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2023 Ford Edge ST Adds New Interior Appearance Package

Previously expected to be discontinued following the 2023 model year, the Ford Edge looks set to live on – at least in certain parts of the world – following a leaked next-gen model that recently surfaced in China. In the meantime, the 2023 Edge will soldier on with a few changes for the new model year, including at least one for the high-performance variant of the crossover, as sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the 2023 Ford Edge ST is adding a new interior appearance package.

The 2023 Ford Edge ST is gaining the new ST Interior Appearance Package, which is optional on High Package (401A) models. The new package adds a handful of features to the cabin of the performance-focused model, including leather-trimmed seats with Miko inserts and Race Red and Raptor Blue accent stitching, a perforated leather steering wheel with an ST logo and Race Red and Raptor Blue accent stitching, and those same colors adorning accent stitching present on the door inserts, center console lid, and front and rear floor mats.

In addition to this new package, the 2023 Ford Edge is also dropping the SecuriCode keyless entry keypad from the lineup completely, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month. Additionally, the 2023 Edge is also losing the Outfitters cargo packages that were previously available for the 2022 model year, while the crossover is eligible for a custom order discount that takes $1,000 off the cost of a new vehicle that customers order, not in-stock inventory.

As Ford Authority reported back in June, 2023 Ford Edge production is currently scheduled to begin at at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada on October 11th, just a few days after 2022 Edge production ends on October 7th. As is always the case, these dates are subject to change, particularly in light of ongoing supply chain challenges.

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  1. will

    Big mistake getting rid of the Edge and Nautilus which are up in sales for another EV people can’t afford. Mach E on some trims went up over 8K. Tax credit amount still not clear. Except for speed the Edge is a much nicer family friendly vehicle than a Mach E.

  2. BDMull

    Ford has made its profit from the Edge. Why not lower the price significantly and send it into automotive history by giving buyers an opportunity to purchase a great SUV at a reasonable price.

  3. Michael

    Very nice what is the price of this SUV

  4. V Gilbert

    I hate that Ford Motor Company is getting rid of of the Edge. I love mine and would get another one depending on the price. Ford don’t run your customers away. I have been thinking what next if the Edge is gone I do like that Buick mid size SUV. And I would consider a hybrid. The escape is ok but a little to small, Ford needs to make the passenger seat automatic on the Escape and put the lumbar in the driver seat. Bottom line Keep the Edge

    1. Allen

      Have 18 Edge love it! Ev Edge not the answer. Great for traveling, move left foot rest and keep building. Hybrid?

  5. Jon

    I have a Nautilus the 2.7L V6, and love it. Sorry to hear they won’t off one after 2023. Ford/Lincoln needs to fill the gap between the Escape/Corsair and the Explorer/Aviator.

  6. Chris

    Why are they eliminating the keyless entry pad? Is there another reason outside of money? That was state of the art tech to incorporate it into the door panel. I loved it as a backup. We’re most people not bothering with it?

  7. broncofan

    They need to keep & update the Edge, it is a great SUV. Keep the ugly 2023 one in china. I guess they’ll buy anything. Need to add pictures of the ST Interior Appearance Package in build & price for both the Edge & Explorer. It’s been available for a while for 22 Explorer & still no pictures. I can’t seem to find any online either. I would like to see, have a 23 Explorer on order now with it.

  8. Chuck

    I have owned and do own now- 2022 Edge had a 2008 limited , 2019 Edge SEL – nice vehicle easy to park , get in and out of -nice features- and the best plus no recalls , good gas mileage , the 4 cyl with turbo will move nicely. Not sucking gas when just in town traffic – if you need to move turbo does the job.

  9. David Malone

    I ordered a22 Edge ST in early May. Scheduled for week of Sept 26th. Went by dealer on 29th and they said now scheduled I mid October around 20th. still a 22 though so 23 model must be delayed?

  10. EDQ

    I have a 2010 Edge with 189,000 miles. Beyond normal wear and tear maintenance all It’s needed was a new cooling fan at 160,000 and tie rods and sway bar around the same time. It is such a great vehicle and was looking to replace it with a new one in about a year (want to get to 200,000 miles).
    I hope they will be available at that time.

  11. Lee Hickey

    Sad Ford would do away with such a success as Edge, to go ev, big mistake


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