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Ford CEO Jim Farley Named Industry Leader Of The Year By AHF

Ford CEO Jim Farley has been on a roll in terms of accumulating accolades from various organizations in recent months, including being named MotorTrend‘s 2022 Person of the Year and one of Newsweek‘s World’s Greatest Auto Disruptors and Executive of the Year. Now, Jim Farley continues to add to his proverbial trophy case after being named Industry Leader of the Year by the Automotive Hall of Fame (AHF), an award he received at the recent 2022 Automotive Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Ceremony.

“It was announced in August 2020 that Jim Farley would succeed Jim Hackett as the CEO of the Ford Motor Company,” AHF said of its selection. “Farley stepped into this role with an ambitious, customer-focused Ford+ plan. He wanted to structure Ford as a leader in electric and connected vehicle production, improve the company’s stock price, and emerge from the coronavirus pandemic as strong as ever. In his first year, Farley met his goals, and now leads one of the most dynamic, forward-thinking automakers in the world.”

As has previously been the case, AHF stafff are fans of Ford Pro, the automaker’s new, dedicated commercial business, which uses Blue Oval Intelligence connected vehicle technology, the automaker’s Telematics web-based software platform, and both paid and complimentary subscription services to give fleet owners more control and, as a major benefit, cost savings via less downtime and maximized efficiency. The second component is Ford’s dedication to EVs, which it is investing heavily in with an eye toward a future transition to electric power.

“After Farley’s first year as CEO, market shares of Ford had risen roughly 100 percent,” AHF added. “Jim Farley’s bold and calculated decision making has made him one of the most exciting names in the auto industry. His ambition and drive have set the Ford Motor Company up for a big future.”

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  1. Will

    Wait till his EV plans fail and then he doesn’t have any ICE models left to sell that people can afford.

    1. Michael

      Quality is already largely suffering due to his senseless EV push. He’ll learn customers can’t be forced to buy something they don’t want and we won’t allow our hard earned tax dollars dollars to pay for it. The financials show he is already failing, and now he is seeing he isn’t getting the tax dollars he thought he would.

  2. hot toddy

    not impressed with him at all after his most recent comments on self driving technology and people sleeping in their cars paying big bucks

  3. Mike says..

    Some of you guys need to pull your head out of the dark and get some sunshine. Ford and Lincoln would have been DOA if not for Farley.

  4. Marcel

    His performance numbers are in the gutter compared to other manufacturers. His EV push is falling flat on its nose. We won’t even get into his industry leading 3.3 Million recalls or the Nationwide grassroots boycott of Ford by lifelong Ford owners.

  5. donnie

    You really think farley is good for ford-a joke-ford is not and may never be the American standard it once was

  6. Mike says..

    Listening to you guys it is no wonder so much US manufacturing has gone off shore. Furthermore, new product trends, advances in technology and company growth are now increasingly from China, Korea, and Vietnam of all places. But hey, its easy to shoot your mouth off when its not connected to anything:)


    Farley should also get a reward for being the CEO of Recall Motors.


    Farley has no innovation or leadership skills!!I am not proud of the stupid crap that you are doing now.The company is being destroyed by you and the chairman!!Cutting 8K jobs to help fund your stupid ev push is pathetic!!I am not an idiot like Everyday Pathetic.The recalls alone show you guys are just rushing to throw anything out,then you over price it.The race to the bottom is sad!!

  9. Mike

    My feelings on this article are very mixed. I just took delivery last month of my first new Ford product in over 17 years. I had vowed then never to buy another Ford based on the horrendous dealership experiences during that time. 10 months ago I decided to take a chance and ordered a Powerboost based on the many engineering innovations of the vehicles powertrain. Though groundbreaking and well conceived, the overall quality is underwhelming as is the service supported by the factory. I can confirm from my experience trying to correct the delivery issues, that Ford is certainly not customer focused. I managed to connect with a dealer who is ready and willing to help but they are stonewalled by the factory. Nearly 80k for a truck that was sold to me with: 4 dings/dents, multiple scratches and paint blemishes, rusted rear differential and exhaust hangars, exhaust heat shield glue melting off, loose cowl trim piece, exposed wiring on back of the rearview mirror housing, filthy engine bay, etc. My advice to Mr. Farley is to improve quality and fix the ownership experience. The products are good enough to sell themselves, but the lack of initial quality and commitment to the customer is eroding brand loyalty. While awaiting delivery, I even entertained the idea of adding a Ford EV as my next purchase. Based on what I’ve experienced again, I will shop other brands. It may be another 15 years before I give Ford another chance.


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