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Ford F-150 Lightning Helps Stranded Tesla Model 3 In Need Of A Charge

Much ado has been made about the Pro Power Onboard generator present in the 2021 and up Ford F-150, as well as the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, and for good reason. In the ICE-powered version of the pickup, many have already used this particular feature to power homes and even wedding receptions, but the F-150 Lightning also adds vehicle-to-vehicle charging capability as well. Turns out, this feature works rather well, as Ford F-150 Lightning owner Emre Gol recently discovered when he helped a stranded Tesla Model 3 owner charge up enough to get home.

Gol has only owned his 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat – which is equipped with the extended range battery – for a few weeks now, but he was able to show off its capabilities when his neighbor’s wife found herself in a bit of a dilemma – she drove her Model 3 to her parent’s house only to realize that she only had 6 miles of range left upon arrival. Rather than simply plugging it into a wall outlet, Gol offered up his Lightning as a way to charge the sedan enough so that she could get home, as well as check out how it worked for himself.

“I talk about EVs with my neighbor all the time, so when they needed a charge, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to put the Pro Power Onboard vehicle-to-vehicle charging function to the test,” Gol said. “And it worked great.” Gol’s experiment worked like a charm, as he was able to provide the Tesla with 16 miles of range in 25 minutes, which was enough for the owner to get home.

In addition to helping others in need of a charge, Gol also uses his F-150 Lightning as a daily driver and a work vehicle for his business, NGPlatinum Remodels, hauling various construction equipment and materials to a number of job sites across Houston, Texas, while also providing a portable power source for his tools. “Everywhere I go, once people realize it’s the Lightning, everyone has questions,” Gol said. “All I can say is Ford did an incredible job with this truck. You guys are going to sell every single one you can possibly make within seconds.”

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  1. Ford Owner

    This is the best example of a Ford product that is vastly superior over a Tesla product. No Tesla vehicle can charge another, but Ford has the F-150 Lightning that can charge other EVs.

    1. Dee Hart

      yes, but how far can it drive while carrying a load or hauling a trailer with some weight in it?
      A test was done showing a Ford Lightning towing a 6,000-pound box trailer/toy hauler was able to go a total of 86 miles before running down to 2 percent charge left in the batteries.
      It’s a very capable truck, by all means, but the technology can not yet go the distance.

  2. Bob

    Better yet, my pickup has a port in the gas line to fill a container. I can refuel a car in less than 5 minutes. And it’s not a HIGH DOLLAR newfangled truck. haha

    1. JDE

      they are all high dollar these days Bob, The Lightning starts 9k Higher than the basest ICE motor F150, considering the Lightning is AWD, if you add 4wd to the base truck you get maybe 2K. Not an insignificant number, but I think most people talking price as the issue really only see the highest priced versions. Lightning can tow 10,000 lbs versus the 8,000 that the base 3.55 gear F150. Both reduce range between needing fuel dramatically when towing, just that for now the distance between charging stations versus gas stations is considerably different. most likely in a few years this will be an inverse situation and range anxiety will be for those hanging onto the notion that gasoline is still superior. Now the interesting question is what is all the Biodiesel the refineries are ramping up production of for? Can you run that in the half ton diesels without issue?

  3. Sully

    Not sure that situation qualifies as ‘stranded’


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