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Used 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Listed For Nearly Double Its Original MSRP

As anyone who has shopped for a new vehicle recently is already painfully aware, a number of dealers are tacking markups onto the prices of most all vehicles these days, some more than others. The red-hot 2022 Ford Maverick is squarely in that group, as the compact pickup has been one of the more commonly marked-up vehicles since its launch, as well as one of the top new vehicles selling for more than MSRP. In spite of warnings from Ford and even entire websites dedicated to combating these markups, this practice continues, particularly as demand remains high and supply remains low, a fact that’s highlighted by this used 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid listed for sale at Newberg Ford in Newberg, Oregon.

This particular 2022 Ford Maverick XLT is listed for sale with an asking price of $47,987, a truly ridiculous amount of money for a truck that had an original MSRP of $27,295. Funny enough, the truck’s window sticker is available to view at the site, which means that anyone browsing for a new vehicle can clearly see that this used pickup – which has 2,575 miles on the clock – is selling for almost double what it cost new.

This practice is nothing new, of course, but this particular dealer has taken things to the extreme by tacking a $20k+ markup onto what is supposed to be an affordable, efficient mode of transportation. Heck, one could easily buy two base Maverick XL or even XLT pickups with a couple of options for that price, if one could get their hands on those vehicles at sticker price.

That might prove difficult, however, as consumer interest in the 2022 Ford Maverick has thus far exceeded FoMoCo’s expectations for the new model, as Ford Authority reported in April, a problem that’s been further compounded by various supply chain issues, though buyers can speed up delivery by ditching certain constrained options. Regardless, the Maverick figures to continue to stay hot for the foreseeable future, as it has proven to be incredibly compelling for first-time truck buyers and is a viable and more utilitarian alternative to compact sedans, too.

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  1. Skip Rogers

    should be illegal ! plain and simple

  2. whypac

    People just need to quit being stupid.

  3. JohnTaurus

    Try looking at Carvana. They’re selling $20k XLs for $39k.

    1. Greenrobin

      Similar pricing on Driveway. Check them out.

  4. Bob

    Dealers are counting on that one “sucker” who doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground to buy this truck. Most will sit for a while waiting for that turnip truck to drop off the sucker at their door.
    2022 GMC Hummer EV (41 miles) sold on BAT yesterday for $198,000.00
    $110,000.00 MSRP

  5. GaryB

    ADM will continue to happen until people stop paying ADM. super plain and simple.

  6. truth speaker

    dealers are slowing putting themselves out of business. as more manufacturers move to direct online sales the dealers will cry a river. oh well, they dug themselves into a hole so don’t be surprised when its too deep to get out.

    1. William Nunn

      See my comment below… I am in Europe in Norway. Direct online sales not happening anytime soon and they are way ahead of North America.

  7. donnie

    I blame ford and farley for not holding their dealers accountable-they will both be losers in the end-they foster greed and yet they profess to be an american institution-maybe Henry ford was, but the new crew is corporate greed at its finest

  8. hot toddy

    well this was a used vehicle that Ford has no control over the pricing on, and the article did make the selling dealer famous by naming them says a lot. This vehicle was built to be an affordable entry level offering. Anyone that pays this premium deserves to be relieved of their funds.

  9. NoComment

    Title of this article should have been “A fool and their money”…

  10. Charles

    A way Ford can correct this problem is thru unit allocation. If a dealer prices a unit above MSRP he will be “limited ” in receiving ADDITIONAL units. Thus those dealers New units will go to OTHER dealers NOT price gouging.

    1. Eric Barrows

      I fully agree with this.Like the new Ford dealer in Pueblo,Colorado.$10,000 over MSRP.This stealership will never see my money, nor the money of the 55 people I have told about this.

  11. Chuck

    This is exactly what torpedoed the 02-05 Thunderbird. I bought my 02 new and used it as a vacation driver and sold it as a normal used car. I bought my 05, on 12/12/12, and use it the same way. It now has 74,000 miles on it. I never had any illusions of it being anything but an occasional driver, not and investment.
    This Maverick hasn’t sold yet. Satisfaction is worth the price you have to pay!

  12. Kenny D

    KEEP an Eye on it…. It might Catch on FIRE B4 ya know it!

  13. Dee Hart

    I had a Ford dealership quote outrageous numbers for a Ford Explorer ST… I was not playing that game. I bought a 2022 GMC Acadia Denali AWD V6 fully loaded instead. Their loss.

  14. tom

    as posted earlier being a pre-owned vehicle the owner is in for a quick buck and using limited supply as a bargaining chip. if the dealership accepted the vehicle as a consignment it should be ashamed of taking advantage of customers this way and just shows their greed and profit out weighs their ethics. you always see brand new vehicles with for sale signs in the windows with greedy people buying limited type vehicles and doing just the same thing wanting to take advantage of some supply issue so they can profit, as buyers we should let them hold on to their prizes and shop elsewhere. but FORD should have some type of influence making this practice a substantial penalty for a dealership to be involved in.

  15. William Nunn

    I am in Europe in Norway and I have spoken to numerous people from GM to sales and there is no talk of direct online sales… TSLA has the worst customer service … only reason why they buy TSLA is because of tax savings, gov rebates, free charge stations and no tolls. Take away those and no one would buy them…

  16. Garry Carlson

    I don’t have a problem if a person sells something they own for more than what they paid for it if someone is willing to pay it. Ford is not responsible for the price of a used car.
    If it is a new car direct from ford to the ford dealer, then I have a problem.
    If it is a used car dealer that purchased the car again they can sell it for whatever they want to. That is called a free market. No one ever complains when a dealer has to take a deep markdown on a vehicle that has sat in the lot for 6 months and has to go.

    I do have an issue with Ford dealers taking customers vehicles that they pre-ordered with a deposit and selling to other people at a markup or charging someone who ordered a vehicle more than the agreed upon price.

  17. Gary . Virginia.

    A bad side of capitalism.

  18. Karen

    A saw online a dealer ,had a ten thousand markup on all their new mavericks,I want a maverick but I can wait until all this nonsense is over


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