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2022 Ford Maverick Owners Among Most Satisfied In Segment

The 2022 Ford Maverick proved to be a massive hit with a broad array of consumers from the day it launched, including first-time pickup buyers, small business owners, millennials, and Gen Z. The compact pickup continues to be a popular entity among shoppers, but it’s also proven to be quite satisfying with owners as well, even after many experienced a fairly stressful ordeal ordering and taking delivery of one. At least, those are the findings from the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. APEAL Study, which ranked the 2022 Ford Maverick as one of the most satisfying vehicles in its segment – joining the Ford brand, which ranked above the mass market segment average, Lincoln, which landed below the premium segment average, and both the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Super Duty, each of which topped their individual segments as well.

Interestingly, J.D. Power has lumped the 2022 Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz – both compact pickups – into its mid-size pickup rankings, a pair that’s joined by the actual mid-size Nissan Frontier. Regardless, the Santa Cruz came out on top in this particular study, with the Frontier and Maverick rounding out the top three.

J.D. Power’s APEAL Study measures owners’ emotional attachment and their level of excitement with their new vehicle by asking them to consider 37 different attributes ranging from the sense of comfort they feel when climbing into the driver’s seat to the exhilaration they get when they step on the accelerator. Those responses are then used to calculate an overall APEAL Index score measured on a 1,000-point scale. The 2022 U.S. APEAL Study is based on responses from 84,165 owners of new 2022 model-year vehicles who were surveyed after 90 days of ownership. This year, overall satisfaction dropped by one point, its first decline since 2014 and just the fifth in 27 years, which can be attributed to one major factor, according to J.D. Power.

“The most important factor leading to the industry decline this year is owners’ perception of their vehicle’s fuel economy,” said David Amodeo, director of global automotive at J.D. Power. “The study was fielded as fuel prices were experiencing a meteoric rise, and that pinch at the pump is conveyed in lower vehicle satisfaction. Battery-electric vehicles have not been negatively affected by the increase in fuel costs but do have issues related to battery range and charging time.”

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  1. donnie

    would like to know where jd power did their survey-been waiting since sept 16, 2021 and still waiting-ford knows nothing and dealer knows nothing —so that makes us maverick people satisfied????????????????????

    1. Joanne

      Right there with ya brother. Try calling for directly for info. Probably going to get rolled over to 2023.

    2. Liam T

      Not to be a jerk, but you aren’t a Maverick owner. So you don’t count.

      Neither am I. Ordered early this year and still waiting on a build date.

      Those who own them like them. Shrug.

    3. Roger orr

      Shopping for a ford maverick is a nightmare All the dealerships want to jack the price up

  2. Joanne E Schnelle

    Ordered November 11. Less than satisfied. Now getting rolled over to 2023l!

  3. Joanne

    And on top of that communications sucks.

  4. Joe

    Ordered July 19th 2021 and took delivery on October 30th. Truck has been great, good mileage and tows well.

  5. David S

    Ordered in August 2021 delivered last week. Virtually no communications from Ford and NONE from my stellar (not) dealer. While Maverick owners might totally love their Maverick – and I’m in that camp – my opinion of The Ford Motor Company is ZERO. Delay after delay after delay which could have been better if they just put a 12 dollar “tile” on the dashboard when it left the factory so at least you could track it sitting at the railyard for a month or two and not have to go on Ford chat to ask – where is it now and then thay laughingly say you know you can track it online – hahahahaha Ford is so funny – the “tracker” says -” your truck is shipped” and thats all. …… No, Id say in a nutshell consumers have to deal with overall disinterested dealerships ( until they can either get their greedy hands on a refused order and mark it up 10K OR it is at their door and they can actually sell it ) and Ford Corporate that at every turn boasts about the technological innovations and state of the art systems yet cant even figure a way for a consumer to track a vehicle as it leaves Mexico. As I sit here writing this I thought to myself – wow I love my truck but the ordering process is truly frustrating and sad.

  6. Joe Oliver

    Ordered my Mavrick August 4th last year. Guess I will roll over to 23, but the frustrating part is that someone ordered a loaded Lariat (like the one I ordered) in September and took delivery in June. So much for first come first serve. Sure not the way I did business when I was running the show.

    1. David S

      MIne was ordered Aug 15. Lariat Lux 360 nothing additional.

  7. Dale A. Drottar

    So, the complaints seem to be about delivery, not the vehicle itself….
    Had mine for around eight months.
    Only complaint is the radio when the screen pops up saying to pay att3ntion to your driving… 😂😂…. Total distraction.

  8. Tom E

    Totally agree with the delivery complaints and tracking, I have a later eco order and still waiting. I receive freight from all over the country from various carriers and every load is track able from door to door and our more valuable items are geo-tracked from the manufacture which could be easily done by Ford.

  9. Roger orr

    Ford needs to do something about the dealerships jacket up prices on the Mavericks it’s ridiculous

  10. WackSJ

    totally agree most issue are with the getting orders filled, dealer stated it would be 3-4 months on the order 9 months later, it is getting rolled into 2023 model year, and now the dealer states price is going to increase.

  11. Falcon

    Wonder how satisfied owners are of the hybrid Maverick when owners are told not to drive the car if they here a strange noise coming from the engine because it could catch on fire? Is this true?

    1. Ralph Natola

      Hi falcon, i have a hybrid maverick and got the fire risk recall immediately on my ford app. Thurs. 8/4 my dealer is scheduled to correct the problem. I am still driving this great little truck and couldnt be happier with iits performance, dealer service, and fords attention to vehicle updates. Try to be positive, life is good.

      1. Bayman71

        Do you know what the fix is? They drill a hole somewhere in the engine and open up the grill to let more air in to hopefully cool the engine more so that it doesn’t catch fire. It is supposed to be because of a crankshaft milling problem. that creates more friction than normal. I think the engine will still fail which causes the fires. The new ones are supposed to be milled correctly and will not catch fire. Or so they say. Not sure if I want a 2022 now.

  12. Charles Tate

    let’s hope Ford upgrades the Maverick 100pkg the way they did the F150!!!

  13. john wilz

    Order banks are not opening as scheduled next week. Dealer just called me to inform. And they don’t have a date as of now when they will. Go figure…… Been a ford buyer for many years, starting to queation that now…

  14. John Carlton

    I love my Maverick yes I had to wait 8 months but it was worth it I have had no problems Love it

  15. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Love my hybrid Maverick XLT and I waited 8 1/2 months. It was worth it and no problems as well. So far one of the best vehicles I have ever owned with 40 to 50 mpgs.

  16. tom

    ok the article states that 84,165 owners were surveyed, if they took orders for 100,000 that leaves 16,835 yet to be made and the assembly plant is supposed to be building approx 5000/month they should be almost done by the 23 switch over right?? so how come most of us haven’t heard a word about a build date especially those you didn’t select order items that aren’t constrained by unobtainable options, can we believe anything from any source?? no faith at all at this point, lies, lies, lies

  17. Bayman71

    Things might be looking up. The Ford dealership in Upper Marlboro in Maryland received 6 Mavericks recently. All were customer orders but one and it sold very quickly. I was to late to get it. Maybe they will get more, they don’t know. I am just wondering when my local dealer will get some.

  18. Mymaverick

    I ordered a 2022 Maverick Lariat last December without ever seeing one up close. I just picked it up from my dealer and I have to say that Ford hit it big with this little truck! Really Impressed with the comfort ,visibility, quiet cab and ride!! I absolutely love it! It may not be “your kinda truck” but it fits all my wants and needs. One thing, I would have liked larger outside rearview mirrors. Great Job Ford!!

  19. Pikey87

    I’m sure I’ll be satisfied when I finally get mine. Ordered in October, build dates been pushed back only once so far. Kinda sucks, I’m on vacation next week, and had plans for my new truck specifically for this vacation when I ordered last year. I’m lucky to even be getting a 22, and I’ll consider myself lucky if I get it before the year mark. The entire situation is Ford’s fault too. They knew they wouldn’t be able to build all the orders well before they shut down ordering. They have no competition for their 40+mpg, and they took advantage. Short term strategy that will hurt them in brand loyalty, especially considering how many new Ford owners the maverick brought in. I think the eventual competition will eat Ford’s sales alive, people will be jumping ship for sure.


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