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2023 Ford Edge Ditches SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad (Updated)

Ford’s SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad was once a pretty common feature across The Blue Oval’s lineup, but in recent years, that particular feature has somewhat faded into obscurity. In fact, the 2022 Ford Edge SEL dropped its standard SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad last year, instead making it available as an option bundled with the Convenience Package for the previous model year. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the 2023 Ford Edge will drop this feature from the lineup entirely.

For the 2022 model year, the SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad was partially dropped from the lineup, but still available via the Convenience Package, which was optional on SEL-trimmed Edge models and standard equipment on ST-Line, Titanium, and ST trims.

As Ford Authority reported back in June, 2023 Ford Edge production is currently scheduled to begin at at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada on October 11th, just a few days after 2022 Edge production ends on October 7th. As is always the case, these dates are subject to change, particularly in light of ongoing supply chain challenges.

Back in June of 2020, Ford Authority reported that the next-generation Ford Edge had been canceled in a surprising move that was seemingly spurred by labor negotiations over the future of the Oakville plant, where the Lincoln Nautilus is also built. Ford and the Canadian union Unifor eventually came to an agreement that will see the Oakville plant retooled to produce five new EVs starting in 2025, while Ford Authority confirmed back in January that the Edge will indeed be discontinued in North America following the 2023 model year.

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad was available in conjunction with the Convenience Package on the 2023 Ford Edge. However, the feature has been dropped from the 2023 Edge lineup completely.

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  1. TheOttav

    I have a 2018 Escape and use the keypad all the time. I would definitely miss it if my next Ford didn’t have it as a feature.

  2. LWA

    One of my favorite features. Oh well.

  3. Gary

    Ford is doing everything they can to lose me as a loyal customer since 1989. Terrible quality in practically every vehicle they produce. Not keeping them up to date. I have a 2020 Explorer and there have be quite a few problems especially with the Tech. The processor on Sync 3 is so slow I have to drive for a few miles before it works and then its so slow. Now I find out that with my lease being up there are no significant changes to the 2023. It should have Sync 4 and an upgrade to the interior especially the dash design. The vertical screen is terrible. I guess they don’t want my business anymore. That is too bad because the 2020 Explorer especially the ST has so much promise especially with the new rear drive based chassis. But for some reason they redesigned half way and instead left it alone to fall backwards compared to the competition.

  4. mike s

    Just wanted people to know that yesterday I posted a comment on this site that was not flattering to Ford. I did not use profanity, but did complain about what I consider abuse by Ford to Maverick customers who have been waiting unreasonable amounts of time for their orders to be fulfilled. After initially posting the comment, Ford Authority later removed it. They certainly have the right to do this, but wanted all to know that comments made on this site are bias. I’m sure I’m not the first or the last. BE WARNED.

    1. Mike

      No you are not the only one, because I have had comments ( more then one ) removed as well.

      1. Mike

        This is sounding more like China all the time, washing internet sites of critizing material.

    2. Anne

      Did you get the folder with the owners manual in it, my securicode was in there in the inside top of the fold down folder. I bought a used Ford Edge and the original owner had left it there. Hope this helps.

  5. Mike says..

    The thought police are alive and well it seems….. not a good thing for Ford or its customers I fear. The FORD story is a rich and powerful history which exists as a mere shadow of its former self. Better days ahead I hope.

  6. James

    I haven’t carried a set of keys on me for close to 20 years. All my ford’s have the key pad I have a spot I leave my keys in the vehicle and I lock the door and use the pad for entry

  7. Jim Finnerty

    The Keypad is the main reason I’ve stuck with Fords over the last fifteen years. People marvel at it and always ask why no other OEMs offer it. My better half just got her first Escape with the Keypad and absolutely loves it. She walks daily and never has to wonder where her keys are. I was concerned Ford would remove it from my 2022 Escape but thankfully it was still there. It is probably one of the best inventions ever.

  8. Byron

    I cannot count how many times I’ve used the keyless touch pad to let myself into my Edge. I’ve used it to let my wife, niece in when they needed to gain access and I wasn’t there with the key. Disappointed that Ford is doing this.

  9. Lyle Delap Jr

    I bought a used 2016 Escape from a large auto dealer. They only had 1 key for it and I had to drop $250 for a duplicate. Making matters worse, no one thought to get the security code for the keyless entry feature. Now I’m told I have to pay a Ford dealer another $300 to get the code???
    I’m 78 years old, on SS and a Vet.
    Ford should offer me a break and just tell me the code…..

    1. Anonymous Coward

      There’s usually a decal with the master code on it somewhere. On mid-90’s Panther Platform vehicles, it was on one of the trunk lid arms. On my ’03 Grand Marquis, I had to take the driver door panel off, and it was on a decal on the door control module. Sometimes it’s inside the driver’s door on the B-pillar, sometimes it’s under the hood, sometimes it’s stuck on the ECU.

    2. Kenny

      Not sure if this is correct, but you should be able to take your Escape to any Ford service department. They can search for the master code using your VIN. Once you have that you can reset back to factory and update as you see fit.. Without paying $300 dollars.

    3. Burgman

      You can retrieve it yourself if you have both FOBs. I did it after buying a used Edge. Go on YouTube and you will find it easy enough.

      Like many here, this feature has been used weekly if not daily. Want to make it an option you have to pay for – not happy but would defintely pay for it and so would many loyal Ford owners. Someone here posted that Ford is moving to an app ability to open the vehicle. If so, then it’s a subscription money grab, and yet another way for technology to learn everything about you

  10. Brittany

    Seriously? This is the reason I actually stuck with Ford. Purposely lock my keys in my car all the time if the fiance needs to move it, or if family needs to take something from my car. Or if I need to grab something quick and forget to grab my keys, I can quickly use the key pad and lock it back up. The most convenient perk. Bad move on Ford’s part.

  11. Kenny

    I am on my 5th Edge a 2022 ST and they have all had keyless entry. Use it almost daily allows me keep my keys out of sight. Grants instant access if you do forget ur keys, friends and family have access if required..

    Not sure Ford has thought this through.. Although I though Ford held a patent for this.? If they are putting to rest can other Auto companies start using it… Just a thought:-)

    But hey after 2023 no longer making the Edge, so may have to look else where.

    1. Rosie Schritz

      I am so thoroughly disgusted that Ford is no longer having the keyless entry. I just bought a 2023 Ford Edge ST two days ago and never once new or heard they no longer have it on this car. My 2020 I traded had it and the only reason I bought another Edge. They said they could put it in my new car and had it at the dealer today for them to install. But, they didn’t have the software for the 2023 so could not install. They told me when they get it they can put it on my car. Hope this is true. Big disappointment!

  12. Michael K

    They are stripping the Edge and Escape on their way out the door, so this is to be expected unfortunately. As these products age, they get less profitable because the market is commoditized and they were never designed to be sold so cheaply.

  13. Mike G

    The reason the keypad is going away is the Ford app. You can unlock your vehicle from your phone. Eventually, you will be able to speak to your car to open, start, pick you up, etc…

    1. Bruce

      That’s still a problem. When I’m at the beach, like I am most evenings in the summer, I want to leave EVERYTHING in the center console, including fob and phone, protected by my ConsoleVault. My last 8 vehicles (last 3 are Edges) have had the keypad.
      I’m disgusted with Ford for dropping it from the Edge. I refuse to buy one without it.
      I rent and have no access to power for a charging station, so I guess I’ll just run my gas-powered Edge for decades if I have to, though I may make my last vehicle purchase an Explorer Limited or Limited Hybrid and just keep that one going till I’m gone.

  14. Lee Hickey

    Have use
    D keypad entry since 08 edge, dropping it is a bad move by Ford, will probably look at other brands next car
    What will Ford try to save a buck on next?

  15. Naomi s

    Just got my 2023 ford edge titanium and they have removed the keyless door pad the steering wheel is now manual , no more lighted door panel and the rear door keyless entry . This will be my last ford . Been with for over 12 years now I’m done thanks ford.

  16. Harold Gray

    I have been buying and driving Fords for over 60 years. I am extremely disappointed that you are dropping keyless entry. That has been one of our favorite features on our Fords.

  17. Tom

    I use my keyless entry pad everyday, every trip. Why is Ford pulling dimes out of its product? Bad business.

  18. Lucy Bridges

    Put a deposit on a Ford Edge Titanium and just found out no keyless entry. No more Fords for me that is main reason for staying. No reason not to look at other manufacturers now.

  19. Pam

    Picked up my new 2024 Edge and went to set up my keyless code and just discovered I don’t have it. Salesman didn’t even bother to tell me. I may have gotten a different model. Kind of steaming mad about it.

    1. Rosie Schritz

      Exactly the same happened to me! Never thought to ask if it was on my car. Just assumed it was. I have had Edges since 2009 and the only reason why I stuck with Ford. Biggest disappointment yet. They tried installing it today but didn’t have the 2023 software for it. Doubtful now if I will ever get it. Really mad that my salesman never told me.


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