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Ford Maverick Outsold The Ranger Through First Half Of 2022

It’s no secret that the 2022 Ford Maverick has been a red-hot commodity since its launch last year, as the new compact pickup sold out in just a few months and remains an elusive find (especially at MSRP) for interested shoppers. The Ford Maverick also outpaced its big brother, the Ford Ranger, in terms of sales in Q1 of this year before handily beating it in April, an interesting development, indeed. Thus, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Maverick also managed to outsell the Ranger in the first half of 2022, too, a revelation that comes to us from Ford’s June sales report.

Sales Results - June 2022 - USA - Ford

MODELJUN 2022 / JUN 2021JUNE 2022JUNE 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
BRONCO+983.77% 8,681801+6,746.69%54,842 801
BRONCO SPORT-15.95% 7,0228,355-3.25%58,549 60,514
E-SERIES+11.47% 2,3712,127-27.68%12,537 17,335
E-TRANSIT* 559**3,008 *
ECOSPORT-24.52% 2,6573,520-31.86%17,924 26,304
EDGE+11.24% 4,5414,082+30.74%51,453 39,355
ESCAPE+7.73% 9,5578,871-13.54%73,920 85,492
EXPEDITION-10.20% 6,6937,453-51.91%22,847 47,508
EXPLORER+109.49% 19,7869,445-12.96%102,917 118,241
F-150 LIGHTNING* 1,837**2,296 *
F-SERIES+22.25% 55,83645,673-17.95%297,049 362,032
GT-55.56% 49-7.94%58 63
HEAVY TRUCKS-2.88% 1,0801,112-9.00%6,088 6,690
MAVERICK* 3,882**38,753 *
MUSTANG+107.46% 4,6472,240-17.86%26,244 31,950
MUSTANG MACH-E-20.61% 1,9572,465+36.22%17,675 12,975
RANGER-28.07% 5,1087,101-42.03%33,840 58,371
TRANSIT+60.98% 7,1414,436-24.93%38,820 51,713
TRANSIT CONNECT-25.04% 2,0092,680-16.72%14,107 16,940
FORD TOTAL+31.10% 145,368110,886-7.89%872,927 947,737

Last month, Ford sold a total of 3,882 Maverick pickups, bringing its year-to-date totals to 38,753 units. Meanwhile, the automaker moved 5,108 Ranger models, which brings its first-half total to 33,840 units – a pretty significant difference of 4,913. This may come as a surprise to some, but there are some reasons why the Maverick may be outselling the Ranger by such a significant margin through the first half of 2022.

The biggest, of course, is that the recently-revealed, all-new, next-generation Ford Ranger and Ranger Raptor will launch in the U.S. next year. While the Maverick is a brand new product, the current-gen Ranger is getting a bit long in the tooth. Even though it launched in America in 2019, the Ranger – in its current form – has been on sale in global markets for a number of years now. Additionally, the Ford Bronco is produced alongside the Ranger at the Michigan Assembly plant, and The Blue Oval is most likely devoting most of the facility’s capacity to the aforementioned model, given its current status as an in-demand off-road vehicle.

Additionally, the Maverick is tough to beat in terms of value and efficiency, with a starting price just south of $20k and fuel economy ratings of up to 42 miles-per-gallon in the city for the hybrid variant. Those two factors are a bit part of the reason why the Maverick Hybrid is one of the top considered electrified vehicles on the market, while the Maverick in general is one of the top 20 fastest-selling vehicles currently on sale.

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  1. Andrea

    It’s ridiculous to claim that the Maverick out sold anything. We ordered almost a year ago and have yet to recover it. We were fooled into signing up for the Maverick then told it would not be produced after being strung along for months and months. Ford has lost our business permanently and we know of several other people who feel the same.

    1. JK

      Dumb comment given the current chip shortage…

      1. GuitarBogey

        I happen to agree with Andrea; her statement is NOT dumb, considering Ford couldn’t fulfill its promised order commitment, regardless of the reason. I also have been waiting since August 2020, AND Ford keeps stringing us along. Very frustrating.

      2. Thomas

        I’m still waiting for mine, ordered in Sept of 21. Dealerships have them. Rental car companies have them. On a few Maverick forums I follow, others who ordered after me have theirs because of location and dealership allocation. I put $1000 down. Why should I have to wait while others in line after me get one? Why should a dealership get one to sell when the one sold to me hasn’t been delivered? You’re a chip shortage.

  2. Jim Rosin

    With the all wheel-drive Maverick can you run ( Mud&Snow all year long ? I’m ordering a 2023 Maverick XLT Lariat Supercrew, It comes with ( 225/60 R18 100 A/S tires are they the same as M/S tires ? Thanks Have a Blessed Day & Be Safe Jim

  3. N

    Dumb. The Ranger is at the end of a life cycle and the Maverick is shiny and new. Maverick also has a lot of advertising behind it since its new while Ranger has very little. What do you think would happen. If I’m in the market for a small truck, Ranger would be my choice. I have driven both back to back and its not even a comparison. More capability, more options and more power returning decent fuel economy. Wait until the new Ranger comes out.

    1. GuitarBogey

      There has been no advertising for the Maverick. Everything we’ve heard are press releases, user groups, and blogs.
      And if Ranger is at the end of life cycle, how do you explain the F-150?

      1. N

        There is advertising for the Maverick. F-150 is its own thing. We aren’t bringing a 2nd half ton truck to compete.

  4. jay johnson

    love the ohh truck didnt show due t chip shortage, lol, Its a parts shortage of basically a lot of things, heck they are sending them out missing parts but able to be driven. ISSUE Is, ford is building in no Specific order, I have seen people order in mid to end of January & already receive the exact same vehicles others have been waiting on since October down to the color. Ford DROPPED the BALL BIG TIE with this mess, both the Dealers and Their OWN care representatives said they have NO idea how ford is building, it makes no sense..

  5. Bill Byrne

    outsold!! they cant even build them ?????? we ordered Oct 2021-no maverick in my driveway yet !!!

    1. fordDude

      Ordered mine in October, Finally got a build date for August. Almost quit but glad I held out. At least there is hope now.

    2. Darla

      Ordered mine in August last year it delivered in April of this year

  6. Ted

    I ordered a Maverick on Aug 2, 2021. Still don’t have it. I plan on ordering a 2023. We’ll see which on comes in first

  7. Jack 321

    Love my hybrid Maverick XL. Got it in late December (ordered in late August ’21, carefully avoiding all “late availability” addons), and have found it to be perfect for me as a suburban homeowner who does near-weekly Home Depot/Lowe’s/Menards trips for landscaping, house projects, etc.
    Frankly, I don’t need or want a larger truck, even Ranger-sized….too big, unimpressive mpg, and I don’t like to pointlessly waste big piles of money on gas. This one does all I need, seats four comfortably, and I’m averaging 42.3 mpg and getting roughly 583 miles per each 13.8 gallon tank of gas.


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