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Ford Patent Filed For Integrated Roof Rail Power Outlet System

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for an integrated roof rail power outlet system, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on January 12th, 2021, published on July 14th, 2022, and assigned serial number 0219630.

The Ford Authority Take

Recently, Ford has filed a handful of roof rack-related patents, including one for a removable roof rack that wound up being used on the sixth-generation Ford Bronco, as well as another for a roof chair system that could also be featured on the rugged SUV. That trend continues with this new Ford patent filing depicting a roof rail with power outlets built right into it.

This Ford patent is a fairly simple one, and is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a way to establish power systems on a vehicle’s roof, with electrical outlets built right into roof rails for a neatly integrated look. The patent drawings show precisely what this would look like, with an outlet protruding from the rails, but also enclosed in a weatherproof cover to keep it safe from rain, dust, and other things that might damage it.

With off-road-focused vehicles becoming more and more popular, roof racks have also become popular ways to store gear and even hold tents for people to sleep in. In that instance, these outlets would be a welcome feature for those that need to plug in electronic devices. The Ford patent also mentions tailgating, camping, and other outdoor activities that could utilize such a feature.

While many patents are a bit outlandish or even downright silly, this particular filing makes a ton of sense. There are many vehicle owners who could benefit from such a feature, and it doesn’t seem like it would be terribly difficult or expensive to engineer, either.

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  1. Dave

    I just picked up a used 21 Bronco Sport and I am looking into the 12 and 120 volt power supplies. So far it looks like both 12 volts are always on, and I need one that turns off with the auto. Both 120 volts turn off with the car, so why even have them? I will see if I can change this, and if not I will put my 120 volt 1000 watt supply to use, and I will end up wiring in my own 12 volt that turns off with the car.

    Now Ford needs to know the the 120 volt will be used for things that we want to leave on all the time. I know that could drain the battery, but let us decide that.

    Other wise the BS, yep short slang for Bronco Sport, well it is not BS, it is a darn nice little rig.


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