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Hybrid And Fully Electric Vehicle Demand Growing In Rural America

Even though Ford CEO Jim Farley recently admitted that he knows EVs aren’t for everyone – particular those that live in rural areas and routinely tow heavy loads – the Biden Administration disagrees with that sentiment. Regardless, Farley also believes that mass EV adoption will begin next year, a notion supported by a recent study that indicates the U.S. is on the cusp of that development. On the same token, Ford will continue to build hybrids for the foreseeable future even as some of its competitors will instead focus solely on EVs, while a new study from iSeeCars indicates that demand for both hybrid and fully electric vehicle models in rural America is growing at a surprisingly rapid rate.

Hybrid and electric vehicle demand has been increasing across the U.S. for a while now, but a recent study from iSeeCars sought to break down where, exactly, that demand was coming from in terms of cities and states since 2014. The results are rather surprising, as the data suggests that hybrid and electric vehicle demand is growing faster in central and rural areas than it is in densely-populated coastal cities.

Mississippi led all 50 U.S. states with a 240.9 percent growth in market share for hybrids and EVs since 2014, which was followed by the islands of Hawaii at 116.5 percent. But there are a number of more rural and central states present on the list, including Utah (97 percent), Wyoming (79.1 percent), Nevada (78.8 percent), and Nebraska (65.3 percent). Meanwhile, EV-friendly California ranked ninth on the list at 75.2 percent, which is far lower than one might expect.

“You expect to see strong hybrid and electric vehicle sales in states like California, Oregon, and Washington, or in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Seattle,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “While those areas do have the highest percentage of alternative fuel vehicles, the areas with the greatest growth in hybrid and electric vehicle share come from states and cities few would expect. Despite not having any statewide incentives, Mississippi’s EV adoption is growing faster than all other states, and could continue to do so as Nissan has plans to manufacture EVs in its Mississippi plant in the coming years.”

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  1. Hans K

    We need lower price point for the average person to start an ev or hybr as daily driver .

    1. Mike Hunt

      the Maverick hybrid is $19.9k

      1. Pedro77

        Don’t forget the 10k dealer markup

  2. bill davidge

    maverick recall ?

  3. Dwayne D

    I bet this is more manipulation of numbers, or outright lies. Its easy to be up a certain percentage when the numbers are low. When you go from 1 to 2 that’s a 100 % increase. Sounds incredible. When you have 50000 to 60000 thats only a 20 % increase. What would you rather have 1 more customer at a 100% increase or 10000 customers at a 20 % increase. Total BS! Just trying to get everyone on board with electric at ant cost! Let people decide. Not forced or manipulated. We the people tell the government what to do not the other wsy around. Its the bill of rights. That’s how we got to be the greatest nation on earth. And the reason everyone wants to live here.

    1. Gene W

      Exactly. This is how Ford manipulated the numbers for Mustang vs Mach E sales. Mustang production was suppressed while Mach E production was increased. There were less Mustangs available to buy. Blatant manipulation.

    2. Frank Bohanan

      You beat me to it! I was going to use the same example. More false hype… Urban areas have been where most EV sales have occurred so their percentage increase will be lower. In absolute terms (sales volume vs. percentage) you can be sure rural areas HAVE NOT begun to adopt EVs to anywhere near the extent implied. Just more agenda-pushing BS.

  4. Larry Cooley

    Called Ford about the Maverick Hybrid I ordered in Oct. and that couldn’t tell me anything, the guy I talked to knew absolutely nothing except that I had place my order and I guess its in the system, he told me to call my dealer and my dealer says he can’t understand why my truck has not been built but he knows nothing except I am in the system. My gosh, what a way to run a railroad

    1. Kenny D

      Hey Larry. I ordered a New F-150 6 MONTH’S AGO, I also NEVER hear “ANYTHING” from my Ordering Dealer??? Even when I “TRY” To communicate, it takes “DAY’S for Anyone to return with an answer ?? I agree, It’s a BAD way to do Business. I did get an E Mail from FoMoCo Dearborn MI that said “SORRY’ we haven’t been in touch with you. We will from here on out be sending Updates on your F-150 “EVERY 45 DAY’S”????? Comical. To say the LEAST!!!! Stupid to put it Bluntly…..

      1. DP Blanchard

        We ordered our F150 9 months ago and still waiting! It’s built but not shipped. I believe it’s a chip shortage, but not being told this. Lack of communication is horrible. Even our dealership is kept in the dark. Not good business

  5. Gene W

    This contradicts other reports. These in-house reports by Ford are basically propaganda. EV trucks can barely tow 60 miles before you’re stranded. Repair costs are astronomical. No thank you.

  6. Michael

    Ford ( and all the other ICE vehicle manufacturers ) needs to up EV/Hybrid/PHEV production and sales, to lower their mpg fleet rating, so they do not have to buy credits from a company like Tesla, who use to make hundreds of millions of dollars from selling those credits ( the only way they could make money at one time, and pay for their expansion ), and they need to do everything they can to promote them, with the governments’ help.

    1. Skeld

      Well I’m glad you have pinpointed the whole reason for this is an arbitrary penalty system invented by…wait for it…the government.

  7. Kenny D

    TESLA BATTERY REPLACEMENT. (BY TESLA) $22,500.00 on a TESLA that Books for $17,500.00???? How does that Make any sense?????? “O”, Because a NEW TESLA Cost’s Only $75,000.00???? Now that’s A smart way to Avoid Battery Issues??????


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