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2022 Ford Edge Among Best SUVs For Rear Seat Comfort

Consumer Reports has bestowed a tremendous amount of praise on the Ford Edge over the past several months, naming it one of the best SUVs available for less than $40,000, one of the best mid-size SUVs on the market with standard safety systems available for under $35k, one of the 10 best SUVs on sale today, and declaring it a superior choice over the Honda Passport and Chevy Blazer, while the crossover was also the top ranked vehicle in the U.S. in terms of brand loyalty back in May according to IHS Markit. Now, Consumer Reports has once again recognized the 2022 Ford Edge by naming it among the best SUVs in terms of rear seat comfort.

This latest piece of praise stems from Consumer Reports‘s extensive testing process, as the organization evaluates each vehicle it tests in 50 different ways. Through that process, it has identified that rear-seat comfort is one of the four most important factors that can make new vehicle buyers either love or regret their purchase, along with that vehicle’s controls, visibility, and cabin noise. Thus, it ranked compact and mid-size SUVs/crossovers in those four categories, while each of the vehicles highlighted on the list have also earned CR‘s recommended status.

In that regard, the 2022 Ford Edge earned a perfect five out of five in terms of its rear-seat comfort, along with a four in ride quality, cabin noise, and front seat comfort. Much of the crossover’s high score in rear-seat comfort can be attributed to its ample amounts of shoulder, head, and legroom.

Additionally, the 2022 Ford Edge received an overall score of 80 from Consumer Reports, ranking it near the top of its class thanks to the aforementioned qualities, along with a road test score of 84 out of 100, as well as a four out of five for acceleration, transmission performance, and handling, and a perfect five for braking.

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  1. Joe

    Why will you have more on the 2021 Ford Edge soon when the 2022 are here for almost a year now? You forgot to mention that 2023 will be the last year for the Edge as Ford will be stuffing people into EVs with smaller back seat, harsher ride, amd more expensive vehicles like the Mach E. Edge sales are also up they year over 2021. Ford has lost it’s mind.

  2. Thurston Munn

    Best, best, best, best and yet Ford in its infinite ignorance is going to kill one it’s best and most popular vehicles ever. My wife has a 2019 Titanium and she loves it.

  3. Earl

    I had a lot of hope that Farley would listen to customers. Instead he drank the EV cool aid and that’s all he gives a crap about.

    My 2017 Flex Limited is a CPO buy and it’s warranted to 2028 and 140,000 miles. Which means I’ll be with Ford longer than Farley will be

  4. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Consumer Reports is just now discovering the room and comfort for second row passengers in the Edge (and Nautilus) after all these years? It’s been a tremendous competitive advantage since the Edge/MKX first rolled out more than a decade ago.

    Ford and Lincoln would be foolish to abandon this size/class of vehicle in ’24. Offer some form of hybrid or e-powered but maintain an ICE option for those who appreciate the superior cruising range these vehicles now offer.

  5. Walter Sanders

    Ford will be making a tremendous mistake if the Edge & the Nautilus models are discontinued. As a senior citizen I have found that the Edge is much easier to get into and get out of than the larger SUV’s. The smaller SUV’s are not an option for us because of the ingress and egress issues. Not to mention the other positive factors others have committed on.

  6. Andy

    Ford is turning from a car company that Henry Ford wanted everyone to be able to afford to a niche EV maker that only the top 1% can afford.

    The global elites are making everything so expensive that regular people can’t afford anything.

  7. Jason Thompson

    The crankshaft position sensor could be easier to replace. If finding TDC was easier.

  8. Robin

    I have a 2022 Ford Edge Titanium and I absolutely love it.The back seat is very roomy a overall great vehicle .Beautiful color the Burgundy Velvet gets lots of compliments.Sharp looking SUV

  9. Catherine Gillis

    I have owned a 2019 Edge Titanium for almost 4 years and I love love love it! I am so disappointed that Ford is discontinuing the Edge after 2023 in order to build EVs that most people don’t want. Big mistake!! Discontinue the EcoSport (too small) or the Expedition (gas guzzler supreme) but leave the Edge alone! Mine gets great gas mileage and rides like a dream. In four years, the only maintenance I have had to do is change the oil! Wise up, Ford before it is too late.

  10. Joseph Wireko-Adumatta

    Do the Management of the company read our comments at all?

  11. Glenn

    Farley is making a big mistake trying to switch the entire line up to EV’s. All EV’s do is change where the pollution is created. Electricity still has to be created somewhere to charge the cars. The electrical grid can’t handle what people are using now with all the brown outs in large cities running air conditioners.
    Wait till people have to replace the battery pack in an EV. I read it costs $29,000 to replace the battery pack in a Chevy Volt. Can you imagine what it will cost in a larger vehicle?
    Toyota has it right, they are planing on making cars with fuel cells that run on hydrogen and their only byproduct is water from the tail pipe. It doesn’t take an hour to charge and no battery pack to replace.
    As far as killing the Ford Edge, it’s a big mistake in my mind. We own a 2019 Edge ST, it’s the nicest car we have ever had and boy does it go. We are snowbirds and require a car that can be flat towed behind our motorhome, that we live in full-time. It’s one of the few vehicles left that can be flat towed. We actually wanted to buy the Ford Explorer but it can no longer be flat towed. It’s a segment that should not be overlooked.
    This EV craze is just a flash in the pan and is not sustainable in my mind. It also does nothing to make the earth a cleaner place.

  12. Gene Ford Sr.

    Discontinue some of the Ford execs. Replace them before hey ruin the company

  13. Alice Shehane

    I just bought my 4th Ford Edge, a 2022 Titanium. I traded in a loaded 2020 Edge Titanium, feeling that I wanted to get one more in before they discontinued the model. Too late, I discovered that several of the safety features I had valued weren’t on my new Edge because Ford had “run out of parts” to put them in the new one. I guess I got the DREGS of the last run. I even had to argue with the salesman when I went back to complain. He had been educated by Ford that all the features were there, so Ford made their own guy look bad! Customers, beware. I am furious!


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