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2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Set To Join Refreshed Crossover Lineup

After spotting a number of 2023 Ford Escape prototypes covered in heavy camo over the past few months, Ford Authority spies came across a completely uncovered example of the refreshed crossover last month, giving us a good look at its updated exterior styling. That particular prototype wore some very Kuga-like touches on the outside, including its body-color wheel moldings and other trim, giving it more of an upscale appearance. In fact, it had us thinking that the 2023 Escape lineup should include an ST-Line trim, which is currently available on the Ford Edge and Ford Explorer. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line is in fact on the way.

In fact, the uncovered prototype spotted by Ford Authority spies a few weeks ago is actually a 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line model, which means that we’ve already seen it in the flesh. This perfectly explains that model’s monochrome, sporty appearance, which is a big deviation from the current-gen Escape.

As is the case with Ford’s other ST-Line models, the 2023 Escape ST-Line will likely offer all of the styling present on full-blown ST models, but without the additional cost. The ST-Line adds some distinctiveness and sportiness to the Edge and Explorer for those that like the look but don’t want the extra performance, and it could do the same for the Escape, which could certainly use a boost in a crowded and competitive segment.

What’s particularly interesting about the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line is the fact that FoMoCo doesn’t currently offer any ST-Line variant of a vehicle that doesn’t have a proper ST performance counterpart. Regardless, we’ll know more about the 2023 Escape soon, as order banks for the refreshed crossover are scheduled to open up this September, as Ford Authority reported in June.

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  1. Mike

    If the refreshed 2023 Escape will have the Blue Cruise I will buy it. If it will come without Blue Cruise I will buy something else.

  2. Banjo

    Why not make an actual Escape ST! Those would be sure to sell out.

  3. Greg Dougherty

    No amber rear signals?
    No turn signal mirrors?
    No mirror approach lamps?
    No sale.

  4. Stephen

    Hopefully the rear amber turn signal light are gone, never life getting stuck in traffic at intersections. Would prefer red squencil like on the Mustang.

  5. Judy Henderson

    Ford need to recall the past junk escapes they built with coolant leaks. Not happy with having to buy a new engine for my 2015. Ford knows about the design flaw and refuses to make it right.

  6. Chris

    I guess the front end looks better than it was, but, it looks like it was squeezed together to fit the current dimensions. There is something about it that’s looks odd.

  7. Joseph M.

    Since the Amber-Turn-Signals-Because-Europe people will likely never get their way (because automakers like to keep their styling options open, and nobody else cares), I propose that rear turn signals in the future be dual-color and user selectable so that the rest of us can stop hearing all about this HUGE non-issue.


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