Ford Car Sales Down 19 Percent During Q1 2022

Ford car sales, which include the Ford Mustang muscle car range and the Ford GT super car, decreased in the United States while increasing in both Canada and Mexico during the first quarter of 2022.

Sales Numbers - Ford Car Family - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21
MUSTANG -19.03% 13,986 17,274
GT +9.09% 36 33
TOTAL -18.98% 14,022 17,307

Cumulative deliveries of Ford cars in the United States decreased 19 percent to 14,022 units in Q1 2022, comprised of:

  • 13,986 units of the Ford Mustang, a decrease of 19 percent compared to 17,274 units sold in Q1 2021, and
  • 36 units of the GT, an increase of nine percent compared to 33 units sold in Q1 2021

Sales Numbers - Ford Car Family - Q1 2022 - Canada

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21
MUSTANG +10.35% 810 734
GT -28.33% 5 7
TOTAL +9.99% 815 741

Cumulative deliveries of Ford cars in Canada increased ten percent to 815 units in Q1 2022, comprised of:

  • 810 units of the Ford Mustang, an increase of ten percent compared to 734 units sold in Q1 2021, and
  • 5 units of the Ford GT, a decrease of 28 percent compared to 7 units sold in Q1 2021

Sales Numbers - Ford Car Family - Q1 2022 - Mexico

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21
MUSTANG +38.40% 173 125
GT * 21 *
TOTAL +55.20% 194 125

Cumulative deliveries of the Ford car family in Mexico increased 55 percent to 194 units in Q1 2022, comprised of:

  • 173 units of the Ford Mustang, an increase of 38 percent compared to 125 units sold in Q1 2021, and
  • 21 units of the Ford GT compared to zero units in Q1 2021

While both the Mustang and the GT fall directly within Ford’s car category, it can be argued that the term ‘car’ can also be used to describe other types of vehicles. Specifically, we could extend the definition of “car” to unibody crossovers and unibody pickups, since they use the same integral body structure as cars, but with a different body style and a higher roof height.

Many industry and business analysts have already begun to define “car” to include traditional cars like sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, coupes and convertibles, as well as unibody crossovers and pickups. In fact, FoMoCo executives have previously stated – upon discontinuing the automaker’s sedan lineup in the U.S. and Canada – that it’s redefining what it considers a car, an undertaking that’s driven by customer demands.

So, expanding the definition of ‘car’ to include all Ford unibody vehicles shows that sales were down one percent to 193,983 units.

Sales Numbers - Unibody Ford Vehicles - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21
EXPLORER -34.50% 42,736 65,244
ESCAPE -2.51% 39,962 40,990
BRONCO SPORT +24.55% 29,089 23,356
EDGE +19.24% 26,412 22,150
MAVERICK * 19,245 *
MUSTANG -19.03% 13,986 17,274
ECOSPORT -34.57% 8,426 12,878
TRANSIT CONNECT -3.49% 7,357 7,623
MUSTANG MACH-E +1.81% 6,734 6,614
GT +9.09% 36 33
TOTAL -1.11% 193,983 196,162

These were led by the Ford Explorer, which posted a 35 percent decrease in sales to 42,736 units, followed by the Escape in second with a three percent drop in sales to 39,962 units. The Bronco Sport saw an increase of 25 percent to 29,089 units and Edge earned fourth place with a 19 percent increase to 26,412 units. The Maverick placed with with 19,245 deliveries, while the Mustang took sixth with 13,986 sales.

The discontinued Ford EcoSport placed seventh as sales slipped 34 percent to 8,426 units, followed by the Transit Connect in eighth with 7,357 deliveries, down 3.5 percent. The Mustang Mach-E placed ninth with a 2 percent uptick in sales to 6,734 deliveries, followed by the GT in tenth with 36 deliveries.

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