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Ford F-150 Thefts In Dearborn Take Toll On Community, Company

Automotive theft has risen dramatically over the past couple of years, and the perennially best-selling Ford F-Series lineup – which includes the Ford F-150 and Ford Super Duty – remain hot commodities among automotive thieves, as those models have topped the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)’s most stolen vehicles list for two consecutive years now. Recently, a number of crime waves have focused specifically on the Ford F-150, in particular, as those pickups and its associated parts remain in high demand. Most recently, thefts have hit close to home for automakers in general, as criminals are stealing vehicles directly from manufacturer storage lots.

Last month, we reported that 13 Ford F-150 Raptor pickups were recently stolen from a Dearborn Truck plant storage lot that was fenced in, and yet, only one suspect has been apprehended thus far. And now, our friends at TCD Dearborn News – who unearthed the original F-150 Raptor thefts – have discovered that the thefts go far beyond those 13 units which, in turn, is having quite the financial impact on companies like Ford and the surrounding community.

TCD Dearborn News – which can be found on Facebook and Instagram – has been investigating a recent string of F-150 thefts that have plagued Ford’s hometown, and have shared some exclusive details with Ford Authority regarding their findings. Using Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) discoveries and its own sources, TCD Dearborn News has found that between July 1st, 2021 and July 2nd, 2022, a grand total of 75 Ford F-150 pickups were stolen from the automaker’s lots where the pickups are stored, with the lot located at 3001 Miller Road in Dearborn bearing the brunt of the thefts. Thus far, thieves are targeting higher trim models with lofty price tags, including the F-150 Platinum and Raptor.

On top of that not-insignificant number of pickups, several additional recently-built FoMoCo vehicles were stolen from around Dearborn since July 1st, 2022. These include five F-150 pickups as well as two Lincoln Navigator SUVs. Incidentally, the Navigators are not built in Dearborn or even the state of Michigan. Instead, they’re assembled at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, and it’s unclear why these two Navigators were awaiting shipment in Dearborn. Regardless, only one of those vehicles was later recovered.

Assuming an average MSRP of $65,000 USD, thieves have stolen $4.875 million worth of inventory just from the 75 units alone. If these trends persist, the figure could easily exceed $5 million by the end of the summer.

While this is obviously a concerning development for both Ford and consumers, this rash of thefts is also beginning to impact the citizens of Dearborn, as several residents have expressed to TCD Dearborn that their auto insurance rates have increased since the raft of thefts began.

If you’re a Dearborn resident, are you seeing an increase in your insurance rates? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Kevin

    The F-150 is clearly the modern day equivalent of a man’s horse in the old west days. You know how they stopped horse thieves then. That’d probably work now.

  2. Alexander

    You mean to tell me that these big automakers can’t afford to put security on these lots. I really would’ve assumed that they would do a better job protecting a lot with millions of dollars worth of cars. Also with the kinda tech we have, why in 2022 do we not have better theft deterrent systems?

    1. RonR

      Not when you have a bumbling fool of a new CEO who is destroying Ford. Until he gets replaced Ford will continue to fail

      1. Rob Searle

        A few things are taking place here. First you have “security” personnel being hired off the street. That might have something to do with some of these thefts possibly being inside jobs. Second if you’re a rentacop making a few bucks an hour, you probably won’t want to risk your life to prevent the thefts, which are probably armed. Third many of these trucks are sitting awaiting chips or some other features so they’re incomplete, which makes stealing them a bit easier.

    2. M

      Let’s go back to old school days…german shepherd and Doberman pinchers..the skinnys really hate big dogs…

  3. GaryB

    assuming these are being snuck south of the US and sold? Not like youd be able to insure a vehicle with a VIN registered stolen. Boost security, install those pneumatic pop up barricade spikes, put up a solid wall, build a damn mote and drawbridge around the lots, something. its not that difficult to protect a parking lot.

    1. Clari

      Exactly Gary, I agree. It is not rocket science. Hire a guard and know he is not the one letting vehicles out. I feel like something is missing from this article and would like to hear senior management speak about it if it is even a concern. Does not make sense.

  4. RonR

    Ford is failing on multiple fronts, this is unacceptable. This new CEO needs to get off his EV obsession and right the company. Better yet the board needs to replace him. He is bleeding lifelong Ford customers.

  5. CW McCall

    How do these thefts occur? Do they put these vehicles behind the fence and leave the keys in them? I genuinely do not understand how this happens. Are they that easy to hotwire? Is hotwiring still a thing? Uh, have they not seen “the club”???

    This just makes no sense on so many levels.

  6. Greg

    These vehicles can be disabled via the satellite navigation system why has Ford not enabled this? GM OnStar system has done this for decades. I agree with other posters, Inside job!

  7. M

    Agreed..time to scour the backgrounds of the security personnel about adding GPS to the vehicles and let’s get major crimes on it..nip it in the bud now..also, try armed guards from a different security company


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