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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning ‘Vampire Drain’ Apparently Pretty Minimal

Since the very first 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries took place in mid-May with sales steadily ramping up, owners have sought to test out the new EV pickup in a variety of ways, including its range both laden and unladen and with a lifted suspension and large tires, as well as while towing. The F-150 Lighting has also compared favorably to its competition, as well as a very good vehicle overall, according to most every critic that’s driven one. However, one thing that no one has tested – at least until now – is the “vampire” or “phantom” drain of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, though Alex Dykes of the YouTube channel Alex on Autos did exactly that recently with impressive results, as we can see from his recent Facebook post.

Dykes – a current 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning and former Ford Mustang Mach-E owner (who discovered that Lincoln MKZ wheels fit pretty well on the EV crossover) – recently put his pickup to the test by parking it next to a Rivian R1T for 13 days to see how much energy each drained from its respective battery during that time. This test is notable as many EVs – like those produced by Tesla and Rivian – are essentially always running in some way, shape, or fashion, while most ICE vehicles mostly shut down after a day or so.

Turns out, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning functions much the same way its ICE counterpart does, as Dykes discovered. The EV pickup still showed a 100 percent charge after nearly two weeks of sitting idle, though it did consume around 2 kWh or five miles of range during that time. Meanwhile, the Rivian ate up 27 percent of its battery power, or 34.7 kWh without its Gear Guard (sentry mode) activated.

Dykes did note that Rivian has since released a software update that is supposed to cut this vampire drain by around 15 percent while the R1T is idle, and he’s currently testing to see if that’s actually the case. Regardless, this is good news for Lightning owners that tend to leave their vehicles sitting around unplugged for extended periods of time – such as when they park at the airport to go on a trip with no charger available.

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  1. Bill Howland

    I always thought that these so – called “Vampire Drains” were totally inexcusable… Security Systems work on many cars without excessively draining the smallish 1/2 kilowatt-hour capacity ’12 volt’ lead acid batteries in normal vehicles….

    The fact that many Teslas, and now Rivian – will drain a WHOPPING 31 kwh in only one week is just total BS – Beyond Stupidity.

    The security function in both types of cars is similiar, if not identical. Ford (and also GM) are to be congratulated for not having their electric vehicles waste battery juice.

  2. Kenny D

    Just another way to ultimately Take Hard earned MONEY out of the Consumers Pocket in one fashion or another. These BIG Businesses are ALL run by the Government and do what they are told by BIG BROTHER, When GM had over 50% of the Market back in the 60’s, BIG BRO stepped in and told to FIX that problem or (?????). So, GM Did as they were Told and soon the BIG 3 were all equal player’s…. Just as here, If no one know’s they are getting Pimped, BIG DADDY will continue to do as they Please.

  3. David Dickinson

    OK. What about my “Count Chocula” comment required the censors to delete it? Regardless, these vampire drains sort of negate the idea these EVs will be environmentally friendly. Even when they are doing nothing, they are sucking energy. That is so inefficient. Plus, what the heck are they doing that they need to use energy sitting there? I guess running their 24×7 surveillance systems takes energy.

    1. Patrick Ford

      There is no such thing as a modern vehicle, whether an ICE or EV model, just sitting and doing nothing. Without certain electronic being active all the time, you wouldn’t even be able to lock/unlock the vehicle with your key fob. You’d have to to activate the systems before you could press the start button and forget about security systems or OTA updates while the vehicle is inactive. No electronic component that is “instant on” is really ever turned “off”.


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