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2023 Ford Escape Tail Lamps Compared To Current Model

The forthcoming, updated 2023 Ford Escape has been captured on film numerous times by Ford Authority spies in recent months – including with no camo whatsoever on multiple occasions – giving us a very good idea of what to expect from the refreshed crossover. That includes new front and rear fascias, some interior enhancements such as a larger infotainment screen, and the introduction of a couple of new variants. However, the 2023 Ford Escape also features new tail lamps in the rear, which are a bit different than the current model.

As we can see in these photos, the 2023 Ford Escape features a lot more red in the tail lamps, as the clear areas present previously are now flanked on all sides by that particular color. Judging by the spy photos we have of the redesigned crossover, it also appears that the tail lamps will have slightly more lighted areas on the right side, as there’s a new, continuous LED strip that isn’t present on the current model.

As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, an ST-Line model will be joining the 2023 Ford Escape lineup as well. Shortly thereafter, Ford Authority spies spotted an ST-Line wearing the corresponding badges, but it won’t be the only new addition for the refreshed crossover. In fact, a more rugged Active variant will also be joining the 2023 Escape lineup also, as Ford Authority reported last week.

2023 Ford Escape

Ford Authority spies also captured some images of the refreshed Escape’s interior for the very first time last week, showing off that model’s large infotainment screen and a few other revisions, including a few that closely resemble what we previously saw in the refreshed 2022 Ford Focus. Meanwhile, as Ford Authority reported in June, 2023 Escape order banks are currently scheduled to open up in September, with production following a couple of months later in November.

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  1. Drew Ford Retiree

    Change for change sake. A waste of engineering resources and tooling money. The front end needed change, but the back end change won’t be noticed by 99% of the public.

    More importantly, what are they doing to improve quality and enrich the interior (i.e., fix the cheap-looking instrument panel and door trims)?

    1. Joe

      You are 100% right. When the 2020 model came out I was in the market and drove the 2.0 Ecoboost, plenty of power, road good, but the interior was filled with hard cheap looking plastic. I ended up with a Edge, not fancy, but better looking inside.

  2. Mike

    Ford has misplaced priorities. Escape customers are much more interested in getting Blue Drive option, not in the shape of tail lights.

  3. Rick

    Ford killed off the Fusion, Focus, Fiesta, C-Max, Taurus, Lincoln MKZ, and Lincoln Continental to build THIS?? The current Ford Escape places NINTH on the Compact Crossover sales chart for the first 6 months of 2022, behind RAV-4, Equinox, CR-V, Tesla Model Y, Rogue, Tucson, CX-5, and Outback, and will probably ALSO be outsold by Crosstrek and HR-V this year as well. The front end is very BLAND, as is the rear, while most other competitors offer more styling excitement and innovation. In a time when styling might be the deciding factor in the purchase of a Crossover in the VERY overcrowded Compact Segment, I believe that the Ford Escape sales will continue to flounder.

    1. Dave

      The new HR-V front end styling looks very similar to the current Escape, talk about styling excitement & innovation.

  4. Roger Orcutt

    I read all the comments and was suprised about the negatively. I own a 2121 SE for 10 months and am very impressed. I have yet to find a flaw or problem with the vehicle. To me the interior and exterior look very good. Maybe my prospective is different because my previous vehicle was a 98 Mustang but I’m very happy with my purchase.

  5. Bill C

    OH YEAH! That new taillight is much , much, much , much more better looking.
    WOW Ford KILLED IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Chuck

    Why doesn’t ford get rid of bad dealers? The one in libertyville il was fined ten million dollars.

  7. D martin

    Lucky if you can buy anything the phev is awesome sweet car good price underpinnings for the Maverick that everyone wants two year wait. So got to be good

  8. Falcon

    As a former employee with Ford, I have heard on more than one occasion from people who were on a higher pay grade than me, that styling sells cars! Is the reason that Ford’s sales of the Edge and Escape have dropped off because the styling hasn’t change from vehicles that are years older than the newer model? The Edge is basically the same style as the 2017, with a tweak in headlight design and slight changes on the back. If you want to see the Escape’s new design, look at the Kuga overseas, same car Ford will sell here as a new model the following year. So Ford will discontinue making cars that don’t sell, (Edge/Escape), while Ford doesn’t change the style on their cars …… that don’t sell. They go hand in hand? This taillight re-design is so minor, what does it really change?

  9. James77

    You need to change more, much more than the taillight to get me to buy-in. Why not start with a whole body revamp? Bought a new Cadillac SEDAN by trading the MKZ being Lincoln is transitioning to join Mercury.

  10. Hans

    why is Ford killing off the amber in the tail lights, studies show other drivers following a car notices the amber lighting better than the red lights when the car brakes.

  11. Hans

    I meant to say, drivers following another car notices the amber turn signals better than being red

  12. D

    Not sure why Ford is killing off amber turn signals and integrating them with the brakes. In Europe amber signals are mandatory. This is definitely a downgrade in lighting. Why not add important things like rear fog lamps and real front fogs (yellow) not just LED driving lights. Ford needs to spend more time improving the interior quality than changing lighting for the worse.


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