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2022 Ford Maverick Production To Drop Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature This Month

Wi-Fi hotspots can make any vehicle into a mobile office, keeping occupants connected on the road or at the jobsite. However, ongoing supply shortages across the globe have made it increasingly difficult to continue to include Wi-Fi hotspot functionality in new Ford vehicles. A few weeks ago, Ford Authority reported that the feature would be removed from certain Ford SUVs and pickups, and now, sources familiar with the matter have revealed exactly when it will be dropped from the 2022 Ford Maverick.

According to Ford Authority sources, 2022 Ford Maverick production will be updated on August 22nd, 2022 to exclude the 4G LTE Wi-Fi feature. In other words, all units of the Maverick that are assembled on and after that date will not include the feature. The feature, which includes a three-month of 3GB free trial period and requires a contract with AT&T to remain functional, will no longer be included in any Maverick model. Previously, it was standard across the entire Ford Maverick lineup.

Pickups that are impacted by this change will receive a $20 credit toward the purchase of the vehicle, denoted on the window sticker and invoice. Meanwhile, customers that order a 2022 Ford Maverick in the future may have the option to select the 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot feature removal option in order to avoid production delays. It’s worth noting that the other features included in FordPass Connect will still be included in new units of the 2022 Ford Maverick.

The Wi-Fi hotspot feature is the latest to be axed in the wake of the ongoing global microchip shortage, which many automakers including The Blue Oval continue to grapple with. Earlier this year, Ford Authority reported that many features could continue to be constrained from Ford’s lineup. Ford CEO Jim Farley is optimistic that a resolution may be reached by next year, but right now, the situation remains fluid.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Samuel

    Seems like a worthless option anyways. Cell companies already have an option to use your phone as a hot spot. If the Ford one worked in more places it might be OK but my experience is if my phone doesn’t work the truck doesn’t either.

  2. Steve Ward

    It’s not a worthless option at all. I have a wifi hotspot in my Chevy Equinox with service provided by AT&T and it’s a lifesaver since my cell provider is Verizon and doesn’t always work.
    When Verizon service doesn’t exist my AT&T wifi hotspot comes thru. This is my work vehicle and I spend many hours a day in it on the job !

    1. Bob

      cost of the part. Its a 5G LTE modem. I agree with Samuel, my Verizon phone has worked across the country and even internationally. Maybe your area has more AT&T towers than Verizon. In that case switch providers and you won’t have this issue.

      1. Steve Ward

        Bob- It’s not that easy to just switch providers for my cell phone. It’s provided by the job and the wifi in the company vehicle is also provided by the job. In my line of work we need at least 2 different providers since a signal is of utmost importance 24/7 for this job.
        People who think they know eveything sometimes don’t have a clue !

        1. Bayman71

          This is no place for attitudes, so cut it out and keep it civil.

  3. Steve Ward

    What are they going to take away next, the radio, the steering wheel, maybe a tire or two.?
    Oh that’s right, they already took away the spare & jack in most vehicles !!
    I hope the suits with these car companies get stranded in a rough neighborhood around Chicago, New York, L.A. Philly, etc…. with a can of fix-a-flat that doesn’t
    work !

    1. Robert.Walter

      Your malicious hopes for your fellow man is rather sad.

      1. Chris Cagney

        OK- For any naive people regarding no spare & jack.
        Inclement weather , including but not limited to a snowstorm, freezing cold weather, pouring rain etc…. and a rough neighborhood with a high crime rate –
        You want to fix that flat tire stat and a can of fix-a-flat is only good for small punctures.
        Maybe some people just don’t know how to change a tire ?
        I live in the real world, I don’t know what fantasy world you live in.
        Despite what you may believe, manufacturers are eliminating the spare tire & jack to cut costs. They may tell you that it is for better fuel economy but the spare & jack only weigh about 40lbs. If you want better fuel economy, slow down, don’t race to red lights, coast to stop signs & red lights etc… don’t make jack rabbit starts, don’t let ypur vehicle idle, & don’t use the air conditioning & don’t carry any passengers !

      2. Bayman71

        Walk through one of those neighborhoods and then come back and reply. That is if you make it through one.

  4. Roger orr

    Ford dealership will rip you off msrp thin add 15000 to it everybody should not buy ford products till they fix this

  5. Tim

    More chips for their battery vehicles cause you know we need that crap. A few harsh winters and having greatly reduced distance because you needed heat in the vehicle and people will be ditching those for a ICE vehicle.

  6. Fred Stewart

    People order cars based on features offered/included and how they want them equipped. When does the ‘deleting’ end? I’m beginning to think blaming everything on a chip shortage is just an excuse for pee-poor management. I have been a loyal Foed customer for many many years but have about reached my limit.

  7. Ray

    At one point in time, this feature had some appeal, if not utility. Now, it’s virtually redundant, if not somewhat outdated. A reasonable percentage of smartphones are 5G, and the hotspot is still shipping new with 4G LTE.
    I’d agree with the sentiments of a few other posters: Include the emergency equipment that has been deleted in recent years. Until car companies are equipping cars with airless or run-flat tires, the donut spare and jack are fairly essential equipment.

  8. Robert.Walter

    For all your experience, you don’t really know how decontenting works do you?

    Features are offered and when they prove to be unpopular and then just result in added cost, they are removed. On a mass market vehicle, you can’t be all things to all people if people don’t want, need, or use a feature.

    (Ninja’d by Ray). Also with the rapid changes to standards at both ends of this tech, i.e. 5G going to 6G and WiFi 6 ramping up, fixed embedded tech like this in a vehicle will be increasingly less capable with each passing year.

  9. TOM

    it is truly amazing how tech dependent our society has become that we argue about having wifi in our vehicles. remember when a car/truck was used for transportation?? all of these electronic distractions have been the death of people actually paying attention to what they’re doing- piloting a 5000 lb projectile that could do considerable damage to the operator or others. how many time have all of you seen idiots driving while being distracted by these devices, when will we come to our senses and stop, once we kill somebody or ourselves, please put them down and drive!!

  10. Linda Simmons

    I would just like to order one. I have been trying since March. All I get is there are not taking orders right now, and keep pushing the dates back. Really!!! So what’s up. I need it before the snow fly’s. I have been a loyal Ford customer for 50 years. I just don’t understand and don’t give me the shortage bull.

    1. TOM

      you’ll never see the truck before summer of next year and i’d bet not before snow falls next year much less this year. i ordered mine in dec 21 ain’t seen hide nor hair and only got an email every 4 months spouting excuses so don’t expect anything different, get used to excuses and waxing the void in your garage where your truck should be, get a brochure and blow up the picture that way you’ll get to look at it

    2. Kathryn Hansen

      I ordered last oct and just got a vin number last week supposed to be built aug 29 so I guess I’ll be getting my 20 dollars back😂

  11. Eric Ryan

    Okay, nearly a year ago, Ford bought or partnered with a chip company so they wouldn’t have problems. My hybrid Maverick XLT is scheduled to be built two weeks from TODAY and I’ve now been waiting since June 2021 for a truck which won’t even have internet!!! WTF??? What good is Apple CarPlay without internet???

  12. Vern

    Eric, GREAT! My Maverick is scheduled to be built Labor Day week-same time frame as yours. I made the deal latter part of Dec.,2021. I ordered a Lariat with standard items with standard engine; no extra accessories. How long will it take to get delivered to the dealer??

    at my Maverick is scheduled to be built Labor Day Wk-same as yours.

    1. Eric Ryan

      Congrats. I’m told by Ford that when production starts then we’ll finally be able to see the window sticker (on the tracking website) and will receive an estimated delivery date based on our locations. My hybrid XLT was undoubtedly delayed due to the spray-in bedliner, the the Co‑Pilot 360™ package and something else I’ve forgotten. We’ll, at least it won’t be delayed further due to the Wi-Fi chip. 🙂


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