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2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Tremor Prototype Spotted Testing: Exclusive

Ford Authority spies have spotted a host of 2023 Ford Super Duty prototypes out driving around in recent months in a wide variety of configurations. One particular model that we haven’t seen – at least until now – is the 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Tremor, the more rugged, off-road-focused version of the large pickup. Now, Ford Authority spies have spotted a 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Tremor prototype for the very first time, giving us a sneak peek at what to expect from the refreshed model.

Up front, this Tremor prototype features the same revised front end design as previously-spotted models, though it’s quite similar to an F-450 King Ranch dually that Ford Authority spies spotted testing just a couple of weeks ago. The new front end design is clearly influenced by the 2022 Ford Maverick and the next-generation Ford Ranger, and features a split twin-bar treatment in the center, along with a camouflaged Ford oval, which is flanked by The Blue Oval’s signature C-clamp headlights that surround additional lighting, including an amber turn signal in the center.

As is the case with previously-spied prototypes, this Tremor is largely the same as the current model in terms of its cab design, though the black wheels fitted to this particular model sport a different look when compared to the current Tremor, while the refreshed pickup will also be available with a bed step. Those wheels are wrapped around a set of beefy-looking tires, which look right at home on this off-road-focused pickup.

Though we don’t have a great look at the rear of this prototype, we can see part of the Super Duty’s new taillight design, which features red sections on the top and bottom that are intersected by a black element, while the white reverse lamps are vertically-oriented and placed off-center towards the tailgate. It’s currently unclear what sort of powertrains the refreshed Super Duty will offer, but one of those won’t be a hybrid, as Ford Authority reported last week.

On the inside, the 2023 Super Duty will feature an overall look that’s similar to the redesigned 2021 Ford F-150, with a new steering wheel, gauge cluster, and likely infotainment screens. However, as Ford Authority reported last week, the refreshed pickup will utilize a single binnacle design, which is a bit of a departure compared to the dual binnacle setup present in the F-150 and current Super Duty. Regardless, order banks for the 2023 Super Duty are scheduled to open up this October, so we shouldn’t have to wait much longer to see the new pickup completely uncovered.

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  1. John Y.

    Once again, dealers wasting money on camouflaging vehicles when it’s VERY EASY to figure out what it is. Why waste money on things like camouflage; spend it on more worthwhile things?!

    1. J

      You are one specially stupid individual. Dealerships have no relation to any prototype or preproduction testing. Nor are they camouflaging any vehicles. The IQ level in these comment sections is often freezing temperature I can see, because y’all are painfully obtuse.

  2. John Y.

    Oh, and like we don’t know what that oval shape signifies?? Haha. Silly.

  3. Sherry

    Ford already raised prices a couple times this year on the Super Duty, they better not raise prices a 3rd time. Our family will most likely switch to Ram.

    1. Dan

      Prepare to be disappointed. Here in Canada, the 2023 F150 went up around $7k over the 22 model. The 2023 Transit is $7-10k more than the 22 model.

      And those models are carryovers, with no changes. And the F150 already had a few price increases during 2022.

      I’m guessing the 2023 Super Duty will be at least $7k more than the 2022.

      Not sure how that translates into US dollars. $5k increase?

  4. Matthew

    Why not spend more important time and money on things like why does a Ford F-150 ecoboost engines transmission hand grenade after 104k miles

  5. Richard Jones

    Ford engineers are outdated and out of touch of what younger car buyers are looking for and wanting to buy, on the other hand Dodge Ram are listening to what Young a car buyers want. The 2023 model Dodge Challenger and Charger looks outstanding and I am not a Dodge/Ram fan. Ford needs to replace their old engineers with younger enthusiastic Engineers that are more in tune with younger buyers.

    1. J

      You are another dimwitted clown, in this comment section. Just freezing temperature IQs as usual.

  6. Austin

    Just not digging the new grill and headlight look. Fugly. A shame, just about everything about 2017-2022 MY was gorgeous.

  7. Jim

    I ordered a 22 super duty and couldn’t be happier with its design and price. Not going to be looking for anything newer because I know I won’t like the design changes and the price increases. Not willing to pay more.


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