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2023 Ford Maverick Order Banks Will Now Open Up In September

Earlier this month, Ford Authority reported that 2023 Ford Maverick order banks for models equipped with the Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost engine were scheduled to open up on August 2nd, 2022.  As Ford Authority reported this week, that also briefly applied to the 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid as well. However, sources familiar with the matter have now told Ford Authority that 2023 Ford Maverick order banks have been pushed back by more than a month, this time to September 15th.

No reason for this change was given, and at the moment, it’s unclear if this new date applies to the entire 2023 Maverick lineup. It’s also unclear if this delay will result in a change in terms of when the 2023 Maverick enters production, which was previously scheduled to happen at the Hermosillo Assembly plant on October 24th.

This news is undoubtedly relevant for a number of folks since Ford closed 2022 Maverick order banks early this year after tremendous demand quickly exceeded the automaker’s production capacity. As a result, a number of 2022 Maverick orders will also be pushed back to the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority recently reported.

Currently, it’s unclear what sort of changes we can expect from the 2023 Ford Maverick, though the compact pickup’s revised color lineup briefly appeared on Ford’s official site recently, previewing a couple of possible forthcoming changes. Additionally, the 2023 lineup may also add a new, off-road-focused Maverick Tremor model, too.

Ford Authority spies spotted a possible Maverick Tremor finished in Avalanche Gray earlier this month, sporting some of the familiar features present on the Ford Ranger Tremor, Ford F-150 Tremor, and Ford Super Duty Tremor. The very next day, those same spies spotted another potential Maverick Tremor in Velocity Blue, an interesting development as that color wasn’t present on Ford’s leaked list of hues.

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  1. Byron s anderson

    This is a lot of BS with Ford. People waiting a year for a vehicle is ridiculous. If you are going to make a vehicle make it not play with saying they are updating this and that but not really doing anything. Even dealers don’t like Farley

  2. Steve v Heiser

    This is BS if you want to sell Mavericks expand you production plant you guys have the money who is in charge?they don’t seem to know how to run a business get busy and correct the problem.

    1. Maverick1964

      Steve, I’m a project engineer for CAPEX in the automotive industry. I’ve been in this type of role for 14 years. Before that I was a manufacturing engineer. And, before that I was a journeyman toolmaker. Adding capacity doesn’t happen overnight. Industrial control suppliers, like Allen Bradley and Siemens now have very long lead times due to supply chain issues. You can’t build new machine tools without Programable Logic Controllers. This is just one of the issues impacting Automotive OEMs and their suppliers. It is related to expanding production capacity. I have a Maverick pre-order placed with a dealer. I’m frustrated as well. But, if I’m experiencing these supply chain problems, I imagine Ford is as well.
      I’m sure they are doing their best to meet customer demand.

    2. Stoned Dude

      I deal in surplus bearings. In the last year or so, you have no idea how many BIG NAME companies I have sold to…. companies that should have VERY TIGHT supplier qualifications….. I’m just some guy who sells stuff he bought from some other guy. BUT parts are just not available through normal channels. Multiply that by every part needed to run a plant, build a machine, etc.

  3. Bob

    Dear Mr Farley, the Maverick is a hot seller. The F150 too and you cant even find a mach E. You want to deal with the dealers robbing people? List the dealers selling at msrp on your webite and also list dealers with bad a reputation on your Ford site letting it be known to not go there. Let the public decide with their feet. Dealers known as stealers might get the message.

  4. Bayman71

    The hybrid Maverick is the most popular one, yet it is the one they push back??? Who is in charge of this? Ford, what are you doing?

  5. 05FordGT

    Was going to show up to my dealer Tuesday to place my order which now will have to wait another 6 weeks. Good grief! Ford already extended my lease by a year, because they closed the window for the 2022 so early, which forced me to order a 2023. Now it seems like I’ll have to buy my lease out (due end Feb 2023) and hold onto it until my order eventually comes in. Only saving grace, my Fusion Energi is worth so much more than my buyout. So I got that going for me. 🙏

  6. Michael Emerson

    Try fixing some of the mess upstairs like the transmission problems with the 2012 ford focus

    1. Jerry

      I bought a 2012 Focus loved it, but after the tranny was replaced several times I dumped it. Just received my Maverick hybrid. Hopefully it’s ok based on the Escape hybrid being out a while.

  7. Peter Kristensen

    Because of the NEW delays in ordering my new maverick, I’m seriously thinking of either buying a used ranger 4×4 or maybe a newer dodge ram. If this is how you treat an employee wanting to stay loyal to the ford brand, then I feel sorry for you. Get off your butt and fix this problem and do it fast or else you will loose a lot of sales and fan base.

  8. Karen

    I didn’t want to buy a different brand ,I like ford, but I don’t like all the games ford is playing

  9. Laurence

    I agree. Any work on any dealers selling maverick hybrid at close to msrp?

    1. Dennis

      Rydell Group says they don’t have an upcharge.

    2. Cole

      I’m a sales Rep for Sid Dillon, We have 0 mark up on our new vehicles. I was supposed to place 2 orders for customers this morning

  10. pavel

    I believe they do that on purpose because they want to show high demand so their stokes can go up again if you look how their stokes move up and down you can see why they do that i am waiting for maverick or lightning and it look they both it will not open soon i may consider again to go with Toyota Tundra and figer out how to get my 500$ back

  11. jim larremore

    After waiting a long time to order a Maverick I’m tired of Ford’s games or whatever. I am not going to buy a Ford vehicle but I’m seriously looking at other trucks now.

  12. John

    I’ve been in manufacturing for more than 40 years. I’ve worked on the factory floors, been in Production Management and worked in the Materials Group doing both, bringing in materials and scheduling production runs. This by far is the worst I have ever seen supply issues. There is no easy work around. Materials just are not there. I plan to order a new Maverick Hybrid but will just have to wait my turn. It sucks but this is a global issue that I deal with everyday. I plan to take any extra time to save more towards a down payment and maybe even upgrade the order I currently plan to make.

  13. Todd

    Is this for ALL versions or just the Hybrid?

  14. Harmon

    Yeah, I’m just going to try and get a used Prius.

  15. john

    so ford is offering a new tremor model, they cant even fill the base model orders. rediculous

  16. Shawn Kline

    they can’t build all they want to, so you stop building the one that you make the least money on…that is the base model Maverick

  17. Bgi

    Dealer’s asking for $2000 “loyalty package” over MSRP. Haha, for what exactly? That money can be going to Ford’s pockets, but they too dumb to take it

  18. Roxane H

    I am just ready to order my Maverick XLT. I am excited about it. I will continue to watch when the orderbanks do finally open.


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