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European Union Requires New Cars To Have Anti-Speeding Tech By 2024

In recent months, the European Union has focused its efforts mainly on speeding up the adoption of all-electric vehicles, most recently pushing for a a 100 percent zero emission mandate by 2035 that is effectively a ban on internal combustion-powered vehicles. Ford – which is aiming to go all-electric across its entire passenger vehicle lineup in Europe by 2030 or sooner – supports that mandate, though others, like Germany, oppose it. Now, however, the European Union has turned its attention to speeding, adopting a new mandate that requires all new cars sold in that region to employ anti-speeding technology by 2024.

This technology is officially called Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), is able to “read” posted speed limits using a vehicle’s cameras, and may also eventually be able to draw on other data like that derived from GPS to do so in the event that it is unable to read road signs. From there, if the system detects that the vehicle is exceeding the posted limit, it will be required to warn the driver and even slow the vehicle down automatically. This type of technology isn’t exactly new, however, as a number of automakers – including Ford – already have some ISA-equipped vehicles on the road in Europe.

The EU says that this move represents a “major step forward in road safety” and carries the “potential to dramatically reduce road traffic injuries and fatalities.” Studies indicate that traffic fatalities could be reduced by 26-50 percent while using ISA, while the EU also points to the notion that such technology could also have a positive impact on air pollution as well.

Regardless, this technology isn’t perfect, and the EU is apparently aware of that fact, as drivers will be able to override the system if needed by either applying pressure to the accelerator or disabling it completely. This is necessary as preliminary testing has found that ISA sometimes makes errors when it comes to reading speed limit signs. Regardless, the tech is now set to become mandatory for all new cars sold in Europe beginning in July 2024.

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  1. Steve

    Talk about Big Brother is watching…and then they control your vehicle that you paid for, registration, road taxes, insurance, gas and upkeep. Europe has gone to far and sadly America is not far behind.

  2. whypac

    Just no, especially an automatic override with slowdown. There are too many idiots on the road and sometimes you have to speed to pass, change a lane, or avoid a collision. I can’t imagine being in a position where you have to, and start to, just to have the vehicle slow you down and cause an accident.

    And yes, I don’t allow automatic emergency breaking either. Again idiots, and sometimes in emergency situations you have to get too close to another vehicle to avoid an accident.

  3. Ross

    Heck I know that there are a zillion things that can kill me, soon we will be banned from going outside in case a Polar Bear (unable to live in the Arctic/Antarctic) may be in my neighborhood.
    The real issue is untrained, brainless, drunk and drugged drivers and in Australia – Asian Tourists (recently a car of four young people, been in Australia for two weeks pulled out in front of a B double Semi Trailer – 63 tons @ 60 mph and sadly were killed), Indian immigrants and stupid Aussies who can pass a license test that lets them drive totally unskilled to “learn on the job” with zero further training except by making sometimes fatal choices.
    We have so many stolen cars from home invasions to get keys at knife point and they run red lights and kill innocent drivers and passengers or pedestrians.
    Exactly how will this confusing extra tech help? There are already so many features in cars that are distractions from the skill and craft of driving. All these massive tablet screen that you must look at to do anything that in the past you could reach for a switch or knob by touch and change the volume or radio station or adjust the heater demister, now you scroll through the screen to find a phone contact or yell at Siri who does not understand Aussie english; so driver concentration goes to zero…..

  4. David Thomas

    🇬🇧🇬🇧 As you might know our Government gains much of its tax revenue from fuel taxes 50+%. With the push to EVs that easy to collect form of tax will be lost. So the answer could be a tracker in your car feeding back via satellite to a big brother’d have a bill at the end of the month. Apart from the from the privacy aspect it would seem any motoring offence can be picked up.
    It will be interesting if we 🇬🇧 now out of the EU if whatever government we have in power implement the ruling…
    Lastly has anyone been able to say how many accidents are totally down to “excessive” speed or just the fact there was any sort of velocity.

  5. John Harris

    “drivers will be able to override the system if needed”

  6. Big Burning Gas Steve

    I agree with most of your comments but Ford endorses the EU mandate of eliminating ice powered vehicles by 2035!!!!?????!!!!! Talk about cutting your own throat! Keeping my GT350 4 ever!

  7. Chad

    Well guys, you have successfully exceeded my tolerance and patience. You have turned a blog dedicated to automotive excellence into a political battleground. NOT what I subscribed for. My new Pony and I are riding off into the sunset, unsubscribe button is next. Enjoy your political unrest, GOD help us all!

  8. Vbondjr1

    Exactly what I worry about with this $hit


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