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2023 Ford Escape Interior Spied, Shows Off Larger Center Touchscreen

To date, Ford Authority spies have spotted multiple 2023 Ford Escape prototypes driving around wearing various states of disguise, with the most recent pair of sightings consisting of two totally uncovered ST-Line models, and earlier today, a camo-free Active model. Aside from some exterior updates, the refreshed Escape will also tout an updated interior design with a large touchscreen, as Ford Authority reported last November, and now, our spies have captured photos of the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape interior that show off the new screen, as well as some other features.

The most obvious change present in these photos of the 2023 Ford Escape interior is the presence of a large infotainment screen, which looks like the same 13.2-inch unit that debuted in the refreshed 2022 Ford Focus. The screen has the same capacitive touch buttons as the Focus, and is also running a similar version of SYNC 4. It’s possible that this touchscreen will be available as an option, as this particular Escape appears to be an ST-Line model.

As we can see in this side-by-side comparison, the larger infotainment screen isn’t the only difference between the current Escape and the refreshed 2023 model. The newer version touts a digital instrument cluster that’s similar to the units already available in the Ford F-150 and Ford Bronco Raptor, with the same sort of updated aesthetic. This Escape also seems to be equipped with the same flat-bottom steering wheel as the Focus.

It’s worth noting that the presence of capacitive buttons on the infotainment screen like mean that the HVAC buttons on the current model are going away, as is also the case with the refreshed 2022 Focus. In that model, the HVAC vents are located directly underneath the screen, with the engine start/stop, volume control, and just four physical buttons beneath the vents. It’s unclear if the Escape will follow suit, but there are many similarities between the two models that we can clearly see in these photos.

As Ford Authority reported last month, 2023 Escape order books are scheduled to open in September, with production kicking off a couple of months later in November, so we won’t have to wait much longer to see the refreshed crossover’s interior in its entirety.

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  1. Kyle

    Hopefully they improved materials quality in the interior too.

  2. Mike

    Hopefully they will also make available Blue Cruise, before it becomes obsolete.

  3. Michael

    How stupid and cheap looking is that? My kid could of designed something better, and/or made something better with what he has.

    1. Rich G

      It isn’t stupid and doesn’t look cheap. So what GM product are you driving?

      1. Commenting on someone\'s dumb comment

        Yes it is. Why are we both just saying our opinions like facts?

  4. Falcon

    Please let that be an option. If people knew how undependable this system is they’ll stay away from it if it behaves anything like the SYNC 4 in my 2021 Edge. Master resets are needed when the button that control fan speed, A/C, heat, etc. don’t function. Radio station commands are useless as well. If the ‘buttons’ on the screen don’t sense your touch, a master reset can’t be initiated. That’s where disconnecting my battery cable comes in handy in order for the system to reload and function as normal …. until some function fails again. My F-150’s, Explorers all had physical buttons/ knobs. I never had to take my eyes off the road to see what I was pressing or which way i turned the climate control knob to adjust temp. You have to look where/ what your finger is attempting to press, taking your eyes off the road. How many times have you touched an app on your phone only to refuse to open, or function? This screen is your phone! I say that this should be an option because forcing this system on unsuspecting buyers could make their vehicle ownership miserable, like mine. Had I known I wouldn’t have leased. The brochure didn’t specify or indicate that all radio and A/C – heat controls were located on the touchscreen.

  5. Patrick Ford

    I’m not a fan of the big screens. They seem distracting, but then again I’m used to the screen on my 2010 F-150, which seems to be the perfect size for me. Its very visible and blends in well. Just one man’s opinion.

    1. Falcon

      Yes Patrick, it is a bit distracting. Not in an pleasant aesthetic way, but in it’s functionality. You’re taking your eyes off the road to see where your finger is to attempt to press that tiny little ‘button’ and hope you pressed it correctly. Did you touch it, or did you barely miss it? Pressing it once only activates the function button to let you attempt the function you originally set out to do. What the fan speed adjusted? First press the fan button. Did you touch it correctly? Good. Now it’s open after touching it once … now you can adjust. Are you touching in the right place to make your adjustment …. not too far off to the side? Or up and down from the button? Remember, your adjusting all this with your eyes on the screen and not on the road. Another one of Fords’ better ideas. Let’s not talk about when it’s 87 degrees outside and the systems fails to recognize your ‘touching …. pressing’ of buttons that decide not to work. Now you’re stuck. Thankfully ther windows aren’t integrated into this useless undependable system. Maybe Ford will get it right by the time SYNC 11 comes around.

  6. Steve

    A ’23 refresh? Why? The CEO already said they don’t have any interest in selling the escape. Good luck selling these lame ducks.

    Or, maybe they’re crazy like a fox. Does the escape exist solely as a reason to make the baby bronc’s price seem more acceptable? You know, like the medium popcorn at the movies.


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