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Scout Officially Revived, Will Compete Against Ford EV Pickups And SUVs

Though Ford CEO Jim Farley views Volkswagen as a major threat to its business, both automakers entered into a partnership agreement a couple of years ago after several years of discussions. This has since led to a number of co-developed products including the 2023 Volkswagen Amarok, which is based on the next-generation Ford Ranger, which will also get an EV variant, but not a Ranger Raptor-like hardcore off-roader. As Ford Authority reported back in May, Volkswagen has also reportedly been considering reviving the International Harvester Scout brand since the German automaker already owns the rights to the Scout name via its commercial truck division, which recently purchased Traton, which owns Navistar, which owns Scout. Now, that is indeed happening, as VW itself has announced.

Scott Keogh, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, has been named President and CEO of Scout, an independent company that is being established in the U.S. He will be replaced by Pablo Di Si, who is currently the Executive Chairman of Volkswagen South American Region. VW is aiming to capture a slice of the all-electric pickup and SUV market with this newly reestablished brand.

The original Scout debuted in 1961 – a few years before the Ford Bronco in 1966 – and with off-road-focused SUVs as popular than ever, it makes perfect sense to bring it back. Scout reportedly aims to do just that with an SUV and pickup, both of which will be sold exclusively as rugged, off-road-focused EVs.

Volkswagen reportedly plans on selling upwards of 250,000 Scout models per year when production begins in 2026, reviving a historic name in the automotive world that hasn’t been seen since production of the last-gen Scout ended in 1980. As Ford Authority reported back in May of 2021, Jim Farley also previously hinted that an all-electric version of the Bronco could be in the works, which would revive this ages-old rivalry if it was to come to fruition, too.

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  1. crabbymilton

    To think at one time that FORD used NAVISTAR as an engine supplier for many years. Then NAVISTAR was known as an American truck and bus chassis supplier. Now that partnership is long and bitterly gone and NAVISTAR is part of the VW empire. How things have changed huh?

    1. BBBB

      Wait till you hear about Chrysler!

      1. crabbymilton

        Back in the 1980’s when CHRYSLER bought AMC, NAVISTAR should have been another acquisition in that mix. NAVISTAR had the medium to heavy trucks while CHRYSLER had cars and light to medium truck then obviously the JEEP line with the legendary SUV’s. They say timing is everything but to me, that would have been a good match.

  2. aw

    Well then they should bring back the IH Travelall too!

    1. crabbymilton

      IH actually had prototype full sized vans but obviously they never came to pass. Medium and heavy trucks and school bus chassis seemed to be their bread and butter. Growing up in the 1970’s, you would be hard pressed to find a school bus built on anything but an IH chassis. Sure there were the usual FORD GM and DODGE chassis available but IH was by far and away the most popular. I wouldn’t be surprised if the VW logo shows up on future IC buses at some point.

  3. Robert R Poole

    I’ve always been interested in the small pickup trucks. The Ford Rangers an Maverick are
    Built for happy Home owners of yard an lawn businesses. I remembered the International
    Scouts an drove one. I think it’s great for Volkswagen to revive as a Pickup an SUV. !!

  4. Not Dead Ed

    Why do I see an EV offroader as a giant oxymoron, and a marketing gimmick?
    Once you get way out in the backcountry, on that battery, use your battery to power all your millennial toys, and drain the battery overnight, how are you getting back home?
    Don’t even ask what happens to a BEV when you ford a river with thing and get water all up into the battery pack and contacts.
    An off road EV is about as useful as a horse with training wheels, and the horse can at least recharge by grazing in the field…

    1. crabbymilton

      So I take it that there will not be a gasoline engine version? Good point about the water issue.

  5. dennis

    Hopefully VW will address the rust issue the original Scout suffered from. Maybe take a page from Ford F-Series with aluminum body panels.

  6. Steve

    Lost me at EV. Sorry rugged off road EV, that alone makes no sense. Off road requires driving in and out of the back country. EV’s limit that experience. Face it, you can only go so far in then back out then drive home. At least my gas engine I have additional gas cans for me OR someone else that may require assistance. Sorry EV douche, I’m not carrying extra batteries or a charger. Good luck trying to AAA out there to tow your butt out. And don’t look for me to tow your stupid butt out either. Your dumb enough to buy an EV you need to suffer with it.

  7. BearMountainBooks

    Can’t see an EV truck making it on the terrain around here, regardless of brand. We have an old Ranger. Too bad they don’t sell the crew cab Ranger here anymore.

  8. BearMountainBooks

    Also, my comment is not against EVs. I’d love an EV. But we drive a gas 4-wheel drive Ford Ranger an hour just to get to the property with the cows on it. Then we drive all around up and down non-roads looking for said cows. Then it’s an hour home. There isn’t a paved road along that route once we turn into the mountains.

  9. philip tilley

    Are Volkswagen going to use Ford Ranger/Bronco underpinnings?

  10. crabbymilton

    There were some rumblings a few years ago that VW and FORD were talking merger given the partnerships on some projects. When you think about it, it would make some sense. FORD doesn’t build sedans and the VW family of brands isn’t strong with trucks. Hey, stranger things have happened but it’s best not to hold your breath either.


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