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2022 Ford Maverick Production Setbacks Delay Orders Once Again

The 2022 Ford Maverick has been one of the hotter new vehicles on the market since its launch last year, though various supply chain issues have turned the compact pickup’s launch into a nightmare for many interested customers. With dealer inventory virtually non-existent and hefty markups on much of that stock, those waiting for their Maverick to be built have expressed quite a bit of frustration not only with the length of time it’s taking for that to happen, but also a general lack of communication during the entire process. Now, it seems as if a number of 2022 Ford Maverick order holders whose pickups were already scheduled for production are facing new delays, according to multiple members of the Maverick Truck Club forums.

These folks already had build dates for their Mavericks, but recently received an email informing them that production has since been delayed due to supply constraints, even after those vehicles were supposedly in production. “We understand it has been too long since you last heard from us,” the email reads. “Just wanted to give you an update on the status of your Maverick order. While production of your vehicle was projected to begin the week of July 4th, 2022, supply chain challenges continue to cause delays and uncertainty.”

“This is frustrating, we get it. We want nothing more than to get your Ford up on the line and start assembling it. And we will continue to work hard to reduce the delays to try to get you on the road in your new vehicle soon. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we get more information, at least once every 45 days. Hang in there. We really do appreciate your patience and understanding.”

This is just the latest delay in a series of them for 2022 Ford Maverick order holders after demand for the affordable and economical pickup exceeded FoMoCo’s expectations by a long shot. The Maverick currently offers a number of supply-constrained features, prompting Ford to drop some of them in an effort to keep production going. Regardless, many 2022 Maverick orders will be pushed to the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority reported last month, with order banks for the 2023 Maverick currently scheduled to open up in early August.

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  1. Greggt

    What else is new? Farley is too busy trying to become a media star to worry about Fords supply chain crisis and countless recalls!

  2. David

    Intel from rumorville is reworking one of their fans to produce chips for vehicles. Is this true or wishful thinking.

    1. Bayman71

      I heard that Ford was building it’s own chip manufacturing plant, here is the U.S.A. Which is what should have been done in the first place.

  3. David

    It was supposed to read “fabrication facilities ” not fans.

  4. Denis Gregg

    Wonder what it takes to even get on the “at least every 45 day” email list? For me, the last (and ONLY) email was order verification, 374 days ago.
    Two calls to Ford’s so-called “customer service” yielded the same results (zilch), as they say “contact your dealer for updates”. Pathetic.
    Email address verified at dealership twice, also to no avail.
    If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t.

    1. Mrx19

      Exactly. Do not purchase a new vehicle at this time. Refuse to participate in his ridiculous scenario until manufacturers can get their supply chain issues resolved. Maintain your current vehicle and save your money for the coming recession.

    2. Jonny Volvo

      I’ve had the same experience. Monthly calls to Ford to get any news. It’s been over a year since placing the order and the only contact I’ve had with Ford has been through the dealer or by calling Ford directly. It was built two months ago and I’m still waiting…

  5. Mrx19

    Exactly. Do not purchase a new vehicle at this time. Refuse to participate in this ridiculous scenario until manufacturers resolve their supply chain issues. Maintain your current vehicle and save your money for the coming recession.

  6. Gary Sosniecki

    It’s just not true that Ford is keeping in touch with everyone who has ordered a Maverick. My only contact was an email in March, six months after placing my order.

  7. D.P. 66

    I have been following the Maverick news, and looking forward to placing an order. After seeing the constant frustration of folks who have already done so, with minimal to almost non existent communication from Ford towards them, and the obvious and alarming confusion at Ford has forced me to make a different vehicle choice.

  8. Brad Barefoot

    This wouldn’t be happening if those running the show had the “smarts” like two former FoMoCo Titans who had names like Lee Iacocca and Robert MacNamara were in control. Iacocca was the product guy … MacNamara the chief of finance, and Robert would place confirmed orders above bringing out new plans for down the road … Robert would tell’ya people whose paid down get priority. Robert kept Iacocca kind of tied down, he wouldn’t let anything new come about till the conformed orders were done … smart in 1964/65 … still smart today, but isn’t happening. As popular as the Maverick is … I’d done two models … XL and XLT … would have kept options limited like cruise for the XL, and sat/radio nav/system for both the XL an XLT (sorry no lux/package) to keep production easy. Ford face it … your logistics people for incoming an outgoing product has failed where the Maverick is concerned.

    1. Bent1

      Interesting read on Lee & Robert. It’s crazy how Ford is focused on new models within the same platform (ie Sasquash, OuterBanks, Raptor etc) in the Bronco line and yet can hardly supply even the base model orders. Farley needs to address the basics, ‘Quality is Job 1’, stabil suppliers to name a couple. The 2.7L v6 valve failures is shocking to me. Rambling, but so much needs repaired at Ford.

  9. Steve Clutterham

    I ordered two Mavericks. The first one a hybrid from my small local dealership here in Mesquite, NV in late Sept 21. The second one was an eco-boost from a larger dealership in Las Vegas, NV., on 10/18/21. Both with pretty loaded Lariat in the velocity blue color. I received the eco-boost one 3 weeks ago, and I love it. I have never received so much as a confirmation e-mail on the hybrid yet. I have contacted customer service several times and was simply told it is not scheduled yet. During my most recent contact with them I was told it would be pushed to be a 2023 model and that they would honor the 2022 price that I have in writing on the original contract. They also said that we all would be getting e-mails sometime in mid August informing us all of this fact. I hope I actually do get that e-mail, as I love my eco-boost Maverick and can’t wait to try out the hybrid one.

  10. T

    You had a winner vehicle and now you have pissed off customers sick of the hassle.
    This “supply chain” issue isn’t stopping me from getting any other vehicle.
    Makes you wonder – is the Maverick really just a bait vehicle ?
    Don’t care, done waiting.
    Test driving Subaru and the Cruz & Kona next week.
    I would have been huge advertising too. I work at a very busy gym and do house call massage therapy. Clients love to have new Car/Truck talk.

  11. tom

    it really seems that the dealerships and ford have an agenda to piss off the order holders with excuses and lack of communications. they introduce a very affordable and desirable vehicle and then use every excuse to not let the customers have it, hoping they walk away and then offer it to the public for the highest bid. they will be increasing the price for the 23’s and didn’t really want to sell it for the 20k-30k in the first place wanting to ride the current inflated market prices so they’re dragging their feet and hoping for walk aways. just as stated on an earlier post i have had absolute zero dealer or ford correspondence, even my chosen dealership will not even return my calls , total avoidance and once i pester them enough and they do call they have nothing seemingly to say except “stop bothering us and we’ll let you have your truck when we get damn well ready” truely frustrating!!! now they’re gonna open the 23 model ordering up Aug 2 and i can’t wait to see what fiasco this creates for current order holders, i’m just glad i’m retired and didn’t depend on them providing me a usable vehicle for daily work, i’d have been screwed!!

  12. Herb Werner, Jr

    I’m a Ford guy- have been since I began driving. My F150 is one of best I’ve owned. When my wife became disabled, I ordered an XLT Maverick in November of ’21. She doesn’t complain about crawling up into the truck, but I felt the 2.0 Maverick was a 1/2 way solution for both of us. I’m disappointed in Ford for 2 reasons; She requires ongoing treatment 85 miles away and the potential risks of driving my trade. I just don’t need the the addition stress! If my Maverick gets pushed to ’23, I’ll be driving a Subaru.

  13. Ron

    Is there a Ford dealer out there that will sell a 2023 Maverick for MSRP? I’m wanting a loaded
    Lariot Hybrid.
    If not, I’m going to the Chevy Colorado.

    1. tom

      if a dealership has a cancelled order maverick they’ll probably want at least $10k above msrp, think you’re dreaming, that’s the game they’re playing, anyone that cancels or walks away from an order the dealer keeps it on the books and upon arrival (when ever that happens) they sell it to the highest bidder, so MSRP is a pipe dream, didn’t you see the article that some owners are flipping their maverick around for DOUBLE MSRP$$

  14. Bayman71

    What supply chain constraints are they talking about? How about letting us know what supply constraints and exactly what is causing the so called, “supply constraints”. It could be anything. I just want a plain Maverick XLT in black and i and I’ll be happy.

    1. Miles Pergallon

      Bayman, agreed! Companies seem to fear delivering bad news, and getting bad press because of it, more than just having a transparent conversation. Give us the bad news and we’ll decide how to take it.

  15. Karen

    I agree with Brad Barefoot put cruise on the xl and I would of bought it right away I don’t need all the expensive gadgets

    1. Miles Pergallon

      I was thinking the same thing Karen. I can skip nearly all amenities (I’ll hand crank my windows if needed!) but cruise not being included sure felt like trim bait.

  16. Dan Stepaniak

    Ordered a pretty loaded Lariat eco-boost Maverick 10/08/21 (10 days before Steve above ordered a similarly optioned unit) and got a confirmation email the same day. After that I heard nothing until 05/25/22 when I got the much anticipated scheduled for production email indicating week of 06/20/22 scheduled build. It is now 07/21/22 and my truck has still not made the production line. This would appear to indicate Ford has not discontinued their practice of favoring some dealerships and their customers over others.

    I am of the same mind as Herb above, If Ford blows off my ’22 order and expects me to start this whole snipe hunt again, I will be going with a Suburu Outback to fill both the current need and for the 2020 Escape replacement planned for later this year.

    1. Miles Pergallon

      Dan, I was talking to my wife about your comment yesterday. If people from 2022 with orders in get bumped, how far will we have to wait. I told her I’ve been thinking your comment about not just blindly flowing the process inspired me to start examining other options as well.

  17. Ken Koehl

    I don’t know where this email every 45 days came from but Sept. 4th I will have waited a year after Ford confirmed my order and no feedback at all until I read online the 2022’s were being pushed to 23 model year but no information from anyone about the implications of this at all. After reading you could delete some options my salesman said they could not guarantee it would make any difference. Going to wait until Sept. announcement and then decide if my hybrid is really worth the time investment


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