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2019 Ford Fusion Energi Top Used Car With Largest Price Drop In 2022

The Ford Fusion Energi may be gone, but it isn’t forgotten, as the electrified sedan was recently named the best certified pre-owned value in the EV/PHEV segment by Vincentric as part of its its 2022 Best CPO Value in America awards. That organization found that the Fusion Energi’s five-year ownership costs were 2.6 percent below expected costs based on 15,000 miles driven per year, making it a good value in that regard, while the 2019 Fusion in general is also proving to be a smart buy for lessees nearing the end of their term. Now, new data from Edmunds has found that the 2019 Ford Fusion Energi has experienced the largest price drop of any used vehicle in recent months.

The 2019 Ford Fusion Energi peaked out in terms of average transaction pricing back in March, when the sedan cost $21,290. However, it declined to $17,514 in July, which is a drop of $3,776, or 17.7 percent. That latter figure ranked it ahead of every other used vehicle on the market, including the Toyota Prius (16.5 percent), Nissan Murano (12.2 percent), GMC Yukon (11.6 percent), Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (11.5 percent), Mazda 3 (11 percent), Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (10.5 percent), and Nissan Armada (9.2 percent).

These vehicles aren’t alone in terms of falling prices, however, as Edmunds found that among 200 different three-year-old vehicles, 92.8 percent experienced a drop of some sort last month compared to peak pricing this year. The average transaction price for three-year-old vehicles was $31,302 in July, a 4.6 percent decrease, or $1,526 compared to the peak ATP of $32,828 in January. Seasonality is playing a bit of a role in this trend, but so is an increase in inventory.

“Car shoppers can’t expect to find anything close to the doorbuster bargains of pre-pandemic Labor Day sales, but they can at least look forward to used car prices softening across the board heading into the holiday weekend,” said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds’ executive director of insights. “Although these price drops are not earth-shattering, they should be a welcome reprieve for consumers compared to the continued higher cost of new car purchases or leases.”

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  1. JE

    I would pay more for this car, even if used, than for a boring SUV or a crossover (even if brand new).

  2. Mrx19

    Dropping the Fusion eas another one of Fords “genius” moves. The styling held up, even after 8 years of production. The hybrid version was an excellent driver. A small refresh was all this car needed.

    1. Vernon

      Easily one of the best cars Ford ever produced. Built well from top to bottom, timeless good looks, with excellent handling, efficiency, and road manners as a bonus. There’s literally nothing to dislike about the Fusion. Big error in judgement when the decision to step away from sedans was made.

      1. David

        I agree 100%

  3. John

    I love my 2019 Ford Fusion Energi. The two-tone black and brown leather interior gets a compliment every time I give someone a ride.

  4. eric rothman

    Please, bring it back !!! I need to know what will be available for EV’s in the next year or two. Please advise the future EV’s so that I can start saving !!!


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