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Detroit Area Ford F-150 Raptor Theft Epidemic Continues

Ford F-Series pickups have historically remained near or at the top of the Most Stolen Vehicles from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) for years now, including 2020, when the Ford F-150 and Ford Super Duty topped that list, a result that the F-Series repeated in 2021. Most recently, a rash of thefts have plagued Ford-owned lots around the Detroit area, taking a toll on the automaker and the surrounding community. Now, shortly after more than a dozen Ford F-150 Raptor pickups were stolen from a Ford lot in June, that rash of thefts has apparently continued, according to Michigan State Police.

According to MSP, multiple Ford F-150 Raptor trucks were stolen from a lot in Dearborn last night. All of the suspects were reportedly wearing ski masks, though one perpetrator later abandoned the vehicle, leading to its recovery. A second pickup was later stopped by police, while three more were discovered at a person’s residence. Thus far, three people are in custody, while the investigation continues.

It’s unclear if these thefts occurred at a Ford-owned lot, but that has been the common trend lately. As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, a grand total of 75 Ford F-150 pickups – many of which are higher-trimmed models or Raptors – have been stolen from company lots over the past year, a staggering number indeed.

Assuming an average MSRP of $65,000 USD, this means that a collective group of thieves has stolen roughly $4.875 million worth of Blue Oval inventory just from the 75 units alone, and there are likely more to add to that total by now. If these trends persist, the figure could easily exceed $5 million by the end of the summer.

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  1. what

    Can’t even have Raptors in Detroit

    1. David49

      Its country wide issue bubba its a HIGHLY sought after high performance $90k+ truck. Just happens to be BUILT in Dearborn, MI (& Kansas City, MO) so “organized theft rings” etc are targeting their supposedly guarded vegicle storage/staging lots. Very sad. Ford gets pd either way! ..but these trucks are pre- SOLD.. thus customers must wait longer.

  2. Rory

    What a crock of BS. As long as ?Ford? or whoever owns the inventory allows it to continue…it will continue.
    It could be stopped very easily if they wanted to stop it. This follows the national trend of allowing bad guys to do as they please because a bad guy might get hurt, wounded, or killed if anyone were to try and stop him during the commission of his felony. Shareholders should be incensed at the $ losses.

    1. NoComment

      Pretty much…

  3. GaryB

    I guess whoever they put in charge from stopping this failed, obviously. Theres’ gotta be someone inside assisting the thieves. Glad they caught 3 of them. We need to have harsher penalties in place.

  4. JR

    The problem I see with car storage is that the contract bid goes to the cheapest company (presumable with sub par coverage) even though the intent is protect millions of dollars of inventory. Car dealership are guilty of this all the time. They hire a security firm with one guard in car with a flashing light to protect a storage lot with hundreds of cars (multi brand lot). It’s very easy to see where the guard is because of the flashing light and the thieves have a field day stealing tires/rims cats, and rifling through open cars looking for spare keys that have been left in the vehicles. If corporate, dealership owners or insurance companies really assessed the risk they would take the problem more seriously. For example, imagine instead of cars, you are responsible for $5 million worth of diamonds , insurance companies and corporate bean counters would figure out how to protect them.

  5. Tom Daley

    Is anybody at Ford being held accountable for this complete breakdown of security? Most of these Raptors, and the GT500’s, are customer ordered and awaiting shipping scheduling, and if I were one of those customers I would be really, really pissed at Ford. It’s unbelievable and inexcusable that Ford can’t or won’t secure these high value vehicles!!!

  6. Mike says..

    Somebody at FORD needs to be sacked. Physical security is not nuclear science.

  7. Bill C

    Hey I have a solution…..what about adding a vehicle alarm system to every vehicle.
    But seriously, why not leave out a few of the fuses or relays that are part of the starting circuit or fuel system until the vehicle is being delivered.

  8. David49

    DUMB comment award! You WIN 🏆.


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