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Ford Mustang Mach-E Among Top 10 Fastest Selling Used Cars In June

Over the past year-plus, the Ford Mustang Mach-E has earned its fair share of accolades while attracting the owners of other branded vehicles en masse, including spending multiple quarters on Consumer Reportsmost satisfying vehicles list while also proving to be particularly appealing to those living in the Western U.S. and Generation X. Prices for used Ford Mustang Mach-E examples varies greatly depending on geographical location, however, though the EV crossover was still among the top fastest-selling used vehicles in June, according to new data from iSeeCars.

In fact, the Ford Mustang Mach-E was the third fastest-selling used vehicle in the U.S. last month, as it took just 26.8 days to sell at an average price of $60,881. That ranks it behind only its chief rival, the Tesla Model Y (24.9 days to turn), and the Toyota Prius Prime (25.1), as well as ahead of a number of other models including the regular Prius, Tesla Model 3 and X, the Kia K5, Honda Civic, and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, to name just a few.

Last month, used vehicles took, on average, 52.1 days to sell, which is quite a bit slower than the top 20 at just 31.7 days, but a bit longer than the 50.4 days in May. Used car prices increased 10.5 percent in June over last year, as well as just slightly month-over-month, from $34,119 to $34,154. To come up with this data, iSeeCars analyzed over 224,000 new and used vehicle transactions in the month of June.

“The Ford Mustang Mach-E has been in high demand since it debuted in 2021, and Ford recently stopped taking orders for new versions of the Mach-E after wait times exceeded 32 weeks,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “Both new and used car prices rose in June over May as inventory constraints continue to plague the new and used car market. Rising interest rates and high gas prices have also heightened demand for more efficient and affordable vehicles.”

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  1. Joe

    They only sold 1600 in June, the EcoSport did better and they are not making it anymore.

    1. Shane

      No one wants to spend $15K on a replacement battery 8 years after they buy it.

  2. Shane

    So original owners are getting rid of it very quickly. That is a big sign to not buy one.

    1. Kev

      Exactly! If owners love it so much, why are they dumping them so fast?

      1. Joe

        People are buying 2021 models, getting the $7500 tax credit and then ordering 2022 for another $7500.00 tax credit. Just using the system of taxpayers money.

  3. Kenny D

    U S E D Already????


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