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Ford CEO Jim Farley Talked To Employees About Layoff Rumors

Just yesterday, a report surfaced claiming that Ford is planning on cutting up to 8,000 jobs as it aims to trim $3 billion in costs by 2026. Many of those job cuts are expected to happen within Ford Blue, the automaker’s division that focuses on ICE vehicles, a part of the business that CEO Jim Farley previously said would serve as “the profit and cash machine for the entire enterprise” as it looks to fund its EV business, Model e. While the details of this move haven’t been finalized yet, Farley recently took the time to speak with employees regarding this rumor, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Ford CEO Jim Farley

Jim Farley emailed a video message to employees on Thursday acknowledging the rumors while also stopping short of outright denying them. Farley’s message reportedly asked the company’s workers to remain focused on their tasks at hand, as well as admitting that such rumors tend to cause a lot of anxiety. Farley went on to admit that Ford needs to reduce its structural costs to remain competitive, while also addressing the automaker’s long-term goals and what it needs to do to achieve them.

“We’re modernizing our organization across all of the automotive business units and the entire company,” Ford spokesman T.R. Reid told the Free Press. “We’ve laid out clear targets for our cost structure so that we’re lean and fully competitive with the best in the industry.” Speaking earlier the year, Farley admitted that Ford employs “too many people,” and noted that both its ICE and BEV divisions are underperforming, while also saying that the $50 billion it intends to invest in EVs by 2026 must come from the company’s core automotive operations.

Ford currently employs around 31,000 salaried workers in the U.S., which is where the bulk of these cuts are expected to occur. The cuts are expected to happen in waves starting this summer, spanning a variety of operational functions.

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  1. William

    Farley will be in for a big surprise when he can’t sell his overpriced EVs, and he will never meet his production goals. Mach E buyers are having all kinds of issues with their vehicles.

  2. Tigger

    Stay focused? Easy for a millionaire who calls all the shots to say.

    I’ve seen these “restructurings” before. People are cut, those that remain are overwhelmed, and management then realizes they let go of the competent people and have to hire them back on a per diem basis at twice the salary they earned as a full time employee. Oh well, at least it looks good for Wall Street.

  3. Mike

    These Mach Es are already building inventory on dealer lots, especially the $90-$100,000 CDN ones. In the county I live in, that only has 400,000 people, and a bunch of small Ford dealers, there are at least 8 to choose from.

    1. Liam T

      You do realize how absurd that statement is, right?

      The Mach E is failing because there are 8 of the most expensive trims left for sale in a county of 400,000 people. If there are a “bunch” of dealers, I can only assume that most of these dealers have only one (if that).

      It just doesn’t even make sense.

      1. JohnTaurus

        Sounds like it’s possible for only 8 dealers to offer one each. In the while freakin country. 🤔 boy I hope they don’t take up too much room! Lol

    2. JohnTaurus

      8 spread out over an entire country? Oh my. What a glut of inventory. Watch for huge discounts as they try to clear the lot!

  4. Thurston Munn

    A Ford built this company and a Farley is going to destroy it!!

  5. David Dickinson

    Farley to Ford employees: Shut up and do your job!

  6. Mark

    Ford best wake up or they will be out of business or better yet taking over by the Japanese when then go belly up. Laying off 26% of your work force in the ICE vehicles to fund the EV. ICE money is NEEDED to finance the 50 million dollars for EV which is very over priced. What a DUMB ASS Corporate move. They have to be subsidized by the Feds and can not stand on their own. BYE FELICIA

  7. Greggt

    In other words, shut up, do your job as we kick you to the curb!

  8. Kenny D

    I worked for a HUGH COMPANY That was doing just this Exactly. IRIFF’S And VRIFF’S. I had 35 Years with them, they had been Outsourcing our Service’s to Third Party Vendor’s and the Customer’s were asking Questions before I took the V R I F F (Voluntary Reduction In Force), And Just in Time. They were Moving Technicians Willy Nilly at the Drop of a HAT!!! I escaped Just in time, and this HUGH COMPANY to this Day Is Struggling to Stay afloat! They even wanted me to Come Back as a Tech Spec. NOPE. I Retired and They Soon could have cared Less. (Never Even knew I was Gone)!! Exactly what’s gonna happen here with FORD, (Unfortunately), and Hopefully the People Left don’t start Tossing leftover Part’s in the Bottom’s of DOOR’S and Dash Panels??? Or Purposefully Leaving Pieces and Part’s Loose On the Assembly Line’s??? Could Backfire on Old JIMMY, But why Would/Should he care, He can just take the “GOLDEN PARACHUTE” and Wave By By….. With MILLIONS IN THE BANK!!!!

    1. JohnTaurus

      Tell HUGH to offer former employees typing classes, with special emphasis on capitalization and when to not use it. I’m he’ll comply.

  9. Eunice Fausel

    My oh my!, this is the same email we received 90’s when Ford was downsizing it’s District Offices around the country. Regional Manager came from his office in N.J. to our office in N.Y. and with the same word for word speech. He said our office was not closing, forget the rumors and get back to work. Within that month, we were told our office was one of the chosen to be closed. I would think that in all these passing years they would find a better way to lie. Of course Farley’s job is not on the line, in fact if he does a really good job of booting out the 8,000, he will more than likely get a huge bonus. I worked for this company for 40 years and it looks like some things never change.

  10. MarkV

    Perhaps the Lincoln Brand which has been starved of real product and creativity will be shut down so more dollars can be directed to the lost cause EV movement. I would not be surprised if the headlines say Lincoln to join Mercury soon: “Quiet Luxury receives a Quiet Death”.


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