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2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Order Banks To Open Up Two Weeks Earlier

Earlier this month, Ford Authority reported that 2023 Ford Maverick order banks for models equipped with the Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost engine were scheduled to open up on August 2nd, 2022, with production beginning at the Hermosillo Assembly plant on October 24th.  However, it was unclear if that would also be the case with 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid order banks, which were slated to open a couple of weeks later, on August 15th. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid order banks will also open up on the second of the month, too.

Aside from order banks opening up for both Maverick models on the same day, production of each will also begin on October 24th as previously scheduled. This news is undoubtedly important for a number of folks as Ford closed 2022 Maverick order banks early this year after demand quickly exceeded the automaker’s production capacity. A number of 2022 Maverick orders will also be pushed back to the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority recently reported.

Currently, it’s unclear what sort of changes we can expect from the 2023 Ford Maverick, though the compact pickup’s revised color lineup briefly appeared on FoMoCo’s official site recently, previewing a couple of possible forthcoming changes. Additionally, the 2023 lineup may also add a new, off-road-focused Maverick Tremor model, too.

Ford Authority spies spotted a possible Maverick Tremor finished in Avalanche Gray earlier this month, sporting some of the familiar features present on the Ford Ranger Tremor, Ford F-150 Tremor, and Ford Super Duty Tremor. The very next day, those same spies spotted another potential Maverick Tremor in Velocity Blue, an interesting development as that color wasn’t present on Ford’s leaked list of hues.

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  1. Dickinwhoever

    Maybe a D¡ckhead package to match Toyota, or you could just go there instead.

    1. Dickinyourhand

      How is that relevant to anything?

  2. Victor

    My dealer (in Carthage NC)called me Friday July 23,2022 notifying me the order bank will Not open until late September .

    1. John Spinelli

      Time to find a new dealer.

      1. Rusty Shackelford

        Announced today that maverick order banks not opening up until September, dealer is right on this one.

  3. Patrick

    I’m still waiting for the full EV model before I buy because I want to charge my maverick with my solar system making ity final car I buy.

    1. The dude

      As long as you’re alive nothing will ever be the final car you buy Patrick. These products are designed to wear out and need replacing through forced obsolescence in addition to humans’ insatiable appetite for something new, cutting edge and different.

  4. Alan M Chatfield

    I am happy to read that my local Ford Dealer is offering pre orders with no Dealer Markup for the upcoming 2023 models. When I inquired earlier they stated a $ 4000.00 dealer mark up.
    I was upset to hear this nonsense.

    1. Raymond

      Alan M Chatfield
      What’s the name of your dealer you commented on and where is it located?

      1. Alan M Chatfield

        Ken Gordy Ford Carlsbad, CA 866 376 9821. Good luck.

  5. Rusty Shackelford

    This article is no longer accurate. Ford just pushed the order banks opening to sometime in September.

  6. ProDigit

    Good luck with those 1kWh batteries on the hybrid. At both a smaller battery, more powerful motor, and a heavier truck weight than the fusion, those batteries aren’t going to last more than 100k miles!

    The fusion batteries start to noticeably degrade at around 100k miles, and need replacement at 150k-166k miles.

    Ford knows this and knows that you’ll be paying $7k more for this car in the future.


    1. Irwin Koenig

      My 2017 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid has over 230,000 miles and has had no major repairs and the battery shows no signs of degradation. The Maverick is rated at slightly less mpg than the Fusion, and I expect similar performance and longevity.

  7. Gregory Faulkner

    Quit advertising this. I want one 😆.

  8. Sparky

    I just talked to a dealer here and he said September 25th as well. Yesterday it was August 2nd

  9. John

    This article is now outdated. Order banks will now open mid-September. (15th is a date being kicked around, but not confirmed)

  10. Bill

    I would like to know why dealer are allowed to Jack prices sky dealer has a used one for 44 thousand .also they tried to Jack new one on me and screw me on my trade.ur

    1. Richard Peters

      Join the club, Bill … happend to me and I lost out on an XLT hybrid by their jacking up the truck’s price (after “guarenteeing the price point) and saying I needed another 5 grand and reduced my trade-in’s value by 5 grand. They’re a bunch of screw balls if I ever seen…Check out LongMcArthur in Salina, Kansas … they’ll not only sell at msrp but also ship it to you in the lower 48 states (for a fee providing you finance with them) Ask for Tim Bartz, internet sales manager.

  11. tom

    is this a ploy to stall the rush to order giving the dealerships a chance to pick and choose who they allow to get first orders?? again how do you know they’re lying, they’re lips are moving, they have only proved that they’re not going to provide us with what we desperately want A NEW TRUCK!!!!

  12. Eric

    My Ford dealer said ordering has now been delayed till September, just yesterday July 28th

  13. Dennis

    I’m 65 years old and never bought anything but a Ford….got tired of their bs and bought a in-stock Nissan with no wait and no mark-up.

  14. Carol

    I’m changing the name Ford to a new name: Dorf. That’s how they’re treating their Maverick-order customers, myself included.

  15. Robert Hendrickson

    Still waiting on my 2022 Maverick been more than 6 months now, an no word from Ford. Terrible communication on ford’s part.

  16. Tim Bartz

    Order Banks have moved back to show for more 22s to be built. They will schedule in August and September now with 23 order banks opening September 15th.

  17. Sandy

    I plan to order the 2023 Mavrick Hybid, no added features. In California, can I order at midnight tonight as it will be 8/2/22 on the east coast?

  18. Christopher Newman

    Mid September is the new date— I’ve been working on this for a year now— no real idea of what my local dealership are up too— but they are there to sell trucks, so it’s not there fault — we shall see— why hasn’t Toyota come out with a hybrid/ they already have a chassis & a great motor— we are on our 2nd Prius-/ 60–62 mpg— great size car too—

  19. Christopher Newman

    Hey everyone, give the sales folks some slack-/ can’t imagine how many calls they get about this new truck & they can’t deliver either— I did this for over 38yrs— total frustration— our closest deal had everything on there lot has Jacket up all the trucks $4–$5 k — it’s on there new stickers— hate that!!

  20. Danny

    I want to purchase a 2023 hybrid maverick
    How do I do that


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