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Here’s How Many Ford F-150 Lightning Pickups Were Sold In June 2022

The very first 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries started back in May, though the brand new EV pickup only recorded a partial month of sales as it didn’t launch until the second half of that particular month. Regardless, Ford sold a total of 459 F-150 Lightning units in May over the short time period, though the automaker didn’t formally announce sales for that particular month. That changed with FoMoCo’s June sales report, which revealed that it sold a total of 1,837 units in June – its first full month on the market.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

That brings the F-150 Lightning’s sales total to 2,296 units thus far, as well as making it America’s best-selling all-electric pickup in the month of June. This can at least partially be attributed to the fact that GM is only building around a dozen GMC Hummer EVs per day at the moment, while Rivian is facing some major production struggles of its own in regards to the R1T pickup.

Pricing is also likely a major factor, as the Ford F-150 Lightning starts at just under $40k – a mark reportedly set as a way to force GM’s hand in pricing the forthcoming Chevy Silverado EV. Both the Hummer EV and Rivian R1T start out considerably higher – over $100k and around $67,500, respectively. However, finding an F-150 Lightning (or any of these trucks, for that matter) at MSRP is also proving to be difficult for prospective buyers.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Currently the most considered EV pickup on the market, the F-150 Lightning has also impressed critics and owners alike since its launch. Thus far, we’ve gotten to see the EV pickup charge five other EVs at once thanks to its Pro Power Onboard generator, largely pass its maximum payload test, and lose a reasonable amount of range following the installation of a leveling kit and larger wheels and tires, too.

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  1. Bob

    You would be selling a lot more of dealers were not ripping people off for tens of thousands. When will Ford just set the price at time of order.

    1. Charles

      Ford only planned 15,000 trucks for 2022, and 150,000 for 2023.

      Most dealers are only adding markups to abandoned customer orders, and not to orders customers will complete.

  2. Dee Hart

    I would be far more interested in the actual number of trucks sold & delivered to the customer. There are a lot of ordered vehicles sitting unfinished in fields & parking lots. Those should not count.

  3. Ronald M Callaghan

    Question; How long dose it take for a full charge ?

    1. Ford500guy

      8-10 hours is the initial charge for the f150 Lighting…

    2. ThatGuy

      Depends on how you’re charging it. Level 3 DC charger is a lot faster than a level 1 (standard household plug).

      1. Charles

        Level 3 is an unused spec in J1772 AC charging, but nowadays, people mistakenly call DC fast charging, level 3, and it’s stuck. However the extended range Lightning DCFC peak is 170kW, for 40 minutes to 85%, standard range peak is 130kW for 45 minutes to 85%

      2. Charles

        Also, Level 1 – 120V @ 12A, you are looking at several days to a full charge.

        Level 2 – 240V (24A min to 80A max) is anywhere between 16 hours, to 8-10 hours at 80A


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