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Ford Kuga Was Europe’s Most Popular PHEV In June 2022

After wrapping up 2021 as Europe’s best-selling plug-in hybrid, the Ford Kuga PHEV landed in second place in that regard in February, but then rebounded to take back the top spot in March and April. Now, June’s numbers are in, and it’s one again a clean sweep for the Ford Kuga PHEV, which finished the month as Europe’s best-selling plug-in hybrid model once again with 3,952 units sold over that time period.

That was good enough to top the runner-up in that particular segment – the Kia Sportage, which finished the month with 2,882 units sold. It was followed by the Cupra Formentor (2,833 units sold), Hyundai Tucson (2,626), BMW 3-Series (2,623), BMW X3 (2,582), Jeep Compass (2,382), BMW X1 (2,231), BMW X5 (2,160), and Peugeot 3008 (2,129) to wrap up the top ten.

Meanwhile, overall new vehicle sales fell sharply month-over-month, from 1,268,508 to 1,054,807 units, a 17 percent decrease and the worst result since 1993. For the first time in a while, the same held true for electrified vehicles, which recorded 215,000 sales in June compared to 233,000 last year, an eight percent decline and the worst since April 2020, when the pandemic tanked the market as a whole. All electric vehicle sales declined 62 percent, while plug-in hybrids sunk 38 percent.

Even though Ford remains committed to producing and selling hybrids, the future for PHEVs in Europe doesn’t look quite as bright. Plug-in hybrids are no longer eligible for incentives in the UK, and that will soon also be the case in Germany, as European Union officials argue that PHEVs aren’t as environmentally friendly as previously thought. Early last year, Ford announced that it would transition its entire European passenger vehicle lineup to EVs by 2030 or sooner, however, a process that will continue with the launch of seven new all-electric models in that region by 2024.

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  1. Peter

    Ford Authority… would you please STOP this FAKE news… Ford sold 46.200 new passenger cars representing a 4.87% share of all new passenger cars sold in Europe in May 2022. This is 6.18% fewer vehicles and a 0.329 pp increase in market share when compared to last year. Ford became a market follower!!!!

    1. Brett Foote

      I know reading comprehension is hard sometimes, but this article isn’t about Ford’s overall European sales. Rather, it’s about the fact that the Kuga is the best-selling PHEV in Europe, which it is.

      1. Peter

        Dear Brett Foote…
        These are the official plug-in automotive shares in Europe (share year-to-date):

        Volkswagen Group – 18.1% share (Volkswagen brand at 6.1%, Audi at 5.9%)
        Stellantis – 16.1% share (Peugeot brand at 5.9%)
        Hyundai Motor Group – 11.7 % share (Kia brand at 6.4%, Hyundai at 5.3%)
        BMW Group – 11.5% share (BMW brand at 9.5%)
        Mercedes Group – 9.8% share (Mercedes-Benz brand at 8.6%)
        Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance – 8.4% share
        Tesla – 6.9% share
        If the Kuga is such a success, could you please explain me why Ford isn’t is this list?

        1. Brett Foote

          Hello Peter. Again, this article is about PHEV sales in Europe, not market share. Numbers are numbers, facts are facts. This data comes from JATO.

  2. Michael

    If Ford could and did make more Escape PHEVs, it probably would be the best selling PHEV in North America as well.

  3. Falcon

    Man …. remember PHEV’s? That seemed like the way to go, but was it given a chance? This full on push for full electric really has me wondering why we are heading down a road we seem are so ill equipped to go down.

  4. grumpyunk

    But but Farley said they would not be in the biz for ‘commodity’ vehicles…. so why bother making this Kuga?
    I doan geddit. Sales are sales, and if FoMoCo does not compete in the market at all(i.e., cease Escape production) then those who ARE in the market will make conquest sales when people trade for a new one. And, they will have lost the customer and increased the need to go find new customers. Repeating, a lost sale is a lost customer, and they are harder to get than to keep.


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