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2022 Ford Bronco Base LED Lighting Option Added On Three Trims

The 2022 Ford Bronco brought about a variety of changes for the SUV’s second model year, including the introduction of multiple new models, some color changes, and various other feature additions. However, it seems as if there’s one more change that has recently been added to the lineup – 2022 Ford Bronco Base LED lighting has now been added as an option on three different trims – Outer Banks, Badlands, and Wildtrak.

The 2022 Ford Bronco Base LED option removes the LED Headlamps with Signature Lighting that’s featured on these three trims and instead adds the Base LED setup, which still features LED headlamps, but does not include the signature lighting present on the pricier versions. Previously, the LED Headlamps with LED Signature Lighting were the only option available on Outer Banks, Badlands, and Wildtrak trimmed Broncos.

Those that choose to go with the Base LED option will get a $500 credit, according to the SUV’s build and price tool. Sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that this is not a mandatory option at the moment, but that could change depending on parts availability moving forward. LED taillamps are not part of this option, however, and are still included on these three trims as standard equipment.

Along with this change, the Ford Bronco Raptor and Everglades were added for the 2022 model year, along with the addition of four new colors – Desert Sand, Code Orange, Hot Pepper Red Tinted Clearcoat, and Eruption Green – as well as the new H.O.S.S. (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension) 3.0 for Wildtrak models only. Ford also ditched factory navigation for dealer stock 2022 Ford Bronco models, as Ford Authority originally reported in early April.

Finally, Ford quietly added a rear sway bar for Wildtrak models equipped with the H.O.S.S. 3.0 suspension system, as well as all four-door 2022 Broncos with the Sasquatch Package. Ford stopped taking 2022 Bronco customer orders back in February as demand quickly exceeded the automaker’s production capacity, while order banks for the 2023 Bronco are set to open this August, as Ford Authority reported back in May.

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  1. Alan H

    Wonder if they will throw it on the models from 2021 that haven’t been built yet for customers. Been waiting since order was placed Feb 6 2021. Called ford directly yesterday and they still cant tell me when it will be built .

    1. John T.

      I’m in the same boat ordered a 2022 in December and haven’t heard a thing , I’ve been a ford person all my life and it’s getting hard not to go and by a jeep , all I want is the same as you some kind of a definitive answer. From ford . Even my sales person has not heard a thing .

    2. Sandra Smith

      No need to call Ford in Michigan. They won’t give you a correct answer. Been thru that. Your representative from your dealership will get you the info you need. That Bronco customer service in Michigan never knows what’s going on

  2. James Mauk

    I guess I am getting too old, but with all of safety requirements for autos today how can owners be allowed to take their doors off of their vehicles and be safe? Makes no sense to me. Please respond!

    1. Kevin

      Doors off for off road only.

  3. William mann

    When is my base bronco 2022 going to be built

  4. Mike

    I reserved my Bronco in November 2020, placed the order in July 2021, and other then the order conformation haven’t heard anything since. I’ve bought only Fords my entire life and I’m now considering going with a Jeep instead. At least I see them on the dealer’s lots, it makes me wonder how they can make them and Ford can’t.

    1. Tanya gabriel

      I order my 22 ( because I wanted the manual transmission w Sasquatch) march of 21 it’s aug 2022 and I’m still waiting on mine 🤨

  5. Tomas

    I am confused… they are offering new options for a car they are not making and you can’t order anymore?

  6. Silent Majority

    Need all the lighting they can get to find those dropped valves 😉

  7. Steve

    I ordered in Sept of 2020. Still no production date. That should tell you something. All you that put your order in 2021 or ’22. 2+ years, that’s what I’m telling you. 2021, you might get yours in 2023. 2022 in 2024. Hope you have the patience to wait. If not, cancel it.

  8. Bobby

    New York here, was at the dealership yesterday to place a order, was told order bank wont be opening until November

  9. Austin

    I’m tired of seeing ads and commercials for Broncos when they can’t provide the product. Jan 22 order for me with zero information and there are tons more people waiting way longer than me. And Ford is talking about opening order banks for 2023 this August?! How can they even consider that when so many are waiting? I have had Ford trucks for over 20 years….hard to stay loyal anymore…


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