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Ford Trademarks Bronco Barn For Customization, Repair, Maintenance

Ford Motor Company filed to trademark “Bronco Barn” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Ford Authority has learned.

Filed on June 30th, 2022 under serial number 97484052, this application contains the goods and services description of “automobile customization services and car repair and maintenance.”

The Ford Authority Take

Ford is in the midst of a major parts and accessories push as more and more buyers are seeking to purchase those very items these days. The Ford Bronco, along with the Ford Maverick, have been two of the most commonly customized vehicles in the automaker’s current lineup, leading FoMoCo to focus more on producing and selling off-road-related parts and accessories than goods for sedans and other passenger and/or performance vehicles.

The Ford Bronco was designed from start to be a modular vehicle that’s incredibly easy to customize, and the aftermarket has responded in a big way. Meanwhile, Ford has also rapidly expanded its own catalog of Bronco offerings, many of which can be installed right at the dealership or even before the vehicle is delivered. This new Ford trademark takes that concept to the next level, presumably.

The new trademark for Bronco Barn likely signals that Ford is planning on creating a separate outfit that specializes in customizing that particular model, which is something that certain dealerships already do. It’s a natural next-step for the rugged SUV, particularly as Ford continues to ramp up production of the incredibly popular model. More and more Bronco owners will be looking to scratch the itch to personalize and upgrade their vehicles in the coming years, which something like Bronco Barn could take full advantage of.

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  1. John Kerr

    You have to be able to get your bronco before you can customize it.

  2. Guy Wheelis

    Is there anything in the future for an ev Bronco?

  3. Sharon

    Ford has been irresponsible for the older Bronco reservation orders I’ve been waiting on mine for 2 years and haven’t received it yet it’s been on the lot to be transported to my dealership for a month now I think Ford should start putting out what they promised the reservation holders for Broncos instead of new vehicles

  4. Dan Alstott

    We ordered ours 2 years ago too. Nothing yet from Ford. The new 2023’s will start building in Sept. I believe. What a mess this has become.

  5. Steve

    I waited 2 years to get my Bronco Badlands. It was worth the wait. A lot of bugs have been worked out. You won’t be disappointed. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned. So fun to drive on and off road.


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