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Lincoln Nautilus Was The Slowest Selling New Car Of June 2022

The Lincoln Nautilus has faced some ups and downs in recent months, topping its segment in J.D. Power’s 2022 Initial Quality Study while also gaining in terms of market share in the first quarter of 2022. However, the Nautilus still ranked seventh among all D-segment luxury crossovers as its sales pale in comparison to much of the competition. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to learn that the Lincoln Nautilus was the slowest-selling new vehicle in June 2022, according to iSeeCars data.

On average, it took 80.6 days for the Lincoln Nautilus to sell last month at an average price of $56,227. That edges out every other new vehicle on the market, and the luxury crossover is far slower to turn than the top ten on this list too, which comes in at 42.8 days. In terms of the overall market, new vehicles turned in an even quicker average of 37.2 days.

This is particularly notable given the fact that new vehicle inventory, in general, remains at historically low levels, even if it has improved somewhat in the past couple of months. While many hot new vehicles are turning in just a few days on dealer lots, the Nautilus is sticking around for nearly three months, which is a telling sign, indeed.

Regardless, there is a bright spot to this bit of bad news, at least for anyone looking to purchase a new Nautilus. It’s unlikely that buyers will find dealer markups attached to this particular model, given the low demand for it, which may even open the window for negotiations. In fact, some dealers may even be discounting the Nautilus in an effort to move it more quickly, which means now may be a great time to score a deal on one. Regardless, this data seems to justify Ford’s decision to discontinue the Lincoln Nautilus – along with its platform mate, the Ford Edge – following the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority reported back in January.

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  1. Andrew Sommers

    Maybe if they actually spent some money marketing it, people would know more and would buy it. My wife has them going back to 2009 MKX and they’re great vehicles.

    1. Rich G

      I agree. It’s the best and most luxurious vehicle I’ve ever known. In the year I’ve had my Nautilus, I’ve had zero problems, and it’s been great to drive and live in while driving.

      Seems like Lincoln abandoned marketing when they decided to end the Nautilus after 2023 — and that was a mistake.

  2. John Coviello

    This vehicle as well as that Corsair were INSULTS to the Lincoln name and should have NEVER BEEN BUILT !!!!!!!!!!! They were just cheap Ford products with the Lincoln name put on them !!!!!!!

    1. Rich G

      NONE of that is true, and I have no idea why you’re here to troll. Neither the Corsair (I had a 2015 MKZ) nor the Nautilus (I own a 2021) is anything like a Ford, inside or out.

      Repeating what you’ve heard on GM fanboy sites is not the way to go, dude.

      1. Drew Ford Retiree

        Do you troll the Lexus website to say the same about the RX, ES, NX, GX, and LX?

        How about the BMW website to dis the X1 (a derivative of of Mini)?

    2. Willie Mixon

      I have to agree with the troll statement. After owning an expensive to drive and maintain 5 series BMW which was a money pit that gave me nothing but problems and stayed in the shop, I now own a Nautilus, an older MKZ, and my wife owns a fully loaded Cosair. ALL THREE LINCOLNS are extremely nice, powerful, problem free, and luxurious. I also have to agree that Ford/Lincoln does an absolutely rotten job at marketing and selling a good psychology to the public regarding their cars. The Cosair with its twin turbos, all wheel drive system, Vista roof, and every amenity in the is truly amazing and will surprise the he’ll outta a lot foreign nameplate owners. The Nautilus is an extremely good luxury vehicle, yet it’s overall design is dated. I CANT WAIT to see the EV that Lincoln brings out to replace it. I SURE I’ll be in line to buy one.

    3. MarkV

      Dear Ford, put as much effort into Lincoln as you do Bronco (Without using cheap parts like the Bronco). Show us how Lincoln can overtake Cadillac and do it. It can be done. Lincoln has become the other fancy Ford, Mercury since 2010. The LS was the last real Lincoln. Anything after that model is garbage.
      Someone needs to explain what makes Lincoln stand out in the crowd of luxury vehicles?? Where is the halo vehicle at Lincoln to draw customers into the showroom?? Why do more customers buy Acura and Infiniti?? why?

  3. Ruthwik

    I rented a nautilus and it was a beautiful car, I really liked the drive and the experience. We drove it from Detroit to Atlanta and back. Don’t know why it’s being discontinued

    1. JK

      They are turning it into an all electric vehicle.

  4. Mary letman

    Luxury I like, body style I don’t. Drive is ok but not as powerful my long gone Mercedes that I gave up for a Corsair. I like luxury but is all I like about this car


    I love my FORD Edge and the color ginger ale & all the positive comments. I’ve been planning to buy the Lincoln equivalent and now I hear Nautilus n Edge discontinued.


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