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2023 Ford Bronco Retail Orders Will Not Open Up To New Customers

The sixth-generation Ford Bronco launched and quickly accumulated over 160,000 reservations, promptly exceeding The Blue Oval’s production capacity – a problem that only grew amid the chip shortage, hardtop woes, and various supply chain constraints. As such, FoMoCo is still working to fill its backlog of Bronco orders as the rugged SUV prepares to enter its third model year. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that 2023 Ford Bronco retail orders will not open to new customers.

Instead, 2023 Ford Bronco retail orders will open only for existing reservation or order holders, while all existing reservation holders that have not converted those reservations to orders will be required to do so for the 2023 model year. This move is seemingly being made as a way for Ford to catch up on its massive backlog of Bronco orders before accepting new ones.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Ford Bronco will bring forth a variety of changes for customers that are looking to purchase one. That includes new color options, as well as the addition of a new Heritage model, which Ford Authority spies have spotted in both two- and four-door configurations in recent weeks. The Bronco Heritage will feature some retro-inspired styling touches, along with a unique front grille with body-color “Ford” lettering, matte black four-slot wheels, a painted hard top, and squared-off fender flares.

The 2023 Ford Bronco lineup may also gain another new variant dubbed the “Oates,” which was potentially uncovered via a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) VIN decoder filing. It’s unclear what this possible Bronco Oates might be or consist of, but the official document lists it as a two-door model only with advanced four-wheel drive.

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  1. truth speaker

    it’s about f-ing time, they should have done this off the bat and suspended stock/new orders until existing customer orders were fulfilled. introducing and taking orders for the bronco raptor was a slap in the face to all those waiting for clean unscheduled builds. A co-worked had an order submitted january of 21 and it’s still not scheduled and the dealer told him it might become a 23.

  2. Mark Baum

    When will dealers have a inventory of Ford Broncos?

    1. Jim

      They do, they just rape you by charging 20k over MSRP. That should be illegal.

  3. Mike TowpathTraveler

    Complete incompetence. As if they did not see this coming when the rumors were flying about the return of this vehicle which stoked the hopes of many potential buyers. Maybe they’ll get around to fixing their failed engines while trying to fill backlogged orders from 2 plus years ago.

  4. New Ram Owner

    Sooo…….will there be any 2023 Bronco’s available at all for new retail orders in 2023 or will it take all model year long for Ford to catch up?
    I’ve never owned a Ford product new or used but the Bronco had me at hello and I have been to the dealer, this website and countless blogs to learn “Ford” and so far it seems like a mess!
    I can’t for the life of me figure out how American auto makers (Ford AND GM) could not think that a rugged, off road oriented vehicle would not have been a windfall for them! And this is not all microchip issues either. With all the years of hype about the Bronco’s return you would have thought that Ford would have handled this better.
    Again, I’m new to Ford and I like CEO Farley and the have to say I like the lineup too but a Bronco is what I want to buy and I can’t even get in line now? I mean this tells me I can’t even become a part of the “family” now?
    I understand the frustrations of order holders I read on the blogs and forums now!
    I’m getting tired of waiting.

  5. Marcy

    I agree that they should have done this earlier! I have had one on order now for almost a year with no production date yet in sight. I have an 8/5/2021 reservation, 10/12/2021 order dates and many people are still waiting with earlier dates than mine. I also know people who have placed an order just months ago and have received there vehicle. Its unacceptable!

    1. Ken Geller

      Feel for you! I had a Aug 2 2021 reservation and just received mine one month ago! Well worth the wait but I am treating it like a newborn and do not bring in out yet in inclement weather etc!

      1. Keith

        May 21 just got my Vin like 2 weeks ago and said It may be but this week not holding my breath

    2. peter

      It all depends on what the issues are:
      -yes microchips
      -MIC hardtops but softtops ok
      -lux package
      -hoss package 3.0 but 2.0 is ok
      -soft top quality-control issues qualifty
      -2.7L EcoBoost V6. but 2.3 is ok
      -trim levels for wildtrac & badlands but big bend is ok
      -Sasquatch Package without is ok
      -engine plants closed

      -volume of orders

  6. Marvin Meyer

    Ordered my 2 door base automatic transmission December 7, 2021. Wondering now if it will be a 2023.

  7. Stephanie Johnston

    This is ridiculous for Ford to have such a massive, insurmountable production backlog. I can’t wait any longer to replace my car, have been a lifelong g Ford fan, but now e forced to look elsewhere

  8. CJ

    Hmmm fun.. guess I won’t be ordering now since I can’t.. maybe they should look at limiting dealerships pricing. There are about 20 on one lot near me and all at 15k markup.. it’s no wonder people would order their own

    1. Chupacabra

      Are those 20 brand new, or used? There’s lots of lightly used ones for sale in Denver at $20-$30K over MSRP but no brand new ones.

    2. C. J.

      I have a 2022 Black Diamond advanced 4 door midpackage, only 102 miles, Great Price label on it-Low end of KBB scale
      Autotrader stock #:

    3. Jim


  9. Bill

    As a current 22 bronco owner i otdeed in may 2021 it took 11.5 months yo recieve my 2 door outer banks full size bronco.
    During my wait i was lied to by the ford customer help line all along the way.
    Poor at best customer to dealer transparency.

    1. Keith

      Also ordered in May last year just got my Vin like 2 weeks ago. And might be built this week we will see.

  10. Kevin

    Will you cite your sources? The best I can find is a thread on bronco6g and it all started from a “my dealer said”

  11. Dina

    So heart broken about the issues with ordering a Ford Bronco! I’m 55 and have wanted one since I first saw a full size convertible truck (broncos and blazers) when I was 16! I currently drive a convertible mustang and was going to trade it in for a bronco paying cash for the balance! Looks like I’ll have to go back to driving Jeeps again.

  12. JOB

    Disappointed to say the least! Anger is a close second. I’m a blue oval fan to the bone, but I’m not going to participate in this fiasco any longer. I’ve never experienced a time where it was so difficult to give away $70k for a product being mass produced. I’m going with some other company (Brand). Sorry FORD.

  13. GaryB

    758 days and counting. 758 days ago, they promised to build reservation holder orders before dealer stock and walk in orders. Now they are making the same promise again. we’ll see how long that promise sticks. Theyve got to get rid of the dealer allocation formula regarding reservations, and go to a FIFO method. Nothing more fair than that

  14. 164Runner@

    was interested in a bronco. but with no inventory, dealer markup when they got one 5k-10k or more, then the quality problems, they can sit there and rust away.

  15. Saul W Buchinsky

    Received a reservation number day 1
    Waited to touch and see be fore converting to a order. Got a invite for a raptor Bronco. Went to local dealer to order and did not even want to give me the time of day. 61 year old affluent Ford die hard. Pathetic program

  16. C. J.

    I have a 2022 Black Diamond 4 door for sale with only 102 miles with Great Price label on it. Check it out and drop me a line.
    Autotrader stock #:

  17. Elmer Walker

    I ordered a Bronco February 2021 and mad my $100 deposit. I got confirmation from Ford that I was in the Que. It has been 18 months since I placed my order and the dealer and Ford have no idea when I will receive my vehicle. So be patient.

  18. greg machala

    I was interested in the new Bronco but, suspected before it was ever released that being all new it would take years to spin up any significant production numbers. Then, when pricing was announced I thought it was too expensive as well. Now after seeing some low mileage ones in person I noticed how chipped up the paint was. My 95 Jeep has fewer chips with over 300K miles on it. Now the 2.3L engine issues are cropping up. Reminds me of my 2016 Ford F150 which is also loaded with chips and had endless cam tensioner issues. Production delays, 5k 10k 15k over-sticker pricing and so many poorly treated customers have turned me off and away from Ford pretty much forever at this point. I am glad I never actually ordered this vehicle. I was suspicious of it from the get go. Stockholm syndrome is a real phenomenon – I am not playing that game. If you let Ford abuse you as a customer and pay insane amounts of money for this vehicle you are out of your mind. Sorry.

  19. John s

    Why hasn’t Ford fired its CEO? His incompetence in delivering orders borders on neglect.


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