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2022 Ford Maverick Owner Creates A Custom Strut Tower Brace: Video

With the 2022 Ford Maverick proving to be an instant hit with a wide array of consumers, we’re also starting to see some honest feedback from owners on the brand new compact pickup. Most of that feedback is positive, including some details on why the Maverick is a superior option to the Toyota Tacoma for one owner, though a couple of others have expressed concerns about things like paint quality and dirty oil. Now, the same YouTuber who created that oil change video – a 2022 Ford Maverick owner who goes by JC – has released a new clip showing us how to make a custom strut tower brace for the compact pickup.

While it may seem a bit silly to install a strut tower brace in something like an economical and utilitarian hauler, JC wanted to jazz up his engine bay a bit, but didn’t want to spend $120 on a Steeda unit, so he decided to make his own instead, which only cost him around $30 in materials. He also went out of his way to use basic tools to make the strut tower brace so that anyone could copy his work if they so desire.

It only took a couple of hours to fabricate this Maverick strut tower bar, which is designed to aid chassis stiffness, particularly in vehicles that utilize a unibody design. JC made his unit out of one-inch hot rolled steel tubing and a hot rolled flat bar, but kept things fairly simply by using a grinder and drill, and he didn’t bother trying to add multiple anchor points in an effort to make this job easy to replicate, no matter what one’s skill level might be.

Regardless, after racking up around 3,000 miles on his 2022 Ford Maverick without the strut tower brace installed, JC notes that the pickup could certainly use some stiffening, as it exhibits chassis flex that leads to a bit of understeer and oversteer. With any luck, this little DIY mod will help out in both of those areas.

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  1. Scoutdude

    “Owner creates a thing that kind of, sort of, looks like a strut tower brace if you have no clue what a strut tower brace actually does. This is a sticker holder.

  2. Bill Byrne

    that is nice ,I just wish they could build the ones we ordered ,ordered Oct 2021 NO TRUCK !!

  3. Daniel Beck

    This isn’t much for actual structural support but it is a good sticker holder. Be a lot better to have it 1″ DOM tube welded to 3/16″ plate at the strut tower. I will get a few pictures of the one I built


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