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2023 Ford Escape PHEV Spotted Undisguised For First Time

Ford Authority spies originally spotted a completely uncovered 2023 Ford Escape driving around back in June, followed by the new ST-Line trim a few weeks later and an Active model shortly after that. A rendering of the 2023 Ford Escape PHEV later surfaced on a dealer website, though we haven’t seen the electrified crossover in the flesh – until now, at least, as Ford Authority spies have now spotted a 2023 Ford Escape PHEV completely undisguised for the very first time.

As was the case with previously-spied 2023 Escape models, this PHEV is wearing a new front end design that’s decidedly sharper than the current-gen model, which features rounder, softer lines. The Escape has new, slim LED headlights up front, along with an oval-shaped upper grill that’s flanked by a pair of fog lights.

The side profile of the 2023 Ford Escape PHEV looks much like the existing model, which isn’t a huge surprise given the fact that this represents a refresh for the crossover – not a total redesign. Out back, however, the Escape gains a revised taillight design that’s also a bit more modern looking than the existing model.

As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, the 2023 Escape will ditch the existing model’s trim levels completely in favor of an entirely new lineup, which includes the addition of the ST-Line and Active. While all-wheel drive will be available in some configurations, that won’t include the PHEV, as Ford Authority reported a few weeks ago. In addition to some exterior styling updates, the interior of the refreshed crossover will also receive a new, larger infotainment screen running SYNC 4, a digital instrument cluster, capacitive touch buttons, and a few other tweaks.

Order banks for the 2023 Ford Escape are currently scheduled to open on on September 19th, with production following on November 1st. As always, these dates are subject to change, however, particularly amid numerous ongoing supply constraints.

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  1. Michael

    Yea, I wonder what the prices will be for the different trim levels of the PHEV. I assume there will be substantial price increases that will make it even more unattractive then it already is.

  2. JR

    Too bad you have to give up all wheel drive to get the plug in power

  3. Bbot

    Please reconsider Ford, AWD is standard on All Hybrid SUV models currently in production.

    1. Arcee

      Not true. There are other hybrid SUVs in production where AWD is optional.

      1. Claude Monte

        But at least, available.
        I will buy a Maverick when AND only when an AWD will be available with the hybrid version, even more with the PHEV version.

  4. MJ

    Did they solve the engine leak issue in the hybrid engine? The 21-22 my recall only drills heat shield holes to drain any leaking fluids. Wont touch the 2.5 hybrid engine until I find out if they actually fixed the flaws. A class action law suit has started since the recall does not actually fix the issue. At least Ford is #1 the past 3 years for recalls. Ugly junk, boring designs and colors , overpriced. Time to shop other brands for the first time

    1. Rich G

      Seriously, why are you here? Never mind — I think we all know.

  5. Mrx19

    The interior will be the key. If the current, cheap, worst in class interior isn’t substantially upgraded, dismal sales will continue. Also, the top model shoud be 35k, not 40k.

  6. Patrick Ford

    I loved both of my Escape Titanium vehicles. I just outgrew them and started driving Explorers. If Ford can keep the pricing anywhere near reasonable, they should sell a lot of these.

  7. Mike

    Here’s the problem. It’s a boring design. I love Ford, so you can’t say I’m here to bad mouth or complain. Because I do Like Ford as much as I do, I must be honest. Fords designs have be boring lately. Ford European designers, are MUCH better. Ford needs to look at itself in the mirror, because it’s designs are terrible. No excitement, and boring.

    1. Gary . Virginia.



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