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2023 Ford Raptor R Also Stolen From Infamous Dearborn Lot

The 2023 Ford Raptor R was just revealed less than one month ago, marking the long-awaited return of the V8 engine to that high-performance off-road-focused pickup following years of V6-only offerings. The Raptor R won’t enter production at the Dearborn Truck plant until this fall, but it seems as if one of them is already out there somewhere, as sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that a 2023 Ford Raptor R was stolen from the very same Blue Oval storage lot where a number of other vehicles have been taken in recent months.

This particular 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R was reportedly on its way to a Ford development facility when it was taken from that infamous lot on Miller Road in Dearborn, where many other Blue Oval vehicles – including quite a few regular F-150 Raptor pickups – have been stolen over the past year or so.

Back in June, roughly one million dollars worth of 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor pickups were stolen, though a number of those vehicles were later recovered by police. In that particular incident, thieves smashed through the fences surrounding the lot to make their getaway, while one person was later arrested. That trend continued when even more F-150 Raptor pickups were taken a few weeks later, after which at least three people were taken into custody and several of the trucks were recovered – some of them without wheels or engines, however, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month.

This week, the ongoing crime wave extended to the Ford Bronco and the Michigan Assembly plant that it’s built at, as thieves used a stolen Bronco to drive to a storage lot near that plant and steal more of that same vehicle before leading police on a chase and eventually crashing into a utility pole.

As Ford Authority reported last month, these thefts are part of a year-plus-long string of crime involving the theft of Ford vehicles from Detroit-area storage lots, one that has resulted in more than 75 vehicles worth millions of dollars disappearing into the night, taking a toll on the automaker and the local community alike.

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  1. Rory

    OK, I’ve read enough of these repeated Thefts. I’m to the point that I believe – no, I’m not an attorney – Ford could be found to be civilly liable for monetary/punitive/compensatory damages in the event one of these vehicles is used in the commission of a secondary crime and someone is injured or there is a property loss. What business allows this type of thing to continue to happen…over and over and over? RCS

    1. truth speaker

      yep, I mentioned that recently. Once they get slapped with a big lawsuit maybe they will start to care.

  2. Joe

    Great security they have there.

  3. Samurai

    Look, just hire me and some other guys to guard these trucks so we can start putting some lead in these idiots.

  4. Mike

    You would thing after all these thefts, that Ford would start storing these high end vehicles some place safer then the same old lot where the probably the same people keep stealing them. Don’t they have any brains?

  5. Scorpionking0102

    Must be an inside job. Where are the lot guards. With all the technology packed into new vehicles, why can’t they be traced by hacking into the black boxes they are infamous for in civil suits.

  6. Steven Is MAGGI ACO M

    Why in the world do you not have more security around the lot what the F150 Fords are stolen I am a stockholder I do not understand this so many stolen vehicles please you must be smarter than that with the technology you have these days hire some more security

  7. Bob the builder

    Someone, or a lot of someones are really STUPID at Ford, there is no way this can be allowed to happen time after time with so many cars/trucks being stolen and what, no security? just add the losses to the price of new cars, is that the answer? Ford has shown itself to be a joke, its like leaving a giant bowl of candy outside your door on Halloween and expecting every visitor to take just one piece… yeah that works too!

  8. Dave Mathers

    Somebody at Ford has to be ‘walked out’!! NOT having security onsite is actually criminal as if any of the stolen units hit and kill somebody Ford will be on the hook.

  9. truth speaker

    Ford obviously doesn’t care about their vehicles. Time to hop on a plane and go get my free raptor.

  10. ChevyChased

    All I can think of is how funny it is that no one is talking about stealing CHEVYS or DODGES…

    Because no one wants those junkers! 😂

  11. John

    Cost of doing business, 75 trucks is not even a drop of that drop in the bucket.

    More vehicles are stolen from dealers in a year than those from the storage e.

  12. Larry Gray

    A comment from John says it best…at least from the perspective of the Ford Motor Company (withstanding the losses though seemingly detrimental to both dealers and the customers trying to get a Ford vehicle of their choice during these difficult times are not insignificant) these thefts probably are viewed as a cost of doing business at this point anyway. Good to see they have caught a few of the thieves and recuperated vehicles with missing engines and wheels. I am delighted to see so many commenters outraged at the thefts. It seems so much of the country is tying the hands of law enforcement by passing laws that are too lax against thefts along with causing open door policies of arresting and letting go of the same habitual criminals. I am all for kindness and rehabilitation of criminals who are truly ready to reform (demonstrate a desire to take the necessary steps to become contributing members of society. OK, easy for me to become cynical as many of you for sure. However, that avenue ought to be available to criminals. But dog gone it…give law enforcement and judges the power to punish habitual criminals sufficiently! Hey, when will be able to order a Maverick…it keeps changing!? August 17 I was told and now Sept something?

  13. Mark

    How expensive is a good fence?!


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