with every Escape. It’s important to note that the exclusion of Wi-Fi hotspot capability does not mean that other FordPass Connect features are being dropped from the lineup, as remote start, unlock, vehicle location, and vehicle status capability is retained.

As Ford Authority detailed in early June, this isn’t the first time the 2022 Ford Escape lineup removed a feature, presumably due to the ongoing chip shortage. Examples equipped with the power tailgate no longer include hands-free functionality. Both recent feature removals haven’t had subsequent details about their exclusions detailed, so at this juncture it is unclear if Ford intends to reinstall these particular feature into the crossovers at a later date, similar to how the automaker intends to restore 2022 Ford Explorer second row climate control functionality in the future. In any event, this may be a short-lived change, as Ford CEO Jim Farley is confident the chip shortage will ease up by 2023.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. John Fulper

    What is the certain date that 4G was installed in the Escape Plug-in hybrids? I went to ATT last week and they said that the software for 2022 was not updated. My car was completed about May 20th or so, of 2022. I want the functionality.

  2. The Gentle Grizzly

    I was wondering the same. If Ford’s pricing is like other makers, the cost is outrageous compared to just tethering to a smartphone with a half way decent plan,

  3. John Fulper

    My iPhone 7 is dying. It loses cellular. Hence why I want the car Wi-Fi. Next month, I upgrade, but no one seems to know, if the WiFi is present in my car.

  4. Mjk

    They can delete the hands free lift gate , as the two I have never work properly or stop mid cycle or shut while I loading items . Terrible quality across the board. Even as a Ford retiree, I am seriously thinking of switching brands. Anyone have an idea why Ford offers so many dark exterior colors and nothing else????

    1. Arcee

      What kind of “bright” colors are you looking for? Ford has tried bright colors, and still offer bright blue, red, white, silver, etc. They also have the darker colors. The brighter colors tend to be trendy and come and go quickly.

  5. Lillian Cronk

    I just bought a new 2022 Ford Escape and I love it but it doesn’t have a remote control key. I got used to it on my 2020 Ford Fussion. Please think about adding it to the key. I miss it so much. Thanks.

  6. Ronald M Callaghan

    My Question is off Topic, but something has me puzzled. Ford has been having a problem with its Engines since 2010, I bought a new Escape in 2018 1.5 love the car, but I`am waiting for the Engine to go South on me. My question is after reading all the complains about the Motors an all the Class Action Suits, why wouldn`t Ford address these Issues. Ford spends Millions Advertising to attract customers, why not spend money to keep your old customers

  7. Tia Michalski

    We have leased from Ford for 9 years, now our credit dropped some due to pandemic and Ford is not willing to work with us at all. Never missed a payment, nor was a payment late. B.S.!

  8. Gabe

    I’m thoroughly flummoxed why anyone wants a car hotspot. Is it for people without phones but with tablets? Or is it just aimed at people that hate money and love monthly fees?

    I saw someone here saying they want it because their cell phone is dying and loses cell connectivity. Two things: that’s not how cell phones die, and getting a new monthly fee to put off buying a new phone is moronic.

    Final gripe, the pandemic isn’t a reasonable excuse for anything anymore. You’ve had two and a half years to figure out alternatives. I know this is terribly un-American, but have they considered building the chips here? I know, but then the vehicles won’t be made by slave labor and they’d be providing factory jobs here. I know it sucks and I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it.

  9. Scott Currie

    I have been a loyal Ford supporter for many years however the deletion of features due to chips is ridiculous. There are companies like Micron Technologies want to build a factory in the US. Strike up a partnership with them. Also stop trying to gouge customers who want to buy NEV’s. You are playing catch-up. GM has numerous NEV’s hitting the market with better mileage and lower pricing. Get back on track otherwise you will lose loyal customers very quickly.


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