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Nascar EV Support Series Could Be On The Way For 2023 Season

Racing fans could be exposed to a Nascar EV series as soon as 2023, according to documents leaked on July 21st.

Screenshots of the documents were uncovered by Kickin’ The Tires, spoiling the sport’s plans to introduce a battery electric race car prototype during the preseason 2023 Clash at the Coliseum. It’s not clear if the prototype race cars will take the place of traditional ICE-powered models in the exhibition race, but they could pave the way for a series of six EV races to be held later on in the season. The documents suggest that the six races will be held at venues that “align with Cup Series events,” but it’s not clear if Cup Series drivers will participate in them.

Each EV racing event will include a roster of just 12 race cars. There will be two 30-minute races, one on Saturday and the next on Sunday. The goal is for the Nascar EV race cars to be able to run lap times on par with the gasoline-powered race cars, and non-competitive pit stops will be allowed for teams to change tires or fix crash damage. Charging and battery swaps will not be allowed. The vehicles will feature all-wheel-drive powertrains capable of up to 1,000 horsepower, facilitated by three high-output motors and a 200 kW regen unit.

The uncovered documents also indicate that Nascar will employ what it learns from the EV racing division to “determine the best path forward in National Series for 2025.” In fact, the Next Gen race car, which debuted for the 2022 Cup Series season, was designed with electrification in mind, and is able to support the addition of hybrid motors without modification.

Perhaps one of the largest concerns among diehard fans regarding a potential Nascar EV shift is the loss of the roar of big and powerful internal combustion engines. The sanctioning body is aware of this concern, and is reportedly exploring ways to make the race cars sound more exciting. Additionally, manufacturers will explore the possibility of racing with a crossover-style body to reflect consumer interest.

The Nascar Ford teams currently run the Nascar Mustang in the Cup Series, and this could open the door for a Mustang Mach-E racer in the future. Rival Chevrolet currently fields the Nascar Camaro ZL1, but the model is on the chopping block after the 2024 model year, leaving many to question which direction the Bow Tie brand could go.

Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 drifting at the Goodwood SpeedWeek.

Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 drifting at the Goodwood SpeedWeek

Nascar has not confirmed its plans to execute an EV-only series next season, but in early 2022, Steve O’Donnell, Nascar Chief Operating Officer, stated that the sport was looking into an exhibition series consisting of battery electric race cars.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Pete

    I guess that FORD has not noticed that their Race fans are missing from the stands. Possibly 30-50% of the stands are empty. I would guess that this is true for the TV viewers too. I have been a NASCAR fan for 60 Years.. But now they have lost me due to the BS penalties and unnecessary Yellows for a car spinning changing the results… It is now a FORMULA race car.. all innovation is gone. Good bye NASCAR. I suspect that the Electric car will be the last nail in the coffin !

  2. Leonard

    I’m 57 and have been a NASCAR fan since 79. My last race attended was Loudon this month. One of the reasons among others I attend races is to hear the roar of the V8 race engines . I can tell you this Nascar ! If you’re planning to turn the Cup Series into an electric series you will lose not just me but Millions of fans Nationwide! It will be the death nail in the NASCAR Coffin ⚰️. Rest In Peace ! Dale Sr must be rolling in his grave !

  3. Jim

    Waiting for that first battery fire to shut down the race for 2 days.

  4. Not Dead Ed

    “There will be two 30-minute races, one on Saturday and the next on Sunday. ”
    reading between the lines, that means at racing speeds and all the current draw from 1000hp of electric motors, the batteries last 45 minutes. then it takes a whole night to recharge the battery to race the next day.
    I’d expect that in Hot Weather races, some cars won’t make to 30 minutes of continuous high speed operation. For batteries, if you are uncomfortable, the battery is uncomfortable.
    If you want people to embrace the ‘lectric cars, race them on a 500 mile race with no recharge.
    Those of us remember when Stock Car racing meant race on Sunday, sell on Monday, and the tech in the cars lead to something we saw in the showroom.


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