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Ford CEO Jim Farley Says Customers Will Pay Big Bucks To Sleep In Cars

Ford CEO Jim Farley has made it quite clear that he envisions a number of changes for the 119-year-old automaker over the coming years, including a transition to electric vehicles, dramatically less inventory on dealer lots, selling vehicles at fixed prices, and even splitting the company into two entities – Ford Model e for its EV business, and Ford Blue for ICE vehicles. Farley has also been a big proponent of connected vehicle services, which he feels will become a major source of revenue for the automaker, which might just include having customers pony up big bucks for autonomous driving features just so they can sleep in their cars.

“When I was at Toyota and I sold my Prius, that HOV sticker was worth $5,000,” Jim Farley said while speaking at the recent Bernstein Conference. “That only saved me five minutes a day on my commute. If we can get people to fall asleep in our car, give them 45 minutes back on their commute, they can go to work 45 minutes later, they can go home 45 minutes earlier, it won’t be $500. It’ll be tens of thousands of dollars.”

Currently, Tesla charges $12,000 for its Full Self-Driving feature, which is not completely autonomous and requires the driver to routinely put pressure on the steering wheel to remain activated, so this notion isn’t terribly far off. Meanwhile, Ford has invested heavily in autonomous vehicle technology in recent years, with its subsidiary – Argo AI – recently launching its first driver-free ride sharing vehicles in select markets.

Farley went on to compare the coming transformation of the automotive industry to the modern smartphone as an example of how these software additions might work. “We’re about to change the ride just like Apple and all the smartphone companies changed the call,” he said. “And I believe when that happens, when you can ship a lot of software to the car, and you have great sensors, and really change that experience and be a lot more productive, there will be a large revenue expansion.”

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  1. Crabbymilton

    Well if you break down in a FORD product out in the middle of nowhere, you may have to sleep in it.

  2. GaryB

    Thats how you wake up dead.
    Either way, ive already seen several tractor trailers going up i80 and i15 without anyone sitting in the drivers seat. Pretty unnerving.
    might as well just automate RVs.

  3. Joe

    So you are sleeping and not braced or aware of a possible crash and then someone runs a red light or stop sign. Good way to die.

    1. Eric

      Just to be clear, “bracing for a crash” helps not one little bit.

  4. bee

    yeah sure… you can sleep in your car, but you can’t drive a house.

    1. Biggy Johnson

      Technically motorhomes and trailers are mobile homes

  5. Steve

    First off, I want to start out that I worked for a major sensor manufacture for many years. This manufacture is a global manufacture. I will also tell you that there’s no way on God’s green earth that I would trust a sensor to navigate or control my car, no freaking way. Sensors are designed with a life cycle built in. In other words, designed to fail. There are never built great, just good enough. Think of these sensors like your computer or cell phone. Just one more (very expensive) thing to upgrade. Also I will inform you that the cost of goods on these sensors are so much less expensive than you think. For instance, a sensor that I know very well, the COG is 45 dollars. It’s sold wholesale for 215 dollars, retails out at 545. What do you think it’s going to cost to replace this system when it goes bad, not if, when? I would strongly suggest to stay as far away as possible.

    1. T johnson

      I’m totally with you, I’d be too nervous to sleep in a moving vehicle but some sensors now are made to last. We throw away old equipment and devices that are not part of an upgrade that still work great. I work at a giant particle accelerator at a National Lab.

  6. donnie

    Farley needs his head examined-he can’t supply the cars we have now-waiting a year for a maverick that’s not even scheduled yet-ford needs new leadership before they go under and that’s if its not to late now

    1. Don

      Exactly correct. He is ruining Ford.

    2. T johnson

      Waiting for a Maverick myself, 9 months. Got pissed by an article that says they’re working on a new model of it. Work on delivering the Mavericks on order!!

    3. Gene

      Exactly Right. The Guys a complete Moron. He has lost a entire extended family of lifetime Ford owners. Never again. We’ve bought over 34 Ford’s since my first Pinto new in 78. Ford needs to get rid of this idiot before Ford goes under. My next car is going to be a Subaru.

  7. MikeR

    Uhh, no we won’t. This CEO is causing people to abandon Ford in droves. No one wants what he’s selling.

    1. Weazie

      Exactly right. 42,200 transmission modules on back order for cars that are owned by people but can’t drive there vehicles , so there vehicle are sitting at Ford service centers waiting to be fix and he talking about building other car. Open you eyes Mr. CEO. Take care of your customers first instead of trying to figure out how to put another million pennies in your pocket

  8. LWAP

    I sleep in bed. I drive in my vehicle.

    Farley is a loon.

  9. BobM

    No thanks, no way. Sounds like a good way to commit suicide. Fall asleep and never wake up. I think the government is nuts for allowing this in cars.

    1. Burt Gangolf

      It will never happen ….! But they will come up with some thing…

  10. Michael

    I cannot sleep on an airplane, train, bus, etc., how the hell am I going to sleep in the drivers’ seat of a moving car?

  11. L. J. Sasso, Jr.

    Every car I have ever owned since I began driving has been a Ford product. This leadership is breaking my heart. Good luck with fixed prices. This is America, you know. Americans want to drive their own cars and their own bargains.

  12. Hot Toddy

    I can’t believe a CEO of a Fortune 500 company could make comments like this.

  13. Duane

    Practical application of AÍ, autonomous qualities in vehicle manufacturing is one thing, but, in my opinion, it is foolish, at this point of advanced computer technology, to rely totally on driverless vehicles, of any kind!

    1. Burt Gangolf

      I agree… Don’t See where it would be able to have the Power……. 🤷‍♂️

  14. Richard Harris

    This is typical of where we are in modern America.
    I remember talking to an Eastern mechanic years ago (remember Eastern Airlines), and he explained how a tiny o-ring could bring down a jet. I know a guy who bought his (Ford)
    truck specifically because it did NOT have power windows.
    There are waaay too many people buying cars who have absolutely no idea of how fragile the complicated and integrated mechanical systems
    that work together (theoretically) to make a modern car “go”, are.
    Brake systems fail, fuel systems fail,
    steering systems fail…most of the modern car operates on the basis of
    sensors transmitting signals to a computer module that does everything from moving the car down the road to telling it when to slow down.
    And every bit of it is subject to failure.
    Remember the problem a certain
    manufacturer had a few years ago
    when the cars would just accelerate
    on their own and wouldn’t stop?
    You want me to sleep while my car drives itself?
    Are you serious?
    I think Mr. Farley should go back to

  15. Chris Durden

    The problems at Ford are much deeper than sleeping in cars. They can’t make what they are selling. I have been waiting over 3 months for my F150.

  16. Christoph

    … Down by the river!

  17. Dick

    This is absolutely “nuts”!! So you are telling people, as the CEO of Ford Motor Company, that people will be able sleep in their vehicle, a robot assembled machine? So nothing will happen? Let’s be serious. Farley needs to stop his personal competition with Elon Musk, and get back to reality. Just don’t understand. If Farley spent as much time running the company as he does putting himself in front of the media, Ford world get back on top!!!@

  18. Robert

    This idiot needs to step down. He’s gonna bankrupt Ford with these hair brained ideas

  19. Mike

    Computers and AI are killing people. If is not Boeing 737 MAXs, it is vehicles with sudden acceleration, some kind of self driving that is not 100%, even being able to sleep while our vehicle is moving, etc. And we are going to let companies like Ford ( GM, Tesla, etc. ) tells us that we need ( and will pay extra ) for these unqualified, and dangerous services?

  20. Earl

    I had hope when Farley replaced the furniture guy.

    Now I’m glad I’ve purchased my last Ford and it has 6 years and 90,000 miles left on the CPO extended warranty.

    He is literally gone nuts. Too many products, too much variation, zero customer knowledge, just plain unbelievable.

    1. Gene

      My big concern is the company will be bankrupt long before my two Escapes reach the end of their 7 year 159j ESP warranties. I will never buy a new Ford again with this imbecile as the head.

  21. Greg Hadden

    Well folks, get ready to witness a lot more accidents on the roads. Between Ford and Tesla and going to sleep while the car drives itself is insane and alot of people will die. Basically you will pay big bucks to sleep while going up the interstate. About the same cost as your funeral. Folks, stick with the gas burning vehicles that you actually have to drive.

    1. crabbymilton

      So what happens when you want to self drive in ice and snow. Will the nanny program prohibit this?

  22. Bill Byrne

    that NUTTY CEO is really messing up the company


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