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2023 Ford Maverick Dropped From Rate-Lock Incentive Program

As Ford Authority reported last month, the 2023 Ford F-150, Ford Bronco Sport, Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Ford Maverick, and Ford Ranger recently became eligible for a new rate lock incentive program, which aims to provide a little peace of mind for customers that want to purchase a 2023 model year Ford vehicle, but don’t want to have to worry about ever-rising interest rates by locking in a lower rate and securing financing before taking delivery. However, the 2023 Ford Maverick has now been dropped from this program, according to a dealer bulletin recently seen by Cars Direct.

This decision reportedly stems from the fact that 2023 Ford Maverick order banks were recently pushed back from August to mid-September, which means that they would open up after the incentive program is scheduled to end on September 5th, 2023. That delay means that customers looking to lock in a lower financing rate on a 2023 Ford Maverick would miss the cutoff date for this deal, which is why it’s been dropped altogether.

Part of Ford’s Summer Supercharged Sales Event, this new incentive – officially called the Retail Order Rate Lock Low APR Private Offer – is only good on select models, but ranges from a 2.9 percent APR for 60 months, 3.9 percent for 72 months, and 4.9 percent for financing over 84 months. Those that prefer to lease a new Blue Oval vehicle will also have the chance to score a deal on one as well, thanks to the automaker’s corresponding Retail Order RCL Cash offer that gives customers $500 back on all of the aforementioned models, save for the Maverick, which wasn’t eligible for this offer from the get-go.

The 2023 Ford Maverick isn’t the only notable Blue Oval model that isn’t eligible for either of these special deals, however, as that list also includes the F-150 Tremor, F-150 Raptor, and F-150 Lightning.

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  1. truth speaker

    but they will be happy to take your deposit/order and make you wait indefinitely.

    1. mike s

      Ford does not care about it’s customer. Instead of dropping the Maverick from all of these programs, they should be finding ways to please the future owner. So many people have put their faith in Ford, and Ford continues to show disdain towards these customers. The bad treatment will continue as long as people continue to give those deposits and wait unreasonable amounts of time for delivery. I say boycott Ford. DO NOT put in an order for the Maverick in September. Ford has proven they do not deserve your business.

  2. Michael young

    I have had a Maverick on order since 8 11 21 still cannot get an answer when it will be built We would like our car by September


    I’ve been waiting over 10 months now for the Maverick I ordered. I get very little contact from Ford about the status of my order. Any info I can get turns out to be wrong as Ford keeps pushing my delivery date out further and further. Beware, if you order a vehicle from Ford the process is extremely frustrating. It’s hard to believe a company would treat their customers this way.

  4. norm monson

    We did get a Vin number after placing our order December 20,2021 .Sold our car then ,so with no insurance, and high gas prices for almost a year ,saved enough money we will be able to pay cash for our Maverick and learned how to use the public transportation system. Over the months our dealer has called asking if we wanted a Maverick that a buyer backed out on and I said sure at sticker price .and the salesperson said no. It goes to the highest bidder not our loyal customers that have waited the longest.

  5. Greg

    They have been treating the dealers this way since 1987 that I’m aware of, we just ran interference for Ford.

  6. Bayman71

    A local Ford dealer employee has told me when his Maverick he ordered comes in he most likely will not want it so he said I could have it when it gets to the dealership. Also a customer backed out on his order and I have also been promised that one. Which ever comes in first, I’m taking it. Even if it is not the color I want. But it could be months before either one comes in.

  7. Marty

    Ford Motors is thinking……globally… we as United States citizens are being groomed to ‘wait in line’ as it “builds” Maverick’s for the “global community”. If you really gotta have one though, you can log in to craigslist and type in Ford Maverick and you’ll see dozens of Mavericks in just about every color….of course they’re listed by Carvana who is selling them starting at 37,000.

  8. Disgusted

    Ford is a joke. I’ve never owned a Ford but my husband has a F150, so I was excited when I ordered a Maverick in September 2021 and was told I would have it by the spring. I have always wanted a small truck! No direct communication from Ford ever as to the status of my order or where I stand in the queue and the dealership can’t tell me either. Almost a year later no Maverick and no information. We all know you have the latest and greatest data technology to track & communicate so no excuse. Meanwhile, I’m seeing Ford Maverick hybrids with the exact same selections I made across town for sale on the lot. Ford has shown what a pathetic, ill-managed company they really are. The Ford family should feel ashamed. My lease extension is up in 7 weeks. If I have to buy a vehicle elsewhere, Ford will lose a customer for life.

  9. Eileen

    I purchase my Ford Maverick XLT JULY 2021 and Received it January 8, 2022. I have moon roof, all the bells and whistles rhino bed , co-pilot, luxury pkg and yellow. I don’t know why mine came so quickly but I absolutely love my truck!! My rep Kelly was great at Chapman Ford but I received many communications before she did as to where my truck was in the process. Im sorry for those of you that are having problems but you will love it when you get it!!

  10. Mando

    I ordered my Maverick XL in June of 2012 and got it November of 2021. I had a really good experience and love the truck. No issues and it has almost 2,000 miles on it now. It seems well built. I have the 2.0 full gas engine and only front wheel drive. Made it through the Midwest winter just fine. I work in shipping and receiving and deal in manufacturing. Times are definitely not normal so it is impossible to make cars like normal, but Ford got it done for me. If you want the truck then it is worth the wait.

    1. Mando

      Sorry, June of 2021

  11. Vee Crockrom

    We have been waiting since Feb. 2022. No communication-no nothing. This is a shame to have customers wait this long

    1. Zaonce

      There’s not like there was recently a major pandemic, crippling supply chain shortages and a lack of available workers happening all at once.. No, that’s just fake news. 😂😂😂

  12. John anderson

    Ordered ford maverick oct 2021.Still waiting.Next month is a year.Dealer told me I was number 2 on the list.That was in April 2022.Dont know what the problem is.Hope to hear from ford soon.

  13. Reilly Rix

    Very disappointed in Ford. I was initially very excited about the prospect of getting a small HYBRID truck, but now it appears that the hybrid option is either delayed indefinitely or discontinued. In any case, I’ve seen no mention of it.

    Appears Ford grossly underestimated demand for the truck…I would think that action would be taken to expand production, either at Hermosillo or at another facility, but apparently that makes too much sense…
    Does Ford have ANY plans at all to resume hybrid production of the Maverick or not?


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