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Here’s Why Your New Ford Hasn’t Arrived At Your Dealer Yet

Delays have been plaguing the automotive industry lately, and Ford is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, The Blue Oval hasn’t been doing a great job of keeping customers updated about their Ford vehicle orders. For instance, a solid amount of Ford Maverick order holders have been left in the dark regarding the status of their pickup, prompting some Ford Authority readers to reach out to us for more information.

This phenomenon is not limited to the Maverick, as we’ve received countless emails from buyers of new Ford vehicles who are understandably concerned that their Ford vehicle order is taking a lot longer to arrive than expected. Understandably, this turn of events creates various issues related to timing and not knowing whether to turn in or extend the lease of one’s current vehicle, or how much maintenance to perform on someone’s current vehicle before the ordered model arrives. While we’re unable able to provide information about specific vehicles and their status, we’d like to take this time to outline the major issues contributing to the delay in new Ford vehicle orders and their arrival at dealers.

1. Chips & Semiconductors

The biggest factor associated with the delay of new Ford vehicles to dealers is the global microchip shortage. In short, there just aren’t enough chips to produce new vehicles at the same rates and in the same quantities as before the became an issue. The circumstance has forced many automakers, including but not limited to The Blue Oval, to reduce production until the situation improves.

This means allocating chips to vehicles that generate the biggest return, which for Ford are the F-Series pickups, SUVs like Bronco, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator, as well as large crossovers like the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. It also means withholding features from new Ford vehicles, such as Multicontour seat with Active Motion Removal from the 2023 Ford F-150. This feature was also constrained from the 2022 F-150, indicating that the shortage hasn’t improved much since then.

Ford CEO Jim Farley was confident that the chip shortage would be resolved by 2023, but unfortunately he now predicts that the shortage will persist through 2023. FoMoCo has been making deals with chipmakers in order to secure semiconductors to boost production of new Fords, but we have yet to see the fruits of these labors.

2. Supply Chain Issues Beyond Chips

Another reason that your new Ford vehicle order hasn’t arrived yet is related to various kinks in the supply chain. Ongoing issues related to COVID-19 restrictions in China as well as various geopolitical matters have prevented The Blue Oval from get its hands on the parts necessary for continued production.

For instance, recent lockdowns in China stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic created delays for the all-new Ford Ranger in international markets. So much so, in fact, that 91 suppliers couldn’t get their goods to necessary facilities. Meanwhile, Ford production in Europe has been heavily impacted by the military situation in Ukraine, and these supply chain issues have extended to Ford production in Australia as well.

3. Logistical Issues

Finally, even after the (lower quantities of) new Ford vehicles have been built and ready to ship, it’s difficult to get them from the assembly plant to the dealership due to various logistical issues.

For instance, staffing issues in the cargo transportation industry have been wreaking havoc on delivering vehicles to dealers. To start, there’s a shortage of workers who are trained to operate rail cars. That issue is further exacerbated by a shortage of those who service and maintain the rail cars.

Similar issues have also begun to extend to the vehicle carriers (trucks) that serve as the final leg of the journey that new Ford vehicles make from their plant to the dealership. This is the result of two primary factors: drivers have become lesser in quantity, and parts required for maintaining these trucks have become increasingly more difficult to source, incidentally due to similar supply chain issues outlined above, although for the respective makers of large trucks and their parts.

Unfortunately, these various issues will likely continue to impact new Ford vehicle production and supply for the near- and medium-terms. The good news is that demand for The Blue Oval’s products hasn’t slowed at all, with order banks currently at 300,000 units, meaning two things. First, Ford will have to continue to work hard to get its products to dealers and into buyers’ driveways, while finding creating solutions to solve these issues. Second, order holders will need to wait for their vehicle to be built and for it to arrive to the dealer. Whatever the case, your new Ford vehicle hasn’t been forgotten, it’s just been held up due to various unprecedented circumstances.

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  1. Tim

    Remove all the unnecessary glamour, touch screens , parking assists, lane control etc. A real driver does not require this crap let’s get back to driving not riding.
    Oh and when you remove these drop the price by 30%. Many of these items were the brainchild of insurance company’s .

    1. bill

      I agree. Get rid of the frilly dillys and go back to manual controls. I can turn a radio knob.

    2. Bob

      Fully agree. Never used the park assist, lane control etc buttons. Been driving since 1961, and an IAM driver, so I should know what to do by now without all this expensive rubbish.
      Much more enjoyable and satisfying to drive without all the gismos.

  2. Jerry

    It’ll be 11 months August 1st. Still no build date for my 22 F-250 Platinum Tremor. Sad part is others have same options as I do and ordered this year and have received theirs. So much for first in first out.

    1. Mark

      Ordered my 2022 F250 Lariat Tremor 29 January 2022 and took delivery 17 April 2022.

      1. Michael J Weiler

        I ordered my 250 lariat tremor day after thanksgiving 2021, still don’t have it 12/16/22

        1. Jenny

          Same. Order date 11/8/2021. Built 12/12/2022. Dealership SILENCE. Multiple trucks have arrived. Nothing on our order

  3. Michael

    This is all sounding old, and just like transitory inflation, that was bantered about by the FED for over a year, they are probably no longer true, or believable.

  4. hot toddy

    the chip shortage situation was and is still being handled very poorly by Ford and the enthusiasm for solving the problem compared to the enthusiasm for new EV technology and production by Farley had left Ford’s long term customer base with a bad taste in their mouth. Kick the can down the road and wait it out is not a “better idea”. Wake up Ford, this won’t end well fror you.

  5. donnie

    ford needs new management-maybe their salary should be set by their performance-where else do you get paid big bucks for not producing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

  6. Peter

    Why can I get a completely loaded Jeep Wrangler in months but have waited over a year for my Bronco? Isn’t Jeep under the same type of logistic issues, chip shortages and China supply constraints as Ford?

    1. The Retired Viking

      I ordered a nicely equipped Ram 1500 January 14, took delivery February 18. It came in, and was a complete truck. No missing chips, no credits for “not available”.

      What I ordered was a unique enough combination of options that there was no way this truck was sitting in the lot somewhere waiting to be shipped. It was indeed built shipped and delivered in a little bit more than a month. That’s good evening for the old days

      1. FordCosworth

        Sure…or a RAM 1500 Classic that is so dated it uses transistors instead of chips

  7. Willy D

    I do not know about the electric vehicles build, but I would think that they are chip intensive.
    Hmmm may this be a big part of the chip shortage?, In the rush to get em done, and out to the public ? Asking for a friend.

  8. Steve

    Not true. The useless CEO at Ford said himself that they have chips, they are just being diverted to EVs, which Americans don’t want. They are purposely suppressing the market at this point to try to force EVs on us. We will not comply.

    1. Jim Elsasser

      That is a GREAT point!! Ive had my 2022 2 door Bronco on order for 9 months. Nothing but crickets!

      1. James Peoples

        waiting over 13 months on basic Maverick it’s like I don’t exist with Ford and dealer

  9. Mary Jane Millikan

    My Mustang convertible with the Coastal limited package was put into production on 7/28. How long does production take and how long can I expect shipping to take. Flat Rock to Naples ,Florida

    1. W.K.B.

      It took my Mustang Mach1 almost exactly a week. You should be able to see your window sticker from a link on the tracking page, from a link on the email you got. On there will be your “BLEND” Date. Your car enters final assembly on that date and should be “BUILT” within 24-48 hours of then. The emails are a day late, but you can see them first checking the tracking again.

  10. Marlin Ronnebaum

    I believe ford is putting way to much time into the EV market could bring the F150 gas down from the best selling pickup. If they don’t get them to customers. Waited this time but not again. Ordered mine Dec 14 and have a build date of sept 24.

    1. Marty D

      This it in a nut shell . This EV crap is a pipe dream for greenies .No way folks outside the city can use them for hauling campers and boats they are lying about the distance between charging when hauling loads .My superduty has been on order since sept 2021 with no word from ford .Disgusting the way they are treating customers . Sad part is they will be taking orders for 2023 s in October with tens of thousands of 2022s not made and the salesmen will tell customers it will only take a few months to get them like they did to me .

  11. Kinsey

    Ordered a Maverick Lariat Hybrid 10/14/2021.
    Have received two emails from Ford… Both saying there is going to be a delay. I called the dealership after first email. After reviewing the order, I was informed that my order has a “code” that signifies that they are not waiting on any part(s)… All that needed to be done was to put them all together.
    So, the chip shortage is not a factor, in my case. Seems to be an over worked excuse.
    In the mean time I have also ordered the new ev Aptera… We will see which one gets built first… And Aptera is just now up fitting their assembly plant!!

    1. Jon S

      Yes, I was told in July the only thing lacking was spray in bed liner. They had EVERYTHING else to build truck. Deleted bed liner. Got build date. Truck is built, got delivery date, but they suddenly figured out one or more chips are missing. So truck sits in storage near Louisville while Ford management drives their company car, and drinks fine brandy. Customer since 1977, they are really pushing me towards GM. No new info available, nothing.

      1. Andrew

        I’m in the same boat as u in holding yard since aug 10 every wk they push sending it another wk now in told dec 17/25 if it gets a chip if it doesn’t come in this time I’m sorry but I’m going ram

  12. Tony Wilcox

    I ordered an Expeditition Platinum on Feb 1st 2022. I hear nothing from Ford, my dealer tells me his rep is new and overwhelmed ! Meanwhile my 2017 trade is going down in value. Very disapointing. I am in Canada, maybe keeping US customers happier !

    1. Vickie Zorkowski

      I live in Nebraska US citizen not treated better. I also ordered early this yr. It’s just a tough time. I’m really sorry about your order also, just as I am mine. But, my family is well and I still have transportation. No war in our country, yet. We have food and a home. My dealer feels terrible and it’s not his fault. It’s hurting his business and those he employs. I really am sorry. I know we all have hopes as we wait and even some misgivings. But , this I know, We are not in this alone. I pray you have good health and much happiness. And by the way, I am a real person. Not a Ford employee. I think we all start to doubt everything after awhile. Keep the Faith, I know it’s been difficult.

    2. Dale Sugden

      there a long way from keeping US customers happy order platinum aug or sept 21 still no truck

    3. luciano jeremias

      No. Looks like ford is just giving us the middle finger!!

  13. Bob

    I have been waiting for my Bronco for 1 year and 3 weeks. Have received almost zero in updates and projected delivery dates. When I read reports that the 2023 order books are opening it just maddening. They can’t produce the orders they have and want more. Come on Ford come clean with order holders and give us an update!

  14. Ray P

    Waited 6 months for my F350 4×4 Lariat. Still waiting on my Bronco. Nine months now and hoping to get it before year end but would be surprised if that happens. Never again will I order a new vehicle. Economy is sure screwed up. Unemployment at an 40 year low but every company needs workers.

  15. David Conner

    My new Maverick has been sitting in Kansas City for over 2 weeks waiting for truck transport to Jefferson City, MO. Kansas City is approximately 3 hours from the destination dealership. Ford should allow dealerships the option of going to get vehicles that are stranded by the supply chain/transportation issues.

    1. Joe

      You are not the only one. ordered a Ranger ext cab. Ordering the last week of Dec 2021. Ford did not accept my order till Feb. 26th 2022. It was sitting ib production from Aug. 18th was there for 32 days. Now they say it has been assembled Since Sept.22 and waiting to be delivered. Keep checking Ford’s Vin site they have been saying it is waiting to deliver to my dealer. it was supposed to be shipped Sept 24-30th calling Ford tomorrow. If no satisfaction going to order a 2023 Lariat. 10 months is too long

      1. Carlos

        Did you get it?

    2. Lysa

      Yes! My Ranger has been sitting in Omaha for over a week. 150 miles from my front door. Why can’t we go pick it up? It’s just sitting there.

  16. Rich Pardy

    Ordered my 2022 Escape Titanium back in March. My build date has been changed at least a half dozen times. My lease is up in September and I really don’t want to keep it past that time. What can I expect at this time?

  17. Tim

    I ordered a new bronco as soon as you could put a deposit down. After a year and a half I gave up. Two years later it arrived at my dealer who then added $20k to the MRSP and sold it.
    I then went and bought a dealer stock ranger only to find that Ford decontented it no LED headlights etc. Back out of the deal got my deposit back.
    Going to keep what I have and buying a lake lot .

  18. Marvin Meyer

    Ordered my 2022 Bronco 2 door base with an automatic as the only option on December 7, 2021. Ordered with the automatic transmission to keep the order as simple as possible. Answer from corporate, no chips and no hardtop. At least the price agreed upon is locked in, sticker plus destination. Maybe 2023. At 78 years old I hope to get the Bronco before I die. I’m a young 78 though. Currently driving a 2019 f150 XLT 4×4 with a V8 super cab I bought new in 2019. It’s the best vehicle I’ve ever owned for usefulness and dependability.

    1. John

      I’m in the same boat!

  19. Rick Ohnsman

    Thanks for finally addressing the elephant in the room. We can debate the reasons behind the delays and I don’t doubt all the author identified are true. What can be fixed however, and must be, is Ford’s lack of communication with buyers and dealers. Even now, we Maverick buyers are waiting to hear when the “reorder” date will be for yet unbuilt 2022 trucks. Lots of rumors, multiple shifting dates, guesses and speculation but no official word from Ford. Appoint a customer relations spokesperson and have an official Ford news website Ford! The tight-lipped silence is maddening and totally fixable.

  20. Alan H

    Reserved a Bronco in Oct 2020, changed to an order in Feb 2021 , dealer can’t tell me anything , ford customer service can’t tell me anything. It is now July 31 2022 LAST NEW FORD I WILL BUY

  21. dan culpepper

    Your poll can be misleading! Just ask how long from an order till delivery? I bought a GT 500 in an hour off the showroom floor. My hybrid Maverick, order in September of 2021, still hasn’t even been built, but I do have a vin # but the “in production week” date has been moved several times and no recent notice sent by Ford. You aren’t waiting if you didn’t special order one!

  22. Alan H

    Dan was that reply about what I wrote , if so I am sorry but that is what is happening with my order. Yes I am waiting on the VIN# all this time. It is a Blue Black Diamond sasquatch with 2.7 motor upgrade hard top and tow package . I have an order # but no Vin# has been issued and noone seems to be able to even guess when it will be picked up for production. My dealer took 172 reservation and 125 were changed to orders.

  23. L. Passante

    Ordered my 2022 Ford Edge ST on 01/07/22. Ford acknowledged the order and emailed me the progress. The Edge was completed on 03/25/22. It took Ford 5 weeks to ship the completed SUV to the dealer ( a one day drive by truck). Ford never explained the delay to myself or the dealer. No options were deleted (the ST is loaded).
    Ford is prioritizing high profit vehicles. EV’s are a must in Europe because the EU does not even want PHEV’s. I can understand Ford’s position over there where 20-30% of new vehicles are EV’s. However, the push in the US is a joke since only 2% of new vehicles are EV’s. We do not have the infrastructure to support 20-30% EV purchases. Jim Farley is living in a fantasy world if he believes that in 5-10 years we will be all electric.

  24. Ken

    There is also an embargo out of Mexico that is “supposed” to be lifted July 31. Apparently, shipping was getting too backed up so they shut it down to catch up. This affected a lot of product, including Mavericks. I’m just over 13 months since I placed my order. 😕

  25. Celeste pitts

    Ordered a basic maverick on new years eve, 1-31-21. Have heard NOTHING from ford. Just got sent a notice, 7-30-22, from our ford salesman, that says we MIGHT get moved to a 23 model, but, not sure. So full of info, thanks for nothing, ford. Such crap for customer service.

  26. Ben

    We are having to baby our 9 year old Chevrolet long enough till our nearly 13 month old Maverick order arrives. Maybe we should just purchase another Chevrolet.

  27. Liam T

    YES! I will NEVER get an “EV” vaccination or college “degree”!!! I see what these so called “smart” people do… my dog has more common sense

    I trust ordinary patriots who fo their own research!!!!

  28. John

    Still waiting on my maverick going on 7 months

  29. John Gauther

    My 22 Platinum F150 was built June 2 at Dearborn. Online order status said it would arrive at dealer week of July 25. Of course it didn’t. This is the fourth missed date from Ford. I’d prefer they give us the straight story rather than promise and mid.

  30. Mike

    Maverick hybrid ordered on 12 October 2021. No word about potential production date or anything. Dealer says they don’t know anything. Won’t buy a Ford again.

  31. Alan H

    Just put my reservation in for C8 corvette , we will see which ones comes in first. GLTA

    1. Paul Walker

      Your C8 will lose….based on model type I was told 16-18 months for Stingray and around 4-5 years on a Z06 and that was last year. Production has again slowed on them due to parts shortage…worker on the assembly line told us. I ordered a Stingray last year….not even on a GM production date yet…doubt I will get a 2023 so it will probably be pushed now to 2024 model year if I’m likely. I saw one exactly the way I wanted it on a lot.,,rare chance since there are few even on lots…..they wanted 30K over MSRP…passed on it.

  32. Bruce B

    My 22’Ranger was ordered in November 27, arrived at the dealer on April 17th. Communication from Ford was lacking a bit, acknowledged receiving my order and another 2 months went by before I received my vin number via 2nd email from Ford. Production date email was the 3rd Communication and the 4th email was the production was moved further out but only by a week. 5th email was the final notice of the Ranger built and shipped, expect the Ranger at your dealership in 2- 3 weeks. Came in at 18 days later. 4 1/2 months to get a xlt 302a supercab 4×4 with a few other options, fx4, tow, spray-in bed liner, keyless entry. The only item left out of the high xlt package was the fold in Mirror’s, I would of rather had Ford delete the auto start/stop feature but at least I can override that nuisance feature.
    Overall I knew up front of the building delays but not of the poor Communication during the process. Ford did up the special order $1000 off to $1500, my Dealer added in another $2000 rebate and only added a $99 dock fee instead of the usual $599. The Dealer also did me right on my trade-in of my 2016 F350 Gasser, so I actually paid $1300 under Dealer Invoice including titling, plates added on.
    The Dealer did not add any Dealer installed item’s as I demanded when I placed my special order, had that in writing as well and locked in on the pricing on November 27th.

  33. Gary Sosniecki

    Ordered my Maverick last Sept. 20. My only contact from Ford was on the six-month anniversary of my order. The salespeople at my dealership seem to be using Ford Authority as their source of info, because they don’t know any more than I do. There may be good excuses for the delay in production, but there’s no excuse for the lack of communication.

  34. Rob Bates

    I ordered my Bronco ( 4 door Outer Banks, MIC Top, 2.7L, Lux ) in October 2020 and it finally was delivered in mid July 2022, a wait of 21 months. No communication from Ford until the VIN was assigned. It is a wonderful vehicle, but as much as I love it, I can’t see myself ordering another Ford, don’t need to relive that frustration again!

  35. Fernand Martin

    My Ford F-150, ordered on June 16, 2021, arrived in Montréal on June 3, 2022. It has now been 57 days and the vehicle has yet to be delivered to the dealer 50 miles from where it is parked at Canadian National Railway’s yard. I have zero visibility as to when the dealer will receive the truck. Not only does Ford have their supply chain broken, their delivery logistics to dealers is not better. Waiting a year for delivery is bad enough, but taking up to 3 months for a 1 hour travel to the rail carrier to the dealer is totally unacceptable!

  36. Bayman71

    So Ford is taking care of the rich customers and ignoring their regular working man customers? Bad business dealing’s there Ford. People will not forget that.

  37. Bayman71

    It’s funny that I see semi’s on the roads all the time every day and Ford cannot get a truck to deliver some chips since the pandemic is about over? We are not blind Ford.

  38. Frank

    Reagor Dykes in the first photo?!? LOL, nice choice.
    A quick google search for those not familiar will bring up quite the set of stories.

  39. Paul Walker

    I’m going to be switching to foreign manufactured vehicles since other brands seem to be able to produce the vehicles in a reasonable amount of Toyota and Kia. Ford shot themselves in their foot by having one off shore company build their chips instead of having backup plans …..great plan there…you saved a few hundred thousand dollars in chip costs and it probably cost you a few billion in new sales. Once the recession takes hold on finances, you will not be recouping those lost sales for a decade.

  40. Trish

    Agreed !

  41. Dave Gunderson

    I”ve owned many Fords—– F150s, Explorers, Broncos, Rangers, Elites, Escapes, all higher end vehicles such as platinum, Super Cabs. XLTs, etc. I’ve been pleased with all of them and that is with over 60 years of driving. Always received great service and communication from Ford as well as Ford dealers, HOWEVER NOT RECENTLY. I’ve had a BRONCO WILDTRAC ordered since January of 2021 and no communication in the last several months. Being in my 80,s I’m wondering if I’ll live to see my Bronco.

    1. Ed Rempel

      Lol, you’ll make it!

  42. Gary B.

    Ordered a 2021 Bronco Outer Banks in July 2021. My dealer had to reenter my order for a 2022 model in October 2021. Other than a confirmation for the two order entries, I haven’t heard anything from Ford. I have owned Ford vehicles since 1969, and I am now very disappointed in how Ford has left their customers in the dark. Still, no doubt I will continue to be a loyal diehard Ford person. Please Mr. Farley get something better done on communication.

  43. Joe

    We ordered a 2022 Maverick AWD XLT Lux last July and had it in 13 weeks. Ordered a Mach E on Jan 2nd and no vin yet . Had a feeling in Feb that the Mach E was going to take some time so ordered a Lincoln Nautilus in the on Feb 4th and had that in 12 weeks. Communication was ok for us.

  44. Mary Jane Millikan

    I ordered my Premium Mustang convertible with the Limited Coastal package on 11/23/21. Received info that it would go into production week of 7/25. Next notice went into production 7/28. Today told car has been built 8/1. Told a few days to a week for shipping to be arranged. Now waiting for date shipped. I was told the actual shipping takes approximately 3 weeks! Think it will be worth the wait!!

  45. Ed Rempel

    The 4th of every month is my anniversary date. Tomorrow it’s 9 months for my F250 Platinum. They’ve already welched on the massaging seats. And btw, Ford’s communications department is a travesty inside a fiasco, wrapped in bs.

  46. Heyward Drummond

    I ordered fully loaded Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring on 12/2/21 and took delivery on 1/26/22. No delay but the dealer was totally shocked that it was 2 month turn around when normally it’s 4-6 month wait for a Corsair. Someone at Ford liked me I guess. 🙂

  47. john calcagno

    order a ford escape on may 5 was built and done on June 16 still waiting for it to be shipped they said June 22 it will be at dealership. I get nothing but bs from ford customer service

  48. Jed

    Ordered a 7.3L Lariat (Gas) Superduty Dec 2021- it was made on the 20th of June and “Shipped” on 21st of June. As of Aug-11 still waiting on delivery to the dealer nearly 8 weeks later. WTH?

    If Ford is having logistical issues- I recommend an easy solution: make the vehicle available for pick up at the Factory! This saves time, reduces cost, builds loyalty by connecting owners directly with the brand, gets units retailed quicker. All the paperwork still done by the dealer ahead of time. E A S Y. c’mon Ford

    1. Greg Lane

      Yes. Do not charge destination charges and allow customers to pick up their vehicle after clearing paperwork with the dealer. I asked and was told no way based on liability. It is my understanding many other manufactures do this. I will hold on a while longer but after I get my Bronco it is probably safe to safe I will NEVER order another Ford vehicle. If it is not on the dealer lot and I cannot get it right away we will see what the other manufactures offer.

  49. Leo

    Ordered a Ranger Wolftrak in August 2021, still waiting for the delivery. The dealer estimates delivery in October 2022 🙁

  50. Ben Dover

    Ordered platinum f150 in march. Was supposedly sitting in a rail lot in Calgary since mid July. Now September no truck and no updates!

    1. Josh

      We feel you. My wife and I ordered a F450 in April on 2021 it was finally built on June 8th 2022 and we received our 1st delivery date of June 18th to June 24th. Its now Sept. 12 and still no truck and can’t get anything out of Ford except for worthless delivery dates. Ford is a joke when it comes to estimating times on delivery!!!!!!

    2. Connor

      Ordered my F150 (5L V8, which seems to be a bigger hold up for some reason) in February 2022 – told 8-12 weeks for delivery. In the summer the dealer reviewed my order to make sure it didn’t have anything too custom that would hold it up longer – it did not. Still hasn’t arrived. I call into Ford weekly for a delivery update so I’m not bothering my dealer too much. They have given me at least 12 delivery dates – all false. My poor dealer can’t even track my truck. They have no idea where it is at the moment, they only know it has been built. I feel so badly for them. You can tell they are getting yelled at every day and it’s just embarrassing for them to not have any information to give to people. This has been an absolutely horrible experience – how can you not track a vehicle status/location in this day and age, especially with it’s unique Vin #??? How can they know my vehicle has been built but don’t even know if it’s in the US or Canada and the reason for the delay?? I’m so done being patient…..this is ridiculous. I can understand delays for whatever reason. I can’t understand horrendous communication. I’ve been strung along all year being told it’s almost here. I should have just went to find something similar from all of the trucks they prioritized to send to dealers to sell on their lots.

    3. L Everatt

      Did you receive your truck yet? We are in the same boat, ordered F150 Lariat January 18th, 2022 & it was built June 21st, 2022. We were told by the dealership that it arrived in Calgary July 10th, and since then NOTHING! I have tried calling and emailing Ford Canada and the lack of information and give a $%&@ is appalling.
      It would be nice if we could just go pick it up in Calgary, but the dealership says that’s not an option.

  51. Jimmy

    Ford’s going to shoot themselves in the foot by holding out on loyal customers! Obviously they are trying to make a political statement with their actions. Lieing to customers and putting people off is really going to hurt sales. I ordered a new F250 two months ago and have heard nothing from the dealership. If I don’t have the truck in two months, I’m no longer going to be Ford faithful, will cancel my order and look at alternative’s!! The America we live in today is heading in the wrong direction, WTFU Ford!!!

  52. Kevin

    Here’s the math: Place the order, a little over 2 months later it goes to production. 6 days later it’s completed and I get a message from Ford say it’ll ship out in “few days to a week”…HAH!! still waiting to take a short trip East to South Texas over a month later!! I realize it’s coming by rail, but as I live next to a railroad, I know the traffic hasn’t slowed one bit!!

  53. Victoria

    What about people who currently own Fords? My 2017 Ford Escape has been at a Ford dealership in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina for almost TEN WEEKS because the transmission broke down. They have been waiting for a torque conveyor or something during that time. Customer service at the dealership and at Ford have been appalling. I was told they would not reimburse me for my rental at the dealership. To date I have shelled out $5000 for a rental. Just got off the phone with a *supervisor at Customer Service who refused to give me her last time. Wouldn’t even tell me what an average wait time for a torque converter is. Wrote to Chairman Farley but never receive a response.

  54. Bob Rahman

    I have the build date, the vin number, the tracking number, and am now waiting. In 15 1/2 years I will be 100 years old. I hope they will not take my drivers license away from me before I get my Bronco. Maybe Ford should prioritize Bronco production by age of buyers. Many of us may be leaving the planet before the vehicle arrives at the dealer.

  55. Eve Law

    Ordered an F150 and a Expedition on 11/24/21. Was told 12-15 weeks before we would receive them. The F150 came in February. Was told that it would be a few weeks before the Expedition would be in. That has not been the case. The expedition finished being built June 21, 2022. After talking with our dealership, we were informed it would be a week or so before it was shipped. Again we waited. Our vehicle finally shipped early Sept. We were informed that it arrived at the train yard (45 mins away from our dealership) on Sept 8, 2022 at 11:41 pm. From there we were told it would be a few days till it would be at the dealership. Well here we are and it is Sept 27th. We have extended our previous least an 8 extra months and we have zero answers on when our Expedition will arrive. I have never been so frustrated at the lack of organization and knowledge of how and when these vehicles are being delivered. Between the emails and calls to both our dealership and ford customer service, no one has any idea of what is going on. This will absolutely be the last Ford vehicle I will ever drive. Get your crap together Ford. I am only one person, but I will make sure everyone I know that is going to buy a vehicle, that I do everything in my power to try and steer them away from ford.

  56. Edward M. Irick

    I ordered my Hybrid Lariat Maverick on 2 October of 2021 at Berkeley Ford dealership Berkeley County SC. This will be a yea in a few days.

  57. Rich Pardy

    I ordered my 2022 Escape Titanium hybrid back in March of this year. Was told it had been built on August 22nd (my birthday) and now no delivery details and I’ve had to extend my lease by two months. I’m going on a long vacation next month and was hoping to drive my new car. Vin # 1FMCU9DZ6NUA98042, order # L26S. Help from anyone?

  58. Debbie Wheeless

    I ordered my Ford Explorer in Feb 22, I got the ‘tracker’ with the Vin # which said in August it was on its way to the dealer. The dealer said no, I then got an email saying it would be delivered in September, just past delivery date, it then updated to October, then of course November, just spoke to the dealer and his computer says December 3rd! I have to beleive its been sold to someone else along the way! I guess it’s time to look elsewhere

    1. Craig Johnson

      I ordered my Explorer March 12,2022 and no scheduled production date yet.22s have been balanced out and No communication about 23s Very Very Frustrating.Poor communication from Ford and the dealer.

  59. Jessica

    How about Ford cuts down on building new vehicles, and concentrates more on making the parts needed to get the god knows how many under warranty vehicles sitting at dealers for several months now fixed? I’m tired of paying monthly for a vehicle I don’t have, since April.

  60. Greg Lane

    Put my order in for my Bronco 4 door black diamond in January 21, 2022 knowing it would probably take 6 plus months to get it. When the 2022 to 2023 transition came up I brought it up to my dealer and they verified mine would be one of the last 2022 models to role off the line and I would not need to “covert” my order to the 2023 orders. Per the Ford e-mail notifications mine was built on September 30, 2022. I even logged on to see if the micro chips had “popped” and they had. Here I sit on November 15 and still no Bronco. Henry Ford has to be rolling in his grave over what Ford has become. I will wait it out for a while more as I have owned Broncos from a 1971 model, a Bronco II to this one (if I ever get it). But to the point by someone else in the thread why can Chrysler, Jeep and GM get cars delivered but Ford cannot seem to get it done when they all have the same supply chain issues?

  61. Randy

    Waiting 4 months so far just for transport (after 5 months to build which I expected) of a 2022 F350 Lariat Ultimate. Have gotten 6 estimated delivery dates from Ford that come and go with the seasons and have zero truth behind them. I hope Ford loses tens of thousands of future customers over this BS. If you can’t deliver what you build, then stop building and promising customers something you aren’t capable of doing. Get new management, starting with Farley as he is the head of the snake that is failing so badly. Allow dealers or customers to pick up at the factory since your logistics companies also aren’t capable of doing their job.

  62. Andrew

    I ordered my 2022 ford raptor may 10 2022 on June 8 received conformation on starting build on aug 1 plus received my vin# on aug 8 it was built n sent to a holding yard for a chip it’s Dec9 now n they r telling me maybe if it gets the chip it will ship dec 7/23 I’m about to give up n get a ram they have no chip wait

  63. Jenny

    Ordered a F250 Lariat ultimate Tremor, black out 11/8/2021. Dealership is SILENT, sale rep is RUDE, I told him how i used the “chat” he flat out told me they dont know anything. Truck is built it is just sitting at Ramp 1k “waiting for shipment. Loosing faith in FORD

  64. Dan

    My wife ordered a new Ford Bronco Sport in March 2022. It was made the first week of August in Mexico, made it to Alton, Illinois by rail the first week of September. Then in October it went to Chicago by rail to wait delivery by truck back to the dealer in Central Illinois. Now no one knows where it is. Ford says it was delivered to the dealer and the dealer says they never got it. But no one is doing anything, no theft report, no you can reorder at the same deal made last March. I’ve been buying new Fords since 1995, this maybe our last. No one cares!

  65. Renee

    Have been waiting for an F250 for 13 months now. Was built, needed a chip, then shipped off again to Michigan, stood there for 3 months, and now landed in NJ at the rail yard and has been there for 1 1/2 weeks and cannot get to the dealer. This is utterly ridiculous. I still have no car and have been a ford client for the past 20 years.. I am calling the dealer and it was supposed to be January 7th. Guess what the salesman is out today…. But i am sure i will not be able to get the financed rate back from December 2021. I cannot even back out of the deal, they have my money from my trade in back in 2021. I am at a loss, and FORD is doing absolutely nothing to help anyone.

  66. G

    Have been waiting for an F350 Tremor since Dec 8, 2021. The just pushed the estimated deliver to Feb. 8th. It’s been sitting in KY for 3mths now and the only info I get is when I contact the dealer and request it. The sad thing is that I see large shipments go across the country every day without any issues. Ford is not doing their best to get these vehicles out or they would be having them trucked, not waiting for a rail car to become available.

  67. Gena

    On December 19, 2022 I ordered a 2022 Ford F-250. The pickup was made in Michigan and has made it as far as Colorado. Fremont Ford in Riverton states that they are waiting for Ford to get the “truck” to deliver my pickup plus more vehicles to Riverton, Wyoming. How can this be? I do not understand.

  68. MY2022

    Ordered My F350 SUPER DUTY XL base model, no frills, in March 2022, Dealership told me I’d be driving it that summer since it was a ‘simple build.’ It was built in September. It is now January 2023, still dont have it. I am now at a 10 month wait for a basic SUPERDUTY build. Emailed several upper management reps. The price on the truck has gone up by $6,000 due to the interest rate change, the truck is now considered a year old, PLUS the ‘old’ design. Plus the trade has decreased in value. How about a discount Ford Motor Company?

    1. MY2022

      I might also add that a friend ordered his TOYOTA when I ordered my SUPERDUTY….It literally was shipped across the ocean. His total wait from day of ordering was 8 WEEKS.

  69. Debbie

    Just the same in the U.K. I ordered a ranger stormtrak in July 2022, it was due for delivery on 17th December 2022, arrived in the U.K. on 17th January 2023, to date it is still at the port waiting to be delivered to the dealer, who said every time a new delivery ship arrives and off loads, those vehicles go in front and so no idea when I’ll actually get my vehicle. This is the first Ford I’ve bought and now I think I Should have stayed with BMW or Land Rover

  70. Robyn

    I ordered a Platinum Explorer on Nov. 1. Ford says it was built on Jan. 6. No word yet on delivery. Very frustrating! Now I’m going to put another several thousand miles on my car before trade-in!

  71. Mike

    Ordered My Raptor R July 18th 2022 – built February 6th 2023 – still sitting at Factory on quality hold for an oil leak issue. So much for Ford addressing Quality and Customer service. Absolutely no updates or communication – The leadership at Ford is the worst I have seen it in 20 years.

  72. Dave

    I ordered my F350 Tremor HO going on 6 months now.. I’m on good company with lots of horror stories here… I know Ford has experienced some strange times, but I don’t care! They don’t seem to care about their loyal customers at all… How about you automatically price lock when ordering!! How about you hold up the promise you made me in an email to update me every 45 days regardless! I have not received one email!! How little you think of us. How about keeping the MSRP honest and don’t allow dealerships to add a 5k or 10k mark up on already ridiculous prices!!! How about you fire your upper mgnt and find somebody w/ competence to run things… I am thoroughly disgusted with this whole situation and how it’s being handled..

  73. Yancy truitt

    I have square money can I order with your company


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