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Steeda SSV Mustang Debuts As Heavily Modified Pursuit Throwback

The Ford Mustang and law enforcement have a pretty long, intertwined history thanks to the legendary SSP, which was used by a number of police departments across North America for a number of years, oftentimes for high-speed pursuits. Now, that legend lives on thanks to the new Steeda SSV Mustang, as the long-time pony car tuner seeks to fill a gap that currently exists in FoMoCo’s police vehicle lineup.

The Steeda Special Service Vehicles program has expanded to include the Steeda SSV Mustang, which is designed from the ground up to provide police officers with everything they need to fight crime in a modern package. Steeda starts with Mustang GT models equipped with the naturally-aspirated Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote powerplant and 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission, and then equips that package with goodies including a cold-air intake, cat-back exhaust, and a tune to boost power a bit.

Underneath, the Steeda SSV Mustang gets a host of suspension upgrades including adjustable sway bars, subframe bushings, a subframe alignment kit, IRS support braces, low-profile jacking rails, an Ultralite two-point G-Trac brace, and a performance wheel alignment. The SSV rolls on a set of McQueen Racing Mulholland gloss black wheels, which are wrapped with Nitto INVO tires.

Other exterior enhancements include Steeda emblems, a windshield banner, graphics package, vinyl decals, and an engine bay serialized badge, while the interior is fitted with another serialized plaque, Steeda door sill plates, and a trunk pop kit. A Steeda hood strut kit and rear spoiler round out this long list of upgrades.

The whole concept behind the Steeda SSV Mustang is to recapture the spirit of the original SSP, as well as give law enforcement a capable tool they can use to track down suspects, no matter what they might be driving. Ultimately, it’s a pretty cool throwback to a different era, too.

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  1. MARK

    Mostly impractical as cities from large to small have forbidden nearly all high speed pursuits due to liability and safety concerns. This makes a vehicle such as this pretty much a “promotional” item. It will, however, display to taxpayers that your municipality may be extracting a few more of your tax dollars than you had anticipated.

    1. Dave

      If you’d ever wore a badge then you’d understand what it’s like to be out on the streets and constantly under attack from criminals, illegals, lawyers, corrupt politicians and the average citizen (you) who has no earthly clue what police work is actually like. It’s not a career people go into for the salary, because the pay is a joke, and it’s not a career for longterm health benefits since your lifespan is about 53, and chances of death, diabetes, heart attack, divorce, stroke and suicide are 5x the national average of everyone else. This isn’t the 50s with Ma and Pa and Aunt Bee.

      1. Ur greasy grimy grammy

        Maybe but you’re still moronic.
        Ps no one cares

  2. Francois

    The Sheriff definitely chase the miscreants down in my county, and we love them for it. They use Chargers, a nice Mustang would be a cool variety. That said the smallish interior does not lend itself overly well to police work. But It’s a neat promotional item as well. Honestly, the extra cost is a drop in the bucket in a fleet of over 100 cars…

    1. Dave

      The majority of departments do have pursuits because they are necessary from time to time… I think it’s crazy when some crook tries to run from my State Police because here, they never call off a chase and will even cross state lines. Crooks aren’t going to get away…


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