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Lincoln Nautilus Highest Ranked Midsize Premium SUV For Initial Quality

In J.D. Power’s 2022 Initial Quality Study, Lincoln outperformed the industry average, and while the luxury brand’s performance was slightly worse in terms of product quality than 2021, it outranked several of its fiercest rivals, as The Blue Oval’s slight dip paled to the issues competitive vehicle owners experienced with their cars. While that is not exactly a ringing endorsement of any of the aforementioned brands, the Lincoln Nautilus performed well in the study, beating all other entries for initial quality in its segment.

The study collected responses from 84,165 purchasers and lessees of new vehicles from the 2022 model year who were surveyed early in the ownership period. Responses were gathered between February and May 2022. The study yielded the worst results in 36 years, with an average of 180 problems reported per 100 vehicles, compared to an average of 162 problems in 2021. Lincoln owners reported 167 problems per 100 vehicles reported. Last year, 163 problems per 100 vehicles were reported by owners, so this year’s data indicates four more problems than the previous study.

The Lincoln Nautilus was recognized as being the best midsize premium SUV in its class. It beat out two key rivals, with the Lexus GX placing second, and the Cadillac XT5 ranked third. This result demonstrates a very positive change for Lincoln, as it has recently been subject to quite a few complaints about its quality. In fact, the Nautilus was ranked dead last in Consumer Reports‘ list of reliability study performed last year, despite being recognized as one of the most satisfying midsize SUVs by the same publication. The Lincoln Nautilus doesn’t have much time left in its life to impress, however, as reports suggest it will be discontinued after the 2023 model year in the North American market. In the meantime, though, things are certainly looking up for the luxury SUV, as it gained segment share during the first quarter of 2022.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Gary

    Big deal with the Nautilus quality as Ford is going to stop making it and the Edge. with no replacements. Just another big mistake. People like these cars. I personally owned 2 Edges and they were great vehicles. I know people with both of these and they said will be forced to buy a different brand. Ford will not have any 5 row SUV’s so they will lose many customers.

  2. Carl Forrester

    it is too bad Ford has so many people making stupid mistakes in the wrong direction I am afraid Ford motor is going the way of the Edsel Mercury tractor farm equipment Ford HD trucks we need automobile people no pencil pushers I was a Ford motor dealer 42 yrs I am seeing them going down the tube I hope someone wtll buy Ford and at least Ford name ;

  3. Alexander Allen

    This is a bit dramatic, but I think my 2020 Nautilus is trying to kill me. When I pull onto a main highway, speed 50/hr, and I am pulling outta my driveway, motor fully at operational temp, and press on the gas-it tells me it is reducing power and applying the brakes, and it does just that. So, here I am, cars behind me going at least 60, with my brakes applied and power reduced. I pound the pedal and coach it up to 50 with my heart in my throat and horns blaring. There is NOTHING in sight in either lane in front of me. Oncoming cars WERE faraway, but are up my butt in no time, lights flashing, horns blaring, and middle fingers awaving. Then my least favourite…on the expressway. Passing a vehicle…77 mph…suddenly the brakes JAM on. I am passing an 18 heeler, fully in its lane, quickly I am doing 37 miles an hour in a 70.! This is NOT UNUSUAL. Of course I have taken it to the dealer. Shrugged shoulders, supposedly adjustments made, eye rolling…does this dude know how to drive…only since Nov. 1958, accident free, but I can see one in the wings. It is like a horror movie. Four years…if I survive, and that horror film movie is outta my life. BTW…7500 mi on the odometer. DISGRACEFUL. I have owned 4 Lincoln’s. This is the worst! Going foreign next time. Provided I survive. What a disgrace to Lincoln. Once an admired, coveted vehicle. Very sad. Where are the hidden reports on this? Why is driver error being reported? I will be glad to testify on anyone’s behalf if they get rear ended. This vehicle is unsafe! Where are Consumers Reports? Other vehicle evaluations?

    1. Ralph Coppola

      That’s surprising. You’re the first person I heard that had the problems you stated. I have owned a 2019 Nautilus and four MKZ’s before it. Aside from a transmission leak on the 3.0 Ltd/400 HP 2017 MKZ ( first year for the drive train package), I never had any problems with the Lincoln products. Yes, I’m disappointed to see the MKZ go to the grave with other Ford sedans. They were great. But the Nautilus is by far the best because it has many of the MKZ qualities built into a SUV. I have the 2.3 twin turbo on the 2019, and can’t see getting rid of it anytime soon.


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