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2023 Ford Maverick Production Start Date Pushed Back Several Weeks

Consumer interest in the Ford Maverick exceeded FoMoCo’s expectations – and production capacity – in a just a few short months,  prompting the automaker to stop taking orders for the 2022 model year back in January. Regardless, numerous delays stemming from supply chain constraints means that many 2022 Ford Maverick orders will still likely be pushed to the 2023 model year, while the details surrounding those order conversions will arrive next month. 2023 Ford Maverick order banks were recently pushed from early August to to September 15th, however, making the pickup ineligible for a new financing rate lock deal. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that 2023 Maverick production has been pushed back several weeks, too.

2022-2023 Ford Order Bank - Production Dates - Maverick
2022 Final Production Date 2023 Order Bank Opening Date 2023 Production Start
As of July 29
Ford Maverick Hybrid October 21, 2022 August 2, 2022 October 24, 2022
Ford Maverick EcoBoost October 21, 2022 August 2, 2022 October 24 2022
As of August 5
Ford Maverick Hybrid November 14, 2022 September 15, 2022 November 14, 2022
Ford Maverick EcoBoost November 11, 2022 September 15, 2022 November 14, 2022

2023 Ford Maverick production was originally scheduled to begin at the Hermosillo Assembly plant on on October 24th, 2022, but has now been pushed back to November 14th, 2022. This pushback coincides with an extension of 2022 Maverick production, which is likely a way for the automaker to fulfill more current-year customer orders given its immense backlog.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Ford Maverick will introduce at least one big change to the lineup – the addition of the all-new Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package, which is a more rugged and capable version of the compact pickup. The optional package builds upon the existing FX4 Off-Road Package with its own unique all-wheel drive system with a twin-clutch rear-drive unit and differential lock feature, unique springs and shocks, a one-inch lift, upgraded half shafts, a heavy-duty transmission cooler, and steel skid plates, as well as all-terrain tires and Tremor Orange accents throughout.

The 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package retails for $2,995, while an optional Tremor Appearance Package costs an additional $1,495. Both will be available to order along with the regular 2023 Maverick – which is getting an updated color palette – when order banks open up next month.

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  1. J. deBruin

    Ford will start production after major layoffs happening across multiple industries. Looks like they will be sitting on inventory much sooner than they thought they would.

    1. Patrick Ford

      That makes absolutely no sense.

    2. Eric jensen

      They are moving to build to order manufacturing. The inventory numbers on dealer lots are forever gone. Ford has been clear on this move.

  2. Mike TowpathTraveler

    Sure, why not. I mean, look at every dealers parking lot; they are filled to the brim with new Mavericks waiting for their new owners to stop in and buy (sarcasm). So, best to hold back the new year’s production schedule another month. Or two. That way, they can clear the thousands of dealer stock (sarcasm). Here you have a company that has upstaged rivals GM and Mopar in releasing 2 vehicles from which the competition cannot answer: the Bronco and Maverick. And these corporate suits cannot meet that demand because they did not anticipate it. And they could not anticipate it because despite of axing their car lineup and in place of it, installing these new truck models, they never figured consumer demand would trump their ability to meet that production demand. Awful leadership at the top.

  3. donnie

    no leadership at the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ford hadddddddddddddd a better idea at one time, long agoooooooooooo

  4. Gabor

    Mark my words, production date will be pushed back. Can’t trust Ford!
    There are many orders from 2021 unfulfilled … Starting production in November for the 2023 models? What is the promise when the orders will be fulfilled? 2025?

  5. Jay

    My problem with this is I ordered January 2nd I now have a VIN number for a build date the end of September which means when I finally get my truck it will basically be 2023 and it will be one year old already Ford the relation start producing the 2023 models and October and roll everyone’s 20/22 into a 20-23 so it’s not one year old by time we get it

    1. gary

      you have me beat i ordered mine in october not a word from ford

  6. Kurt

    I have a couple of issues, what options are on a 2023, what is the cost, what restraints are on the maverick and when i finally order when might i expect to receive my order. Now to make matters worse you come out with a new maverick Tremor. People can’t get their orders now how much more will this back up the system. Waiting a long time to order starting to lose trust

    1. RG

      Just wait for the Toyota Tacoma it is coming sooner and better

    2. james peoples

      I ordered basic maverick July 7th 2021 just recently received email from Ford order confirmed and will be 2023 model so I have another long wait ahead of me!

  7. Terry O

    And still no AWD hybrid… err…

  8. Melvern W

    What is the real truth about the delay of receiving these new vehicles? Is it all about electric vehicles that few people want or afford much less charge on our weakening electric grid?

    1. Russ

      Ca is having blackouts now without electric cars that you can even charge a worthless electric car is a joke

      1. mazuko

        I live in California, I Drive an electric car. There have been no blackouts……Just peak grid usage alerts. We are doing just fine.

    2. mazuko

      The grid has nothing to do with the production of vehicles. Your baseless claim is moronic

  9. morgan

    Ordered my maverick hybrid in Novemeber 2021. Was told i would get it no later than march, and then they said june. It is now september and still no word . Every time I call my dealer they never call back or when I do speak to someone they say they do not know. Seems like they basically dont care or understand how inconvenient it is to not have a car for a year now.

  10. Wayne B. Rupp

    I seem to know more about the new Maverick Pick-up then any other vehicle that I never owned. Now at 88 years old… it seems that the release of this Pick-up might outlive me, but I’ll try hang on.

  11. rob

    geez, sad to learn of the long delays. i’ve been thinking to place a 2023 order soon w/ a dealer but having second thoughts now … i really like the look and size but will likely run out of patience waiting & waiting…and so may redirect to the really proven tacoma option.. just wished it was a bit smaller. maybe there’ll be a smaller toy truck soon… maybe in production & delivery sooner than mav?

  12. Tod Robinson

    The dealership has NO idea when that will be and what changed on the 2023s

    1. Kevin

      I order mine on Sept 16th they opened up on the afternoon of the 15th. Price has gone up a couple thousand.

  13. gary

    by the time they decide to build mine chevy will have an alternative. been a loyal ford man all my life but after waiting a year i am likely to change my mind

  14. JElledge

    My dealership said the order banks were delayed until 3:00 PM CDT on the 15th. When they tried to switch my order from a ’22 to a ’23, they coild not. Turns out I have a build date for the week of 10/24. Now it is a wait and see. No email from Ford yet confirming the date.

  15. John

    I tried to order a 2023 Maverick and the scumbag “Hassett” Ford dealer on Long Island wanted 5K over list.

  16. Rex Ewen

    Now for the forth time my build date has change. order First Edition Sept 19 2021. The 2023 production start date is Nov. 14 2022. My build date now is Oct. 31. PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE. Could my First Edition be the last 2022 on production line.

  17. Bruce Patterson

    Bought a used 22 mavrick and ordered a 23 hybrid in the color I wanted. Will I trade or sell the 22 when the 23 arrives ? Anyone interested in a 22 eco boost awd?

  18. David R. Kerschner. Retired QE

    Drill down to resolve all these manufacturing and marketing problems. Whoever is in charge of the supply chain needs to be fired!
    Ford needs a total management refurbishment starting at the TOP! Stock keeps dropping, isn’t that a hint!

  19. David

    There is an additional Ford Warranty available I drive a car a long time thinking about getn 10yrs. What do u think

  20. kenneth montague

    i ordered 2023 ford maderick in february does anyone know the time or delivery date

  21. M Neathery

    We ordered 2023 maverick xlt hybrid on Sept 17, 2022 and haven’t heard a thing from them about build date or when to expect a vin # or anything


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