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Ford Mustang Mach-E Officially Approved To Carry Roof Loads

As Ford Authority reported back in May, the Ford Mustang Mach-E recently received a towing capacity boost in Europe, which means that models equipped with the extended range battery and either rear- or all-wheel drive can now tow up to 1,000 kilograms (2,204 pounds). Now, the Ford Mustang Mach-E has also been officially approved to carry roof loads of up to 75 kilograms, or around 165 pounds, the automaker has announced.

This change applies to all Mach-E models and configurations, though models equipped with the optional panoramic roof are certified to carry a bit less weight – 65 kilograms, or roughly 143 pounds. Regardless, this is good news for owners that want to be able to carry things like kayaks, canoes, skis, or storage boxes on top of their Mach-E, or even up to three checked bags, according to Ford, if there isn’t sufficient space in the EV crossover’s frunk or rear storage area for those items.

In addition to this update, the Mach-E’s infotainment screen and SYNC 4A software will soon be updated with the addition of a revised digital instruction manual that contains more information about the crossover’s ability to carry loads on the roof. This change will take place in a future Ford Power-Up over-the-air update, though FoMoCo didn’t specify when that will happen.

From the day it launched, Ford was adamant that it would be continuously updating the Mach-E (and other models with Power-Up OTA capability) regularly, and thus far, that has been the case, with numerous updates being pushed down to customer vehicles in recent months, whether they be introducing new features, enhancing current ones, fixing bugs, or even addressing potential problems that have since led to recalls.

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  1. Jerome

    That’s not true at all Stuart. Please state your sources.

    1. Jon

      No need to ask that question. He has no sources because there are no sources.

    2. Liam T

      Source: trust me bro

    3. Chris

      Just look it up. Google “Ford stock.” Their Net Profit Margin is down 200.22%. Ford’s Net Income is down 195.34%. Toyota who refuses to invest in EVs is only down 34% in both categories by comparison. The reduced towing range is well documented in a few articles.

      1. Q (not that one)

        Lol, then you’ll be happy to post those articles? The profit reports I just pulled up are showing close to a 5% decrease. Toyota hasn’t refused to invest in EVs as they’re launching a full BEV right now (The BZ4X, and it’s . . . not great). The “reduced range” when towing is true (just as it would be in any gas/diesel powered vehicle), but it’s not “70 miles,” which is what the OP stated (and is completely false). The Lightning’s EPA numbers were even given with a 1,000 lb load.

  2. Q (not that one)

    I wonder if they’ll give the US version an official tow rating . . . an official rear trim kit with a proper tow-hitch cutout would be nice too. Cutting into my rear trim makes me nervous.


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