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2022 Ford Maverick Retail Order Conversion Details Coming Next Month

Order banks for the 2022 Ford Maverick closed early this year as demand for the compact pickup quickly overwhelmed FoMoCo’s production capacity. As a result, many 2022 Maverick orders will inevitably be pushed back to the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority reported back in June, while many 2022 model order holders have also experienced delays even after receiving a scheduled for production email. Thus, many are left wondering when, exactly, they might be able to convert their existing 2022 Ford Maverick retail order into a 2023. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that those details are expected to arrive at the same time 2023 Maverick order banks are scheduled to open, which is currently set for September.

2022 Ford Maverick

Originally scheduled to open on August 2nd, 2023 Maverick order banks were recently pushed back roughly a month as Ford aims to fulfill as many 2022 model year orders as possible before switching over. Those that do not get a 2022 Maverick and complete the order conversion process in September will be eligible for a special private offer, which will likely protect those customers from any sort of 2023 model year price increases.

Previously, 2022 Ford Maverick order holders were informed that if they wanted to take delivery sooner, they should consider dropping one of any number of supply-constrained features, while the automaker itself later nixed some of those features in an effort to keep production going.

At the same time, many Maverick order holders have expressed frustration by a general lack of communication from the automaker throughout the process, as many don’t know when their pickup will be built or where it is in the queue. With any luck, those folks will know much more by the time order banks open next month.

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  1. Don Heelon

    Any news on the Fusion Active Wagon release in the U.S.? Need soon or should I look at a Hyandai?

  2. Rick Ohnsman

    Thanks for the article on the Maverick order fiasco. This has been a mess and we who are waiting have had little or no word from Ford. Please report on any new developments. Thanks.

    1. Ian MacKenzie

      Damn right. This whole PR fiasco is ridiculous. My dealer can’t tell me anything after 9 months for sure about my bumped to 2023 Maverick (even though my one and only email from Ford told me they would tell me on August 2 about my super secret double probation discount price) because Ford can’t get their act together. No promise of holding my 2022 price–nothing. If the communicaztions people at Ford aren’t fired I don’t know what is wrong with the company. If the Hyundai Santa Cruz had a hybrid I would have bought it by now.

      1. Rick Ohnsman

        Yes. If the Santa Cruz came with a hybrid engine, was about $5k less, and could be had in a month or less from an order. The Maverick is the best deal going that you can’t get.

        1. Joseph Joestar

          This isnt a deal, its a lie. Its not even a maverick, its just a Ford Escape with the back torn off of it. I am more frustrated when Ford slaps the Maverick name on something like this and tarnishes the legacy that name actually has. Which is sad because an actual new Maverick is exactly what we need these days, a nice economical affordable car a family could actually use. We are loaded with pretentious trucks that pretend to be more than they are, but affordable economical vehicles are in short supply these days. #bringbackthemaverick

  3. jay johnson

    thew problem i have is i just got a vin and possible build for end of september, by time i get the truck it will be basically 2023 so it will be 1 yr old within a month or 2… if they are scheduled that late they should already be 2023 models

  4. Gabor

    Lack of communication indeed. Tracking my order which was placed 07.24.2021 per Ford my hybrid was build 06.08.2021 and no-one knows where it is at this time?! It really takes over two month Ford to deliver from the plant to a North Cal dealership?

    1. mike s

      Come on Gabor. You know it does not take that long. Ford is playing all of you idiots. They do not care. You’ll get your vehicle when they say you will. I’ll say it again, anyone that orders a Maverick in September is a damn fool.

      1. Bayman71

        I don’t appreciate you calling me a fool, boy. Watch how you talk to others. Might be safer for you.

        1. Yep

          Are you threatening him ? If so please threaten me. I’ll come kick your as and shoot you

          1. Greg

            U guys are idiots, it’s gonna be a year maybe more , if you can’t wait , don’t . If they could make em faster they would . They should say It will be at least ________ months (10) months if you want a hybrid, but I would guess there hoping it will speed up eventually

  5. Bayman71

    The order banks did not open on the 2nd like we were told. I went to my local dealer to order my Maverick and he said I cannot order one yet. The F-150, the Transit and two other models can be ordered but not the Maverick. What is going on? Why are we told when the banks will open and then they don’t?

  6. Mick

    Hello Everyone,
    FYI I placed an order on 9/28/2021 for a Maverick Hybrid Lariat First Edition color Rapid Red. I 2 weeks ago received an email from FoMoCo that my Maverick would be built the week of August 8th 2022 (this coming week). I’m trying to be understanding as Ford had no clue how nuts people would go over this thing. So I’ll keep you posted.

  7. John

    I ordered my Maverick lariat 9/18/21. My first build date was the week of 5/25 then changed to 6/7 then changed to 6/27 then changed to 7/25. Never giving a reason. My dealership knows nothing. It’s 8/4 and I’m waiting to here when the next build date will be.

  8. tom

    after following the posts for the maverick fiasco it is clear to see that the frustration, confusion and plain bull__it that we all are having to endure just to get our vehicle has left order holders quite pissed off with Ford. it seems we have heard every excuse and delay tactic possible, my thinking is that Ford baited us in by offering a truly affordable vehicle then backed off with cold feet knowing that their profit margins were too small in this inflated market and created this fiasco on purpose. how else can they explain how they even leave the dealerships totally in the dark (not that i’m supporting the dealerships, quite the opposite, mine has been reported to the FTC for ethical violations) with no communication and leaving us wondering if we’ll ever get our trucks and how we’ll get screwed if we do get one. it just goes to show us how little corporate Ford cares about it’s customers, so much for loyalty, shame on you Ford. Henry Ford is spinning in his grave, he’d have never allowed this condition to exist of course exporting our ability to actually build our products was our downfall!!!!

  9. Bobbie

    Ordered my Maverick in June 2021 and I received it in March 2022 after delays, a brake recall (before my truck was built), and chip shortage. I LOVE my truck! For the price and extras I ordered; I am envied! Just maybe wish I had ordered it in the color red.

  10. Shawn

    I canceled my 2022 order after waiting 9 and a half months with no communication and the worst customer service in the world (not sure how ford Is still in business)
    Went out and bought a 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz the same day I canceled the order. I couldn’t be happier with the Cruz 🙂

  11. Gary Sosniecki

    You keep reporting this, but it isn’t true: “Previously, 2022 Ford Maverick order holders were informed that if they wanted to take delivery sooner, they should consider dropping one of any number of supply-constrained features, while the automaker itself later nixed some of those features in an effort to keep production going.” I ordered my Maverick 9/20/21. I received a confirmation from Ford the next day and, six months later, a notice that there were supply delays. That’s the only contact I’ve had from Ford.

  12. NK123

    Ordered one in 20 July 2021, only communication I’ve had is that Ford is tossing in some free plastic pieces as compensation. Really lucky I don’t NEED a vehicle now.

  13. Snark Twain

    I postponed ordering a Maverick because I wanted the hybrid engine and Ford stated upfront that only 30% of builds will be with the 2.5L hybrid power train. Given the current global supply chain issues with chips, it is maddening to think that ANY auto manufacturer will know to any degree of accuracy what the week to week availability of parts is going to look like. Given this, if I do order a Maverick when the order bank opens in September, I have to expect that a 6 months window is not out of the question. Can I afford to wait that long? Sure. Can others? Maybe not.

    But I can not be so demanding as to expect to receive high frequency communication. I would say, that in normal supply chain dynamics, with no massive delays, I WOULD expect appropriate communication and my expectations of build dates and delivery would be 60 days and not 6 months.

    All the best to those still in the lurch. I sincerely hope Ford takes care of you.

  14. Gray

    Ordered first week of offering. Was told order never made. Lifelong Ford buyer, I may never buy another Ford product again. Lies, deception, with miscommunication online and via phone.

    1. Bill Byrne

      agree , my family has had over 30 fords/mercury’s over the years I ordered oct 2021 , NO communication from ford at all, when I called its a run-around ,I was told it would be rolled to a 2023 in Aug 2nd !!! now Sept 15th !! they have no clue!! im about done with ford.

  15. Gene Konczal

    I ordered my Maverick October 16, 2021. Outside of 2 emails telling me that they are having supply issues and encouraging me to take some “severely” limited extra.s out of my order that is all that I have heard from Ford. My dealer didn’t even get the emails that they sent to me. What a joke.

  16. Greg

    Ordered hybrid 11-29-21 , with 500 down over the phone have an order # , and every 3 to 4 months get and email update, since I ordered the last day, at 9 pm , I should be one of the last 2022s built basic hybrid xlt . Maybe it will be one of the first 2023s idk , my dealer sent me an email ensuring no markup , looks like you can get the non hybrid many months sooner , since I have a car I can wait however long it takes , I’m at 9 months now and don’t expect anything for another 3 to 6 months , will be happy when it’s here .

  17. Jrod

    Ordered mine 12/4/21. EB, lariat luxury pkg, 4K tow pkg, 360, off road pkg, lumen lights, moonroof, garbonized grey.

    Just received a Vin and built date 8/22/22. Pushed out to the week of 9/5/22. Let’s see what happens. Southern Cali here. Go Dodgers!

  18. Jrod

    Just call ford marketing for any info. The dealers get it later.


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