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Ford Bronco 4xFun Launches As Off-Roadeo For Non-Order Holders

The Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo launched a little over a year ago at its first location in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, outside of Austin, and has since expanded to multiple places across the U.S. A number of Ford dealer employees were able to experience this off-road adventure early on, while we here at Ford Authority also took part in what turned out to be an incredibly fun and informative two days out on the trails. However, the Off-Roadeo has one big caveat – it’s only open to Bronco reservation and order holders, so what does one do if they’re interesting in getting their own copy of the rugged SUV, but want to try it out first? The answer, it seems, is the just-launched Bronco 4xFun experience.

Bronco 4xFun is a bit different than the full-blown Off-Roadeo for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s only currently available at Ford’s Grey Wolf Ranch Off-Roadeo location in Horseshoe Bay, and it requires no current reservation or vehicle order to get behind the wheel and participate in.

Participants get to spend four hours tooling around the site’s various off-road trails and specially-designed obstacles, learning new skills or honing their existing ones along the way while also testing out the Bronco’s capabilities. They’ll also get to attend the Off-Roadeo’s ground school and get a little education out on the trail as well, which should prove pretty appealing to anyone who’s curious about the sixth-gen Bronco.

The Bronco 4xFun experience costs $995, not including tax, and lets participants bring along one guest (or up to two additional guests, for an extra fee). That price includes expert instruction from trained trail guides and snacks, and it’s designed for drivers of all skill levels with an emphasis on building confidence, all of which sounds like a great way to spend a few hours.

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  1. Ray H

    We did the Bronco Off-Rodeo for order holders in Nov. 2021. We’re moderately experienced in off road, and have taken some OR classes through the local community college, both classroom and in the wild, BUT the Ford Bronco Off Rodeo blew us away! The quality of instruction, both the ground school and trail driving, and the vehicle specific knowledge gained were absolutely outstanding. Go for it! Even if you ultimately buy a Brand-X, you will learn so much! Great experience and well worth it! Disclaimer: No, I don’t work for Ford or the OffRoadeo, but I do now have a ’22 BadSquatch,

    1. BigHawk

      Congrats on the Bronc and good times Ray! Cheers

  2. Steve

    Non order takers huh? Does it include a possible 2+ year waiting period warning if you choose to order one? I am on day 689 waiting for a production date. I was told by the end of this year. That will make it over 2 years to get one. My suggestion, just forget ordering one. Buy a vehicle now, by the time you decide to trade that one in then maybe, just maybe, these will be available to purchase off the lot. I will still stick my conclusion that Ford is delaying on purpose so order holders will cancel it and then Ford will be able to sell it for more money. I mean my 55 thousand dollar Bronco would easily sell for 65 thousand. You tell me, would Ford delay something to make an additional 10 grand? Follow the money….


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