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2023 Ford Super Duty Interior Spied With Single Binnacle Design

Over the past several months, Ford Authority spies have spotted a number of 2023 Ford Super Duty prototypes driving around in many different configurations wearing various states of camouflage. Those same spies have also spotted the 2023 Ford Super Duty interior on more than one occasion, previewing a cabin refresh that will bring the model more in line with its Ford F-Series stablemate, the Ford F-150. Now, Ford Authority spies have captured some more photos of the 2023 Ford Super Duty interior showing off the truck’s new single binnacle setup for the instrument cluster and center touchscreen, too.

This is a notable departure from the current Super Duty and the F-150 as well, as both of those models feature a dual binnacle layout. This particular prototype appears to be an XL equipped with F-250 Trailer Tow High Capacity with Ultimate Tow Camera System Package and Pro Trailer Backup Assist, based on the fact that the Pro Tralier Backup Assist dial is present in these photos on the lower left hand side of the touchscreen. Additionally, the touchsreen in this 2023 Super Duty prototype appears to be an eight-inch unit, not the larger screen present in higher-trim models.

Other than that notable change, the center stack in this Super Duty appears to sport a very similar layout to the F-150. The buttons located above the center screen lack graphics, but in the F-150, those units are reserved for the emergency flashers, auto start/stop, locking differential control, and various other, similar functions.

On the outside, the 2023 Super Duty won’t deviate too much from the current model, though the front end design bears some influence from the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick and redesigned next-generation Ford Ranger with its split twin-bar grille and C-clamp headlights. The center section of the refreshed pickup remains much the same – though it will feature an integrated bed step, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last month – while the rear end shows off a new taillight design.

The 2023 Ford Super Duty lineup will also feature a handful of powertrain updates. As Ford Authority exclusively reported yesterday, the updated heavy duty truck range will not be available with a hybrid powertrain, contrary to what you may have seen or heard from our publications. Order banks for the refreshed pickup are set to open up in October, as Ford Authority reported last month.

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  1. Big Button

    What about the big red E Stop button in the previous photos?
    “Warning – This vehicle has a prototype ?powertrain? control system in the event of power output greater than desired. Depress red stop button to shut down power………”

  2. Drew Ford Retiree

    Insane. The company says it is relying on Ford Blue and the commercial side of the business to generate profits to fund Model E. And it says it needs reduce employees. Yet, here we see it is wasting resources to create a unique instrument panel versus the commonality it used to share with the F-150. So, what is wrong with the freshened SuperDuty continuing to share its instrument panel with the relatively new F-150 or the present Super Duty?!?!?!

    This same gross inefficiency can be seen in the unique instrument panels between the Bronco Sport and the Maverick.

    Yet, both Farley and Hackett said they were addressing cost issues by reducing complexity. Well, it is now apparent that their approach to reducing complexity is to reduce customer choice while foolishly adding engineering and parts complexity.

    Insane, misguided, or out of control?

  3. Steve

    Any word on a center console shifter for the Super Duty? There’s been talk in the past, but no evidence thus far.

    1. mike

      Please, no! Don’t take up real estate on the center console for a shifter…..

      1. Micah

        Some of us would like the option, not that everyone has to take it

  4. mike bove

    2022 ford f450 platinum dually stay away major issues and when ford rav repurchases and you reorder you get the bonus plan by deleting options and giving you a 300 deduction, wow what a joke. have a 2022 for sale with trans issues if intrested 2100 miles working on second transmission

  5. Rod S.

    So what’s wrong with a change, Drew? Ford has had that twin-binnacle design for years,
    and the top of the 15-20 F150 dash is prone to warping, even here in South Dakota.
    I believe THAT dash is shared with the 17-22 Super Duty. Time for something different.


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