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Ford Bronco Tow Hooks Available In Three Different Colors

Since its debut roughly two years ago, the official Ford Bronco catalog has gained a slew of parts and accessories that owners of the rugged SUV can purchase, including a tube door kitpower packs for the Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost and Ford 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engines, Method wheels, a two-inch lift kit, Sasquatch fender flare kit, tire pressure monitoring kit, an off-road fog light kit by Rigid, a bead lock wheel kit, bead lock ring kit, a roof-mounted off-road light kit, red and orange bead lock trim rings, and a black Wildtrak rear emblem, to name just a few. Now, the Ford Bronco catalog is expanding yet again with the addition of tow hooks available in three different colors.

These new Ford Bronco tow hook offerings consist of a set finished in blue, sold under part number M-18954-BB, an orange pair listed under M-18954-BO, and a red set sold under M-18954-BR. All three tow hook sets retail for $160, feature a powder-coated finish, and are sold in pairs. One important thing to note is that these Ford Bronco tow hooks are only compatible with the factory modular front bumper, however.

2021 Bronco

Aside from adding a splash of color to the front of a Bronco, these tow hooks also serve an important purpose – helping to get a vehicle unstuck, particularly when off-roading. Tow hooks provide an easy and safe way to connect a tow strap or chain to a vehicle that is designed to support the weight of that vehicle as well, and can help recover it without causing any sort of damage in the process, which can be the case if one uses something like a bumper in a recovery effort.

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  1. Peter

    What do the blue ones look like?

    1. GaryB

      pink with googly eyes and shag rug loops

  2. Mrx19

    Too bad you can’t get the vehicle to attach the tow hooks to.

  3. Falcon

    I’d select the standard black hooks. Don’t spend the extra cash. You’ll need it to replace the long block on your EcoBoost when it starts sucking coolant in the cylinders shortly after you’re warranty ends.


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