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Ford Planning To Cut 8,000 Jobs Amid EV Pivot: Report

As Ford prepares to split itself into two entities – Ford Model e for EVs and Ford Blue for ICE-powered vehicles, a critical component of that plan is to cut costs significantly – including a total of $3 billion by 2026 in an effort to reduce redundancies and improve profitability. Now, Bloomberg is reporting that a chunk of that savings will come from the elimination of up to 8,000 salaried jobs at the automaker’s Ford Blue division, just a few months after it cut a total of 580 engineering positions.

This plan hasn’t yet been finalized, so the details could change in the coming weeks, but FoMoCo is reportedly looking to cut these positions from both Ford Blue and other salaried operations throughout the company in an effort to boost profitability to fund its Model e division. When Ford announced its upcoming split, CEO Jim Farley noted that he intends to turn Ford Blue into “the profit and cash machine for the entire enterprise.”

Ford currently employs around 31,000 salaried workers in the U.S., which is where the bulk of these cuts are expected to occur. The cuts are expected to happen in waves starting this summer, spanning a variety of operational functions. “We have too many people,” Farley previously stated. “This management team firmly believes that our ICE and BEV portfolios are under earning. The funding for that $50 billion (that the automaker will invest in EVs by 2026), it’s all based on our core automotive operations. That’s why we created a separate group called Ford Blue, because we need them to be more profitable to fund this.”

The automaker didn’t directly comment on this new report, however. “As part of this, we have laid our clear targets to lower our cost structure to ensure we are lean and fully competitive with the best in the industry,” Chief Communications Officer Mark Truby said in a statement.

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  1. Mike

    Your wrong.
    This is the continuation of the demise and gutting of Ford Blue, which is expected to pay for Model E build up, before it is killed or spun off and left to die.
    No wonder Ford is having so many recalls and quality problems, less staff at Ford Blue to over see operations, purchasing, quality, and suppliers, and the continuation of doing things cheaper, so they can hand over their increased profits to Model E, instead of investing in Ford Blue.
    Guess not buying a Ford product now or ever again.

    1. Explorer ST


    2. Liam T

      This kind of stuff really just points out that the average person would not be capable of running an organization like Ford.

      Apparently you are under the impression that you’re smarter than the leadership of every auto manufacturer on the planet. If they don’t do this, they will absolutely go bankrupt in the next 10 years. And at that point, you’d probably be in the comments talking about how foolish they were to stick with combustion engines.


    Recall Motors probably had no choice in this matter, when you are the leader in auto recalls that have resulted in multiple lawsuits, falling behind Toyota in US auto sales, it was just a matter of time that the word layoffs come up.

  3. Sean

    Exactly why Ford has recalled 3.3 Million vehicles and Ford’s are catching fire, they are culling talent and destabilizing the company. Toyota is refusing this change and is killing Ford in quality and profits. No one wants EVs, Ford will learn the hard way, as they are.

  4. George S

    Write a list of all the great and huge technology corporations of the 20th century, then check off the one that are still around doing the same business. Not many and those that are left have shrunk, merged or changed their business model. Auto manufacturers have to do the same, change their business model.

    1. Mike

      Look at what happened to Kodak, Polaroid, etc.

  5. Matthew C

    Sounds like a good time to buy F stock. Electric vehicles are cheaper to produce and carry larger margins. Farley is trying to follow TESLA’s footsteps. Everyone will call him a genius if the stock goes from $12 to $700. Wall Street considers TESLA a technology company because of their high margins.
    Those that loser their jobs should apply for new ones at Ford e. I’m sure everyone said the same thing at the buggy whip factory when they lost their jobs. I bet many went to work for Henry Ford and his new fangled “automobile.”

  6. Charlie Brown

    There were something in the area of 100 buggy companies in business around 1900. With the advent of automobiles that number dwindled quickly down to just a few of the big guys. What it would seem were seeing is a modern day buggy transition to the new electrics version of cars. Lets all hope that the Fords and GM’s of the world can transition fast enough and have the wisdom to do so to carry their heritage forward. GO FORD GO

  7. Dave Mathers

    Sadly that headline could be modified to read ‘Ford DEALERS Planning To Cut THOUSANDS of Technician Jobs Amid EV Pivot’!!

  8. Kevin7

    …And don’t be surprised if the Lincoln Brand gets the axe soon. “Well you see, the pandemic caused the luxury market to shrink, um, um people are not buying expensive vehicles anymore plus we think more of Mustang, Bronco and F150 than giving Lincoln top billing to promote the EV revolution……”

    Lincoln has been starved of exciting vehicles/ concepts and can’t compete in the field. Cadillac is thriving! GM knows Cadillac is King and the Standard. Cadillac is now the only American luxury brand left standing.

    Let’s hear from the Ford stockholders.


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